Base on a "True" Story:

Angst of Delilah


Kootra as Barbeque

Ze Royal Viking as Delilah

And… As Featured…

Her hair flew in the air as she stood on the edge of the building, nearly shaking. Looking down, Delilah can see the bottom of the 5 storied building. It was a bit frightening to see, then again calming as well. She wanted this whole thing to end…

But as she was about to jump, her cousin, Barbeque barges the door open.

"Delilah, don't do it!" cried Barbeque.

Delilah disagreed, "No can't, Cousin," she said in her thick, southern accent, "I can never find love… I JUST WANT TO DIE!"

"But I love you…" her cousin admitted, "And dammit, Delilah, I don't care if we're not in the south anymore. I want to marry you!"

The southern lady looks down at the cold ground, not agreeing to Barbeque's words.

He sighed and stands at the edge where Delilah was standing on. He looks at the ground and saw how pretty it was at the bottom. Barbeque smiled and climbed up on the edge beside his cousin, "Hey, the view's even nicer when you stand up…"

Suddenly, Barbeque accidently slips and falls, pushing back Delilah on the roof again.

Delilah smiled widely, "Oh my, Cousin! I had no idea you would give up your life to save mine!"

"I DIDN'T, YOU B*TCH!" yelled Barbeque, who was now falling to his doom. But since Delilah couldn't hear him, she was still smiling.

"I'll never forget you, Barbeque!" Delilah waved to his falling cousin goodbye and walk back home…

And like she said, she had never forgotten that day where her lover/cousin fell off the edge.

The End