Hey guys its been a while for those that remember me i have returned and i apologize for disappearing like i had when my grand father passed all my motivation to write wasn't there and i was just going through the motions i want to try to make a come back to the fanfiction scene i will admit narutos ending was a bit of a downer i think the romances could have been better done but thats shoenin for you

anyway i dont have a new chapter yet but i am rereading everything and i don't remember where i was going with this but i will just work with it on the fly i usually have an hour break at work and a lot of time to my thoughts so why not just do it for something fun and try to improve while im at it updates may be a bi weekly thing and i will try to have a set date but i may just take mt time and give quality over quantity

any way i want to thank all the well wishers who had sent me their condolences and to again say im sorry to those i disappointed and that i plan to make up for it

until then this is razgrz signing off