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Chapter 29: Beautiful Colors


...Months Later...

Lucy stroked the salmon-pink hair of a little nine-month old baby girl. She smiled softly. Her smile slowly faded. She had a family. Her mother had died, her father ignoring her, and the earthquake. She had hoped her mother would save her, but most defiantly not her father. Fortunately, a group of strangers did. They saved her, Erza, and Juvia. Lucy started to cry silently. Her father had left her a note in her hand before the earthquake happened.

She didn't want it. But he gave it to her anyway. He then took her to a safe room, starting to scare her. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground asking for her mother to save her. And when she was saved, while the others were asleep, she read that small note her father, Jude, had given her. That's when she regretted leaving him.

Lucy honestly thought she didn't deserve a family this wonderful. She cried silently trying not to wake her loved ones. "Luce?..." Natsu was staring at her with his green hazel eyes filled with concern.

"Mama..." the small baby said as she stared at her mother as well, instead having big brown eyes full of wonder.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you..." Lucy apologized. The little girl went back to sleep. Natsu on the other hand didn't. He grinned, "You won't believe what Luna drew this afternoon."

Lucy raised an eyebrow, "What did she draw?"

"She drew us—well...stick figures...I think—and a little boy. Looks like Luna wants a brother."

Lucy smiled, "In two years. Not now. In two years." Happy made his way and curled up against Luna. The two parents started to drift off into a peaceful slumber.


Erza opened her eyes to notice Gray and their seven-month old baby daughter gone. She sighed and rubbed her eyes as she got out of bed to see what Gray was doing. As she went down the stairs, she heard small noises coming from the living room. Erza almost tripped twice as she was still half asleep.

She rolled her eyes as she heard Gray say, "Ha! Lets see what ash for brains thinks about this!"

"Gray...what are you—..." as Erza got off the last step, she smiled as she saw Gray lying on the ground with the baby girl trying to crawl. "C'mon Ulianne. You can do it! Show Uncle Natsu that you've started crawling!" Gray encouraged. He looked to see Erza staring at them.

He patted the space beside him and Erza lied down next to him. The little girl with slightly darker scarlet hair then her mother smiled a toothless grin. Her big dark blue eyes landing on her mom and dad. "Mama. Papa."

"C'mon Ulianne!" Erza cooed as she looked at Ulianne. Ulianne giggled as she had fallen softly on the ground.

Gray laughed, "Well now we know she's going to be like you Erza."

"And hopefully she at least has ONE trait from you."

"But what if—"

"Anything but that stripping habit. I'll prevent it from happening!"


Juvia looked at the ceiling. "Lyon...Juvia thinks we should start a family soon..." Lyon turned to look at Juvia with sleepy eyes.


Juvia nodded. "Yea. But not now. Maybe in a few years." Lyon then started looking at the ceiling too. He couldn't believe Gray and Natsu had beaten him on starting a family. Last time he checked, he was the mature one. Not them. Juvia on the other hand didn't mind. She was the youngest. Or was Lucy the youngest? She had forgotten. She and Lucy practically had a tie. But she knew she was the youngest. Or at least she remembered. Juvia shook her head and sighed. "In case we do start a family in a couple of years—maybe one or two—we should start thinking of names."

Lyon nodded and started to think, "Um...if it's a boy...uh...I have no clue." Juvia laughed silently. She then started to think too. "What if it's a girl?"

Lyon took a deep breath and started to think deeply, "I have no clue again." Juvia rolled her eyes this time, "Juvia sure married a wonderful man." Lyon pouted. His pout then disappeared and was replaced with a face full of wonder.

"I like the name Remedy. For the girl that is..."

Juvia looked at her husband.



Cana looked at the three people—or man and eleven-month old two babies. The two infants had caramel hair...like their father. Honestly...she thought it was quite odd how she had ended up having twins. Now she knew how Levy felt. She chuckled as she remembered when she had told Hibiki and Gildarts that she was expecting twins. Priceless! "Hey Cana..."

Cana looked at Hibiki, "What?"

"I think your father hates me..."

"Well too bad!" Cana said. Her eyes then wandered back to the two little infants. One of the rarest twins though...a boy and a girl. The boy being older by one minute. "Hibiki...do you think we'll be good parents to Aaron and Cornelia?" Hibiki looked at her as if she were crazy. "Of course we will! Aaron—or Cornelia—will have my charming looks while one of them might have your drinking habit! Besides...we said we were ready...so we're ready."

Cana looked down, "But what if we're too overprotective?"

"That's their grandpa! But...I guess we might be a little overprotective in the future."

"You mean when Cornelia has a boyfriend overprotective?"

"Oh no! She ain't having a boyfriend without me meeting him!" Cana giggled at her husband's overprotectiveness.


Gajeel tossed and turned in his sleep. He heard a cry coming from a near by crib, "Levy...get the baby..."

"It's not my fault we had a boy and a girl!"

"Says the woman who was preggers for nine months."

"Whatever. You get them! I got them last night!" As Gajeel was going to snap at her, the baby boy interrupted him, "MWAHHHHHHHH!"

Gajeel covered his ears as Levy got the baby and started singing it a lullaby. Gajeel sighed in relief as the baby had stopped crying. "Thank goodness..."

Levy went back to bed and closed her eyes. Just as she was about to close them completely...something went off.

Or someone...


"Gajeel you get her. I got him so you get her!"


Mirajane looked at the cup she was holding and blew on it. She was still having her problems with Laxus and Freed. They were both wonderful men. That was the problem...

She sighed as she rubbed her eyes. She was happy...no...super duper happy that her friends had gotten married and had their children while some of them didn't. But that didn't mean she didn't want to get married. She wanted too! But she had to chose between Laxus or Freed.

She giggled as she thought of how their babies would look like. How her and Laxus' baby would. And how her and Freed's would look.

That is...if she ever chose one of them. "Levinia for a girl if I ever marry Laxus and Miles for the boy if I ever marry Freed..."

Mirajane blushed and pouted. Now she really wanted to get married. Lisanna looked at her older sister who was currently in the kitchen having a cup of coffee. She giggled as Mira was making funny faces. She herself was ready to get married too.


Elfman rubbed his face as he looked at Oberon. Such a crazy one-year old. Golden hair, brown-ish eyes, and his tan skin. Elfman hoped he wouldn't be stuck with his trait, but he did hope that he would be manly. Like him...Elfman would say.

He started wondering how Mira and Lisanna were doing.

"Oberon will be a good child right?" Evergreen asked as she stood beside Elfman.

"You could be right. It'll be ma—never mind..." Evergreen's glare shut him right up.


Their past may have been sad and full of darkness...but they knew...that their future would be full of beautiful colors.

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