The Wanderer

A character study (in the form of a free-verse poem) of a young Balthier, dreaming of a life of freedom.

(See if you can spot the Florence and the Machine and David Bowie nods!)

Dedicated to my pen friend for her birthday.

Enjoy! :)

You've always sought adventure,

Been different, been a free thinker.

And you trudge along to the beat that others set for you.

A tourist in your waking world.

Keep going for the sake of something, anything, to be your salvation.

And so you dream of the day.

A day where you are an artist, a thinker... A sky-pirate!

It will come, it's what your future holds, what fate plans for you.

One day, one day soon, you'll find your adventure.

You'll prove them all wrong.

Your path will be golden, paved with your persistance, resistance.

You'll be amazing, shining resilience,

Showing those free thinkers, they'll have footsteps to follow in.

Your gazely stare into the sky is only figurative freedom, for now.

But you'll find it soon.

They can wait and see; you'll reach the moon.