Would Death the Kid, Maka Albarn, Black Star, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Elizabeth Thompson, Patricia Thompson and the octopus-headed weapon of my daughter please come to the Death Room. Lord Death has a mission for you.

Soul scowled. "Have I mentioned how much I hate your dad?"

Maka snorted, putting her books away. "Have I mentioned how he isn't my dad?"

Liz snickered before turning to Kid. "Hey, do you know what this is all about, Kid?"

Kid put a hand to his chin in though, resting his other hand on his waist as he thought. "Now that I think about it, I remember him saying something about teaching us a new technique."

Maka rose a brow of disbelief. "Lord Death himself is going to teach us something?"

"I just wanna know why Death Scythe didn't say my name first!" Black Star yelled with irritation.

"I don't think that's important right now, Black Star." Tsubaki said, resting a hand on his shoulder gently to calm him.

"Yeah, Black Star. Not everything's about you, you know." Maka growled at him, still angry at the boy for spilling soda on her favorite novel.

"Calm down, bookworm. You're just upset that I got called to the office too." He accused.

She gritted her teeth. Soul grabbed her arm and shot Black Star a glare. "Dude, lay off it. You already pissed her off enough for one day."

Kid silenced them all with a loud cough. They turned to him in unison and he pointed to the Death Room door. "We have to go inside at some point, you know."

Maka sighed and straightened her posture, pulling her arm away from Soul and shooting a glare to Black Star that promised another argument later. "Kid's right. We have work to do."

Black Star grunted noncommittally and Tsubaki frowned slightly, displeased that her friends were fighting.

The group walked into the Death Room to be greeted by the eccentric shinigami, Lord Death. "Hey! Wassap, wassap? How's it going?"

Maka opened her mouth to report in officially but he just waved it off. "No need to go through that, there're too many of you. I want to get started right away!"

"Oh, my Maka's so professional, she's definitely a good choice for this!" The gang, excluding Maka and Soul, turned to the left to see the red-haired Death Scythe walking towards them. Spirit took a look at Soul and scowled. "I'm not so sure about that one, though. He's nothing but a good-for-noth-"


Maka sighed in relief. "Thank you, sir."

"He really gets annoying, I wonder how you survived him so long." Lord Death grumbled, shaking off his hand.

Maka laughed nervously and Black Star decided to end this. "EXCUSE ME, BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHY WE'RE HERE WHEN I COULD BE OFF SKIPP-"

"-ing down an educational road with the teachers!" Tsubaki interjected, not wanting her meister to get into trouble.

"Father, please just tell us what's going on so we don't sit here rambling and arguing like dimwits." Kid said, shooting a glare to Black Star who looked very close to tackling Maka.

"I want to teach you all about mirror-jumping!" The reaper said excitedly, clapping his large white hands.

The group went silent and Kid sweat-dropped. "Um, father, isn't that something only reapers are able to do?"

"Right now, yes, but imagine how much easier things could be if everyone at the academy could travel like us! Then souls could be collected much faster!" Lord Death cheered, happy he came up with such an idea.

Soul smirked. "That sounds cool. Where do I sign up?"