Heinz walked out of the Photo Shop, smiling as he looked over his picture. He thought he looked really good in the photograph, although he wished that the photographer could have gotten his good side.

He stopped suddenly. He had the strangest feeling that someone was hiding behind the mailbox. He snuck his way up to it.

When he peered behind it, he was shocked to find a platypus in a fedora. The platypus handed him what appeared to be a business card.

The name on the card was 'Agent P (Perry the Platypus)'. It was an O.W.C.A. card. That meant...

"Are you my new nemesis?" Heinz asked, hopeful.

Perry nodded and tipped his hat in greeting.

Heinz threw his hands up in excitement. "Hooray! I finally have a nemesis! That means that I really am evil!"