Hey...so...I'm writing a new story about Fairy Tail. Enjoy. This might be my first hurt/comfort story. Idk. Enjoy. And...it's...GrayZa/JerZa, NaLu/NaLi and LyVia/LyonxSherry. Basically...they'll all be in a love triangle. :) Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Six Colors


Scarlet, blonde and blue. Those were the only three colors you could see. Yet colorful. You would think of it as colorful. Why. No one knows...maybe because they were the only survivors you could fine.

You could hear the small whimpers coming from a blonde. "Mommy...where are you?...Help...mommy." so quiet you couldn't even hear it...even if you were right in front of her.

Nothing came out of the scarlet. She just laid there. Her short scarlet hair covering half her face. She held a small locket up to her chest...as if she let it go...the wind would carry it away.

And the last one...was a bluenette. Rain started to come down as she slowly started to cry. "Help...please...somebody help..." The last thing you'd hear were footsteps running towards them.


"JUVIA!" a bluenette slowly opened her ocean blue eyes. Her hair unruly and a bit of drool at the corner of her mouth. A blonde softly giggled at her friend's confused face.

"What is Lucy doing on Juvia's bed?" Juvia asked.

"We've got to get ready for school. Duh!" Lucy stated.

Juvia looked around. "Where is Erza-san?"

"She went to go buy some food."

"What time is it?"

"6 o'clock. C'mon! If we aren't ready by the time Erza's home we will face her wrath!"

Juvia nodded quickly. The three girls were like sisters. They've been by each others side since they were found half dead when they were six. "You might wanna wash your hair Juvia...heheh." Lucy suggested as she handed her friend a hairbrush. Juvia looked in the mirror and her face turned like snow. Her usually straight turning to curly blue hair was all tangled up. Juvia sighed and decided to get this over with. She didn't want Erza cutting her hair up to her shoulders just to make it easier to brush her hair.


A young white-haired man sat there with a pillow in his hand as he all of a sudden yelled out, "NATSU!"


"I WOULD IF HE WASN'T TRYING TO THROW HAPPY OUT THE WINDOW!" Natsu immediately jumped out of bed.

"GRAY YOU BASTARD! WHY HAPPY?!" Natsu ran to the window but stopped in his track as he saw no one near the window. He slowly turned to his left to see a sleeping blue cat on a pillow. He then turned to his right to see a raven-haired guy sleeping with some drool in the corner of the mouth. Lyon felt as if the tension just got darker.

He slowly saw the salmon haired guy turn to him with a dark aura surrounding him. "Lyon...don't. You. Ever. Say. That. AGAIN!" Now this time it was Gray waking up.

Lyon slowly turned to Gray with his teeth chattering, "...Help." Gray chuckled and shook his head. "Nope. That's what you get for getting me into this. And besides...it's not like we have anything impo—OH SHIT! WE HAVE TO GET READY FOR SCHOOL!"

Natsu then mouth an 'oh' to no one as he realized what Lyon was trying to wake him up for. He slowly went into their closet and got changed into his uniform. Lyon quietly argued about how stupid his friends can be. Gray quickly ran into the closet and changed into his clothes as well. As for Lyon...he was already changed. "Lets go." Lyon said. The other two quickly ran to the door as they slipped their shoes on. Natsu quickly put three fishes on a dish in front of Happy right before leaving their small apartment.


"ERZA WAIT UP!" Lucy shouted as she tried—TRIED—to catch up to the walking Erza Scarlet. Erza stopped and turned around just in time to catch Lucy from falling.

"We'll take a small break from walking alright." she said. Juvia and Lucy smiled. Erza was a strict yet sensitive girl. She only showed her real true self to Juvia and Lucy. To others...strict, busy and serious.

"Um...Erza...Juvia is wondering if we could at least have a little bit of our lunch since we didn't have breakfast." Erza nodded. The two girls quickly took out a cookie and nibbled on it like a mouse would on cheese.



"Now lets get going."



"Natsu stop eating your face off. You already ate a cookie, brownie and sour gummy worms. At least save some food for when we get to school!" Gray demanded. Natsu stuck out his tongue and continued finishing his gummy worms.

"NATSU!" they heard a feminine voice call out. Lyon and Gray groaned. They knew who exactly that voice belonged to the second they heard it. Lisanna Strauss.

"Lisanna!" Natsu smiled though deep down inside...he...wanted to finish his gummy worms.

Lisanna giggled. "Wanna walk to school together?"


"Bye Natsu. See you at school." Gray and Lyon said at the same time. Natsu's eyes widened. 'NO! DON'T LEAVE ME!' Natsu thought as he saw his two friends walk away.

Lyon couldn't help but chuckle. Gray slowly smirked and tried to prevent from chuckling...only to burst out laughing, which quickly died down. "Now just try to stay away from Sherry and you won't end up like Natsu."

"I hate you."

So...whatcha think? I hope you liked it. :) I might update...in two weeks or so. Heck! Maybe even sooner. Please review and tell me what you think. I accept any kind of advise on how to make the story interesting. BYE BYE! XD

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