Hey since one of my reviewers said I should carry this on I'm gonna make just one more chapter...the things I do for you guys. :p

Liz's P.o.v

As the newest celebrity couple in Hollywood Avan and I walked casually arm in arm through the set they felt everyone's eyes on us, getting a bit uncomfortable I turned to Ariana "Hey, Ari? Why do I feel like everyone's staring at me?" Ari smiled at me then giggled, not answering my question.

I sighed, she could be so much like Cat sometimes. I raised an eyebrow and she smirked "because of the picture." She stated simply. I sighed again "Ariana?" I said as if talking to a 5 year old "what picture?"

She furrowed her brow and Looked at me quizzically "You don't know?" I rolled my eyes, I loved Ariana but she could be so bipolar at times. "No. Ari I don't know, that's why I'm asking you." She grinned then held up her phone on it was a picture of me and Avan last night...cuddling.

I gasped and my eyes widened (if that was even possible) I called Avan over and he came And stood near me "hey Liz what's u-" he stopped mid sentence when he saw Ariana's phone.

" Ariana! Where did you get this?!" He asked utterly bemused. She giggled then nodded over to Dan "Dan's twitter." I groaned, twitter? so now the whole world can see it? Has he never heard of privacy? I thought for a second then almost laughed out loud. Dan and privacy should have a little talk.

I stomped over to him Ari and Avan following me. Ariana shook my shoulder "Liz what are you doing?" She asked curiously I looked down at her "Lets just say...he's gonna regret casting me as Jade" Avan chuckled and muttered to himself that "thats my Liz Mcgills"

Avan's p.o.v in the green room...

Elizabeth, Ariana, Victoria, Mathew, Leon, Daniella and I were all chilling in the green room waiting for Dan to call us for the next scene. Suddenly Victoria spoke up "So...Avan, you and Elizabeth are apparently a couple now...that's interesting." I smiled and Liz blushed. She nodded and I said "yeah, hey let's play 'never have I ever.'" everyone agreed but probably only to avoid the awkwardness between Vic and Liz. We all salt in a circle and Ariana started-

"Never have I ever...kissed a girl." ,Leon and Matt and I put a finger down.

Next it was Daniella-"Never have I ever...gotten in trouble at school." She blushed and Liz called her a GG. Everyone put their fingers down.

Next it was Victoria- "Never have I ever...gotten a face piercing." We all rolled our eyes because we knew Victoria only said that because she knew Liz was th only one who had gotten a face piercing, but Liz didn't seem to mind.

Next it was Me-"Never have I ever...made a spaghetti taco" Liz and Ari simultaneously kinked an eyebrow and shook their heads at my immaturity, which made them have a giggle attack.

Next it was Leon-"Never have I ever...fallen in love." Elizabeth bit her lip and blushed while Ariana looked at heron excitement practically peeing herself with joy, while Victoria'Reyes filled with hate and rage. Ariana was fit to burst as she jumped up and down in her seat, suddenly she shouted "oh for the love of everything that is good and holy, just put your fingers down!" Liz giggled and looked at me, I nodded and we both put our fingers down. Ariana cheered, Matt did the harlem shake, Leon clapped, Daniella screamed but Victoria didn't do anything she just says in the corner staring daggers at Liz.

But neither of us noticed. Nothing else mattered...as long as we had each over.