And We Continued On To Our Own Happy Ending…

A Klaine Story

Disclaimer: No, I'm not Ryan Murphy, so I don't own Glee. I'm just a girl in middle school. This is purely fanfiction, just my own plot and maybe some OC's. Have to see where this goes first.

Story slight AU (for those who don't know, that means alternate universe… or that's what I think it means), but follows a bit of the shows second season storyline.

Me and Blaine.

Blaine and me.

Kurt and Blaine.

Blaine and Kurt.

These were all names I used in my head to describe my best friend and myself.

We had an amazing relationship; we were each other's rocks, and the first to hear good and bad news. We didn't have any secrets between us. Except one. I'm hopelessly in love with him.

I guess I can't really call it that kind of love, for we would need to have that kind of relationship between us. And we don't. Sadly, we don't. No matter how much I wished we did.

Of course I'm happy with the relationship we have now. But it's not wrong to wish for more, right?

UGH! I know it's completely wrong, but have you ever heard the saying; The heart wants what the heart wants.

Yeah, well my heart wants what it can't get. Or wants something I have to jeopardize something else to get. Mine and Blaine's friendship.

Not that I'd ever get it though. Blaine likes me in a purely platonic way. Hell, loves me in a purely platonic way.

Yet I cant seem to get him out of my head thinking:

The worst thing that can happen is he says no.

But that's not the worst thing that can happen.

He can laugh in my face, tell the world, and I'll be alone.

Well, not alone. My dad can't exactly disown me, can he? But no, he wouldn't do that. Then I'll have Burt and Carole. And maybe Finn... I don't know what he would think, after he called me that word.

"Kurt! Kurt! Come on! Time for our every other day coffee!" says a voice I would know any day, and any way. "Kurt, come on! I have something to tell you!" Blaine says as he bursts through my door, beautiful eyes sparkling with excitement, wonderful body covered in a coat and scarf.

Shit! Its already 4:30!

"Sorry Blaine, guess I got lost in my thoughts I guess…"

Yeah, about you, your wonderful body, and our less than satisfying relationship!

I add in my mind. Ha! I can already see his gears working, trying to read me, just as he's done before, and myself to him numerous times.

"Time for coffee Kurt. Come on, get dressed." He says with his easy smile.

Okay. So what do you think? Good, bad, horrible? Continue, or stop this train wreck? Sorry, first fanfic ever published. Also looking for a beta, if this story does well. :D