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In an underground laboratory sparsely filled with machinery, mad scientist Dr Gero, former scientist of the Red Ribbon Army sat in a chair contemplating his next move after Android Nineteen was defeated, he had to make a hasty retreat.

"I prey those fools weren't able to follow me here" Gero mused to himself as he looked around the earthly room. He had had barely the budget to make the space more grandiose like he had with the Red Ribbon Army. But those days were long gone after the Red Army HQ was destroied by that mongrole known as Goku. His android research was slowed but not stopped thankfully, otherwise his purpose in life was forenot. Since then Gero had done research for other sources of power for his Androids. Gero began searching in old ancient ruins of civilizations long gone with legends of untold power. Gero didn't believe in such myths to be true, he went to one of these civilizations and found something else that was of use to him.

Gero glanced over to an old scroll that was worn beyond its years. The scroll while being old was also massive and it contained ancient caligraphy of some of the most amazing techniques that Gero had never believed possible.

(flash back, 10 years)
Old crumbled walls that showed great signs of deterioration stood infront of him. Gero strolled past what had been at one time, a great gate for the village. The wind blew through the leaves of the forest as Gero looked at the village, most of the buildings were fallen over crumbled with age as time degraded there stability. No sign of human or animal life could be seen anywhere. Stores and other buildings were boarded up and had small gardens of moss growing up the sides of them.
"Nothing of importance will be here, I best head to the center of this village," Gero muttered as he walked down the path that long ago civilians used to roam with their families, now over grown with flora life and debres from collapsed structures. Gero noticed dark clouds gathered overhead while a small gust of wind barreled into him but it didn't even falter the scientist.

"I wonder if I can find that power source for my Androids?" Gero muttered as he looked at the ruins of the once great village. He passed a building that had a tall fence surrounding it, it was one of the few buildings still standing a testament to its construction if it lasted this long. Glancing over, he saw another building that had partly survived the test of time it was a building that almost looked roughly modern. It had some language that was ancient but Gero was able to make out the words,'Konoha Hospital'. Passing the building by Gero had finally made his way to the center of the village. Before him stood a faded red building with a large staircase.

'This looks like where the leadership would be, so the best place to look for information would be there. if there are any documents left or filed for that matter' Gero thought. The scientist could only wonder what exactly happened to the people of the village if it had made them basically abandon it to time's cruel pleasures of tearing down, century by century. He also hoped this trip wasn't a waste of his valued time.

"If this primative socity documented anything at all," Gero muttered to himself as he walked the stairs. The wood creeking with each step he took, the place was filled with webs and dust accumulated over the years. Gero kept walking like he was being guided. He came upon a door, Gero noticed there were pictures that lined the halls with people filled with assassian like people some. Others looked noble and kind, some that looked wise beyond their years. There were others that were beside the pictures, one had people that didnt look like family, Gero inspected this picture breifly. The man had blonde hair and blue eyes his eyes showed kindness and compassion but were filled with determination to protect all that was precious to him.

"Just like him." Gero growled in disdain while flashes of a certain spikey haired warrior entered his mind. He lookled over next to the picture and saw a woman with pink hair. She was striking to the doctor but he grunted as he moved down the line, he saw another man with raven black hair. The male had a look of indifferance on his face. Gero looked down the line and he saw another womain with dark blue hair, her smile was serine and peaceful her white eyes caught his interest.

"Hmm was this woman blind by chance?" Gero wondered as studied her under her name was an inscription. The language was quite hard to read but the doctor was still able to decipher it but barely.
'Hinata Hyuga forever lost through time, in between dimensions from the threat of the Fourth Great War.' Gero read to the best of his abilities. The mention of a war especially a fourth one caught his attention.

"A Fourth Great War huh" Gero mused as he brought his focus onto the blond man once more before leaving, not wanting to look at a man who reminded him so much of his most hated adversary. He found what he was looking for when he came upon a door. Gero pushed it open and saw a room with large windows in the back, the glass broken ages ago, dyed green with mold. The desk that stood there held nothing of importance so he searched the walls for any nooks to signify a secret door. Finding none Gero looked through the bookshelf's, he looked through some of the books but the books were either so worn that they weren't readable or they were perverted novels called Icha Icha paradise.

Gero began to feel aggrivated at his lack of progress. Aggravation turned to infuriation as he threw a book but when it hit the wall, the book actually went through like it, like the wall wasn't even there.
"What is this?" Gero said while walking towards the wall. He hesitantly raised his hand and tried to place it on the wall but just like the book, his hand went through it as well. Gero quickly pulled his hand back as if it had been burned, so he wasn't imagining things after all. The book had actually went through a transparent wall.

"Now what could this lost civilization be hiding behind a transparent wall?" Gero wondered as he took a step through the wall. It felt kind of weird as he passed through the image but he ignored the sensation. Gero soon found out that he was in another room, in it he saw a large scroll (Forbidden Scroll of Sealing) on an altar in the center of the room. A bulb that was probably lighted at one point was cracked and small glass fragments were scattered out behind the alter. Spider webs clung to the corners of the dark room and Gero barely heard the movements of small rodents. But he paid no mind to the simpler things the room contained, just the scroll sitting in the middle.

"This scroll has to be important if the village used an illusion to conceal it" Gero mused. He walked closer making the wood creek from his weight being added to the stress put on to it. Gero was upon the alter and he looked for any obvious traps. When he found non, he unrolled the scroll looking through its contents his eyes widened astonished at what he found.
"what is this?" Gero asked in shock unable to comprehend what he was reading. The things he were reading would sounded made up to any sane person but Gero always learned to never take things at a face value, not after Son Goku, when he was a child had destroyed his Red Ribbon Army

'Shadow Clone jutsu, Reaper Death seal, Fire Dragon jutsu, Impure Resurrection jutsu, Dark Dragon jutsu, RasenShuriken, Shadow Shuriken jutsu' Gero read each jutsu with interest but what caught his eyes the most was the Impure Resurrection jutsu. He read its inscription while smiling with glee when he saw the ability to control the soul he brought back to fight and it would follow his every command and regenerate if there was ever damage. What confused him though was when he read about how much Chakra it would need. Gero had never in all his life heard the term called Chakra but he was sure that somewhere in the primitive village held the answer.

"I must learn this, this would be a vary useful tool in my revenge against Goku." Gero said while rolling up the scroll and storing it away. Gero had a lot of work to do if he was finally going to extract his revenge on Son Goku. (end of flashback) A massive explosion rocked his secret base, well not so secret anymore. It had brought Gero out of his memories as he looked up from the scroll and towards the massive steel doors that were the last lines of defense between himself and Son Goku's allies

"Those bastards found me it seems" Gero muttered as he felt another explosion ripple through his mountain base. Gero palmed the remote he had close by as another explosion finally took the steel doors off their hinges. Gero covered his face from the debris as it pelted his metal frame. He lowered his arm when the debris was gone, he could see four figures in the smoke. One had a sword with lavender hair and he seemed to be wearing a Capsule Corp's jacket. The second had green flesh and wore a white cape with a turban. The third muscular and had a third eye, and the last was short and wore an orange gi.

"So you found me?" Gero said casually, looking the Z fighters in the eye as they stared at him. He saw the lavender haired boy clutch the handle of his sword on his back. The teen was tense and ready to strike at any moment it seemed. "We need to stop him before he activates those Androids," he heard the boy mutter to his compatriots who only nodded their heads, their eyes never leaving Gero. They knew the doctor was sneaky and the Z-Fighters didn't know how many tricks he had left. They were soon going to find out. "Too late fools" Gero sneered, pushing the button on the remote activating his creations, whose capsules opened slowly. The capsules swung open and revealed two figures contained within, one male and the other female.

"NO!" Gero heard the shout coming from the boy with the sword. A hand gripped the side of the capsule and with a small tug, lifted the male out of the capsule which was soon followed by his female counterpart. The Android blinked once, twice before his eyes settled onto the scene infront of him. Everyone watched as a small smile cracked along the side of the Androids face. "Dr Gero" Said the teen. "Good to see you again doctor" The female said, her voice was soft and angelic to all listeners. But they weren't fooled, they could tell this woman was just as dangerous as she was beautiful.

"Seventeen and Eighteen, welcome back. Have you learned your lesson yet?" Gero asked while putting his hands behind his back, keeping his grip firm on the remote

"Yes Dr Gero we learned our lesson, we won't be naughty any more" Seventeen said, his eyes locked onto the remote behind Gero's back. Gero didn't notice the Android's gaze locked onto the device.

"Good, then my first orders for the both of you are to kill these four. Rip off their arms and legs and save the head for last." Gero ordered (shout out to judge dread fans) Both Androids casted a quick glance at one another before smiling at the doctor.

"Yes Dr Gero." Seventeen said while his form flickered behind Gero's. With a swift motion, the remote was out of the doctor's hand and held tight within Seventeen's "**" Gero cursed as Seventeen went to deliver what would be a lethal strike to his back. Gero bent his knees and thrusted himself upwards, back flipping over his creations strike. Gero leaped back to create distance between himself and his Androids. "So you've betrayed me once again, Seventeen and Eighteen. I will make both of you pay with your lives, with this insubordination" Gero growled. His hands began to move in a rapid sequence which confused the Z-Fighters but increased the amusement of the Androids. Seventeen laughed lightly at this.

"Oh and please tell Dr. Gero, what are you doing? Have you finally gone senile in your old age, "Seventeen sneered as Gero finished the last of the hand signs. Gero smirked while clapping his hands together in what looked like a prayer. "EDO TENSEI!" Gero yelled and for a minute nothing happened. Seventeen laughed at the gesture and was about to comment on the display when a wooden coffin rose out from the ground.

On the coffin, their was a Kanji inscribed but for the life of everyone present, they couldn't make out what it meant. "What is this? "Seventeen wondered in surprise his eyes rose in slight surprise. The coffin's lid creaked open slightly before it fell open, revealing a man with blond hair. He was wearing a black headband and wore a green vest with a red robe like coat with black flames on the bottom. His face had cracks on it and had what looked to be three whisker like marks on each of his cheeks.

"Prepare for your demise, you fools" Gero jeered as the blond man opened his eyes for the first time. His eyes caught everyone by surprise, where the white usually were, a pitch black color took their place. The iris was an aqua blue color. The man cast his gaze over everyone, taking in their appearances and he seemed to be trying to determine if they were a threat or not.

"Where am I?" He asked out loud before he brought his hands up towards his face and he noticed the cracks that were stretched across his skin. The man's face twisted in disgust.

"Oh the Edo Tensei technique, just fucking great" The man gritted his teeth, revealing that his canines were abnormally large. He cast his gaze towards Gero who was smirking at his situation. "Who the hell are you?" The man asked which got a chuckle from Gero. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Rokudaime Hokage or better yet. I think they call you, Naruto Uzumaki!"

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