Haruhi rubbed her eyes and opened the door to reveal a way-too-hyper-for-5-in-the-morning Tamaki. She, in her groggy haze, made the mistake of engaging. "Tamaki-senpai? What are you doing here? It's Sunday. At 5 in the morning. You do realize people sleep in on the weekend, right?"

Tamaki squealed at the sight of her brown hair in a natural disarray and the sleepy-gaze over her eyes as she yawned at him. "You're so adorable! I'm sorry I woke you up, Haru-hi! I just figured that we could go over what we're looking for in our new host or hosts!"

Haruhi started to close the door. "Come back in ten hours, then we can talk."

Tamaki pushed the door back open with a desperate expression. "But Haru-hi! What if we can't decide in time for the auditions tomorrow? Then we'll either have to postpone and lessen the chances of finding the one or we'll have to wing it and lessen the chances of finding the one! Or two."

Haruhi groaned and stepped out of the way. "Come in... I'll make us some tea..."

"O-kay! I'll start working on a list of attributes that our new host, or hosts, must have!" Tamaki sprinted in and set his bag down next to the kotatsu in her living room.

Haruhi closed the door slowly, rubbing her temple. She hopes to quell the threatening migraine that teetered on the edge of eruption.

"Oh, and Haruhi? Can you make me some commoner's ramen? I forgot to eat breakfast this morning and I've been trying to get my hands on some. I'm sure you'd be willing to make me some of the shrimp ramen, right?"

And there it was. Hello, excruciating pain.

"Okay! Let's go over what we have!"

Haruhi lifted her head from the table and eyed the pile of papers that bore the list Tamaki had just spent three hours writing for the both of them. "Uh... Aren't you being a bit demanding, senpai?"

"Of course not! The new host, or hosts, must be perfect! He has to be trustworthy, loyal, charming, chivalrous, smart, handsome, -"

"Haruhi, sweetheart?" The pair looked up to see Ryouji standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

"Yeah, dad?"

"Can you tell your idiot of a friend to keep his annoying voice down? I'm afraid I'm going to get a headache if he continues to chatter so noisily." The tranny finished speaking with a sharp glare to the nervous blonde.

"O-Of course! I'm sorry! I'll be sure to keep my-" Tamaki was interrupted yet again, but by a foot to the face.

"THAT IS NOT QUIETING DOWN, LITTLE BOY! YOU NEED TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS MORE!" Ranka continued to rub his foot roughly into Tamaki's cheek as the young boy began to plead for pardon.

Haruhi sighed and grabbed one of the papers, scanning it quickly. Haruhi wrinkled her nose. "'Must have curly hair'? 'Must know more than two languages other than Japanese'? Geez, Tamaki is putting way too much thought into this..."

"Ooh, I like the 'green eyes' bit." Haruhi jumped a bit, unaware that her father had been reading along with her. "How do you plan to find one person with all of these characteristics, though?"

Tamaki pushed himself up and off of the ground, cradling his cheek. "I suppose we could be flexible with a few of these..."

Ryouji brought a hand up to his chin, fine brows furrowing in thought. "What if, instead of searching for these specific features, you just test them for their compatibility with your club?"

"You mean, have them host and asses their positive and negative aspects?" Haruhi clarified.

"Yes, exactly!" Ryouji squealed with glee. "Oh! We can dress up my little Haruhi like a princess so no one will recognize her and she'll be the test!"

Tamaki grinned. "I like your thinking!"

Haruhi set her jaw. "No."

"Oh, she's the perfect girl for the job! None of your sleazeball moves affect her, so you can easily weed out the weaker ones."


"You're right! She's not easy to affect emotionally, but she'll know what to look for!"


"You know, I have a dress that I bought her a few months ago that she has yet to wear! And she can borrow one of my wigs, too."


"Wonderful! As long as the dress isn't too revealing, we wouldn't want them to get any ideas."

"I keep saying, 'No.'"

"Of course it's not revealing! What do you take my Haruhi for, some kind of harlot?!"

Haruhi sighed. "Here we go."

"N-no! Of course not! I know that your daughter is the purest soul in the world!"


Haruhi gathered up the papers and walked over to the trash can. "Guess I better mentally prepare myself for this..."

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