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Chapter 1: The Escape

(Location: Unknown, Date: Unknown)

(No P.O.V.)

In the case of one dark-skinned young man, the vast majority of his decisions were either forced on him or made in desperation. At over six-feet tall and a fair bit of muscle one might assume threats avoided him, but rarely had that ever been the case.

Orphaned at a young age, over a whole decade of his life was decided in an instant as several dark-suited men kidnapped him and sent the boy into a strange facility. There, he became the experimental plaything of its science director, Dr. Levins. With no other choice but death, he instead adapted to each situation.

As the years passed he grew even stronger and more skilled in combat, but he noticed what he could do was surpassing anything humanly possible. During his stay at the strange laboratories his body had changed dramatically, turning him into an unstoppable living weapon of ultimate destruction. However, despite all of his physical augmentations, he wasn't fully capable of reaching his full potential just yet. He needed to unlock a deeper power within his body in order to become stronger.

Whatever might have been planned next, however, was stopped through sheer chance. After figuring out how to escape his cell, the young subject wandered to a set of rooms and heard a particular conversation. What he wasn't aware about, however, was that this conversation would be more than enough to set off a chain of events that would forever change the young man's life.

"My people are beginning to lose their patience, Levins. We need that kid ready to send out into high-risk areas."

"Please understand that we are doing what we can, but the current Elite for Project: Alpha has proven unresponsive to all tests so far crafted to draw out his strength. We need more time to figure out the key to triggering it."

"Time is the one thing we don't have. With that child on the front-lines, a whole platoon could hold back while the enemy is crushed. I hope you of all people can understand the advantage that brings."

"Yes, but even with that-" the other man cut him off.

"Not to mention that with the power augmentations that you've given him not only grant the power of self-healing, but extreme durability as well. You could hit the boy with a bullet train and even then it wouldn't be enough to kill him! So, why is it taking so long for you and your staff to deploy him into the field!?"

There was silence for a while before Dr. Levins answered. "We must consider as well the subject's willingness to… cooperate with your soldiers and follow orders. Without that, his wild nature might prove more a threat than any army."

"I'm aware but given any circumstances we need someone with the power to level a city when needed. Then again, it would be bad to push him too hard or fast-the last thing we need is a repeat of what took place 13 years ago. What a bloody mess…" Mused the other voice.

"Still you make a point. We will accelerate the tests the best we can and have him prepared to fight and serve as soon as possible." Dr. Levins assured the man. With the conversation at an end, the other man left, failing to notice the teenager running as fast as his legs could carry him.

It was a simple decision for the young man- staying at the facility meant either waiting for death or his eventual deployment as little more than another person's weapon. Wasting no time he hurried back to his room, fit everything he could possibly need into his backpack, and started hunting for an escape route. However, his plans are cut short with the sound of multiple cocked guns several meters behind him.

"Ah, shit…" The boy mutters with a fresh bit of sweat running down his head.

Instinctively raising his hands over his head, he slowly turns around to see multiple soldiers in strange armor with odd but powerful-looking rifles aimed at him. In the center of the soldiers stood a grinning Dr. Levins.

"Tell me, Alpha… Just where do you think you're going exactly?" The good doctor asked with an already-knowing smirk.

"I told you, Doc… My name is Rick Evans! You don't always have to use my project name just to talk to me! Either way, I guess it doesn't matter at this point now, does it?" The boy called Alpha replied with some venom towards the "good" doctor.

"Truthfully, no. Right now you can either go back to your cell or these men will happily escort you there, albeit with less blood and more holes in your legs." The morbid joke got a few chuckles from the soldiers.

"Honestly both options suck, so if it's all the same to you…" very slowly Rick reached an arm into his backpack and wrapped his hand around something right on top of it. "I'm going to keep running." Quicker than anyone could shoot Rick removed the object from his bag and threw it to the ground before running straight through a nearby wall.

"Later, bitches! I'm out!" Rick laughed with a cocky smirk.

"Tsk… Tsk… Did you really-" Levins stopped when he saw the object: a military-grade flashbang with its pin removed. "Cover your eyes!" he shouted to the guards, but it was too late and the whole room erupted into a ball of light and sound.

"Damn it! Spread out and find him. NOW!" Levins snapped at the soldiers after he regained both his sight and hearing.

"Well, that actually worked out better than I expected." Rick said to himself while running through the corridors. He was fairly lost, but at that point the only thing that mattered was to keep moving.

Eventually he passed by a massive room and spied some strange sort of machine- a massive ring with lights placed along the rim, sitting between two Tesla Coils and surrounded by dozens of consoles constantly reading out some story of information he did not recognize. The ground was littered with wires and power cables all leading back to the ring. The room had also looked like it wasn't used in years. Yet, the consoles seemed to have still been active for quite some time. As if they were recently used for something.

"What the hell is this?" Rick looked around and noticed there was one button among the mess of keyboards and levers that was currently glowing. Out of curiosity he pressed it, and in moments the electronics roared to life as the whole room burned with the amount of energy coming from the coils. Between the rings a large portal of pure light had opened.

"This is getting weird." Rick was about to turn away and keep running, but something stopped him. Whatever that machine was it was giving him an odd feeling, like he was supposed to use it somehow.

"Go through Rick." He could almost hear a woman whispering in the back of his head. "It's your only chance of escaping."

"Great. Now I'm hearing things." Still he knew with the amount of guards running around any front door they might have had was an unlikely choice. Taking a chance he started walking up to the ring when a distinctly more real man started yelling.

"Not one more step, Alpha!" Dr. Levins had appeared, panting loudly.

"What's wrong, Doc? Too afraid to lose one of your best assets in the program?" Rick says with a smirk as he takes another step back towards the portal. "Have fun explaining it to that military-sounding guy; I'm sure that he'll take this really well." Laughing all the way he made a full sprint for the portal and leapt right in.

"STOP! SHOOT HIM!" Dr. Levins roared in an angry panic. A nearby guard tried his best, but he shot far too wide and could only hit around the ring. Right as Rick finished passing through, the portal the energy started to overload and the machine shut down, leaving the poor guard to deal with his director's full rage.

"Phew! That was cutting it a little too close. Well, at least I'm finally out of that madhouse!"

After thinking about it for so many years Rick had finally gotten out of the facility. He felt like a dove that escaped its cage, flying high and free in the air. It was the most wonderful feeling he ever felt in his life.

"Ok…now what?" He was standing in some kind of void. As happy as he was that he gotten away, he had no idea for the first time in his life where to go. His eyes darted around the area in hopes to find some exit or something to get out of the tunnel-like void.

"Well, ain't this just fucking fantastic…I'm stuck." Rick growled low in irritation. He didn't want to stay in the void, he had to find a way out and find civilization.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind when a second ring of light appeared in front of him. Faintly he could hear the sounds of surf and a boat horn. Whatever was on the other side it clearly wasn't the lab, which sounded perfect to him.

"Looks like this is my stop." Wasting no time he walked through the portal...finding himself above the clouds, and the ground thousands of feet below. "Oh crap."

(Location: Unknown, Date: Unknown)

(Rick's P.O.V.)

I look for some decent ground to land on when I notice that I was about to land in a boating dock and that five unknown people were in the very spot where I was going to fall.


As I yell my warning, I land on my feet between both sides of people, creating a small crater from where I crashed. The impact from the fall sent a serious shock through my body. Not exactly enough to kill me, but bad enough to really hurt. I don't care that some people would call me invincible due to all of my physical enhancements. I still know what pain feels like. And it SUCKS.

"Ouch... The least that freakin' portal could've done was put me on the ground! Damn it all!"

I shake the fall off and notice that a man in red and blue overalls with a mustache and a young humanoid-like girl were standing right behind me. They were both pretty shocked to find a random dude falling from the sky. Then again, who wouldn't be?

"Outta my way, punk!" says another voice.

I turned to my front to notice a tubby man dressed in black with a white x on the front of his clothing. He wore black shoes and white gloves as well. He had goggles on his eyes, a hat with horns, a red beard, and a red cape. He spoke in a tough and mean voice. I noticed that there were two more guys wearing clothes like his. Although they were wearing goggles, the both of them had red shirts with black x's on them, white boots, white gloves, and white hats. The large one snapped at me again trying to get my attention.

"Hey, I said move it!"

He charged and attempted to ram into me, but I moved to my left and trip him.

The man behind me takes out a hammer and whacks the fat man in the head.

"You mad, bro?" I taunt.

"You little...!"

He regained his balance and tried to punch me in the head, but he only ended up breaking his knuckles in the process.

"Gah! Dang it! That hurts!"

"You done making an idiot out of yourself, fat boy?"

"Lord Crump!" Screeches one grunt.

"Sir! Are you alright?" Yells another.

Taking advantage of the moment I put my hand right between his goggles and flick his forehead with my middle finger. Even with that the force was still enough his head snapped back and the big guy was knocked away a good foot.

"I'd suggest giving up, Fatty. That is, unless you really wanna know what it feels like when I use my whole hand." I say to him.

His grunts pushed me out of the way and scraped him up. After they got him, Crump looked at me with what I believe was a smirk. It was hard to tell since his clothes was covering his face.

"Buh! Buh! Buh huh huh! Ok, you got a decent shot in, I'll give you that. But...unfortunately for you, that means... IT'S GO TIME!"

As he says that, hundreds of grunts came out of nowhere and gathered all around us.

"Real brave, you pussy. You can't fight me so you send your buddies to do all of the work for you? Pfft, some leader you are."


At that very moment, the entire mob of grunts dive right into us. Fortunately they aren't too bright and end up crashing into and fighting each other more than us.

"Quick! This way!" Yells the girl before running through a small gap between the mob.

Me and the man in red and blue manage to get out the same way she did.

"Phew! What a bunch of loons! Let's just sneak out of here, what do you say?" Whispers the girl.

The man nods.

"I'm with you guys, so let's make like trees and get the fuck outta here." I said.

As we sneak our way into the main square, we finally manage to catch our breaths. The young girl then walks up to me and the man.

"Whew... Thanks, you two! You guys are real lifesavers! I have just GOT to give you a little reward!" Says the girl.

She went up to the other guy and kissed him on the cheek. After that she walks up to me and whispers in my ear… "You can expect yours a little later." before backing up.

"Anyway, my name's Goombella. I'm a student at the University of Goom. Nice to meet ya! So, uh... Who are you two?"

After she introduced herself, I get a good, overall look at her. Goombella looks like a girl in her early 20s. She has some nice thighs and her breast size appeared to be a C-Cup. She had brown eyebrows, a fang coming from her lower jaw, and brown eyes with eyelashes. In her right hand a closed, green book while her left casually rests on her hip. On her was what looked like a full archaeological outfit with boots, gloves, and even a little hat with a light in it . I have to admit that she looks really cute.

"The name's Rick. Rick Evans. It's a pleasure to meet you, Goombella!" I say in a happy tone.

The man beside me introduces himself as Mario.

"...Mario? Wait, you mean like that famous guy? Wow! I can't believe I met you here! Cool... Anyway, no offense, but it looks like you just rolled into town yourself. Right?"

Mario nods yes to her comment.

"Me, I already HATE it here! There are freaks and weirdos. EVERYWHERE! It's nasty! I mean, I know the place is called Rogueport, so I should have expected it, but sheesh! I'd never come to a place like this if there weren't some legendary treasure here."

Mario is surprised by what she said about a legendary treasure and starts to mention that he was he for the same reason.

"What? You're looking for the legendary treasure, too? Seriously?"

Mario nods again at her comment. Goombella noticed that some old paper was sticking out from his left pocket.

"Whoa whoa WHOA, bucko! Whatcha got there?" asks Goombella.

As Mario opens up and unfolds the paper I can't help but look too. Despite clearly showing some age it was clearly a map, and unless I'm mistaken right in the middle of it is Rogueport. Around it are a couple other towns, a forest, and an island with a random ship in the middle of the water for some odd reason. Still there was something off.

"What kind of a treasure map doesn't tell you where to go?" I wonder out loud.

"Huh?" Before I could explain what I meant a rather loud and proportionally tiny man starts charging towards us… with a mushroom on his head.

"Great hoogly-boogly! If it isn't Master Mario!" Exclaims the Mushroom-Man.

"Bit of a coincidence, bumping into one another in this sort of place, hm? Ho ho! So tell me, Master Mario, what in the world brings you to this wretched little burg?"

"Um... Excuse me, sir. I don't mean to be rude, but...who are you?" I ask.

"Why, my name is Toadsworth, my good man! I am a loyal old toad to the one and only Princess Peach! What what! But, I digress. Master Mario, please continue."

Mario explained to Toadsworth about why he was here, and quickly the two get into this really long conversation that I can sort of follow. Some woman called Peach keeps getting mentioned who Mario is close to and how she invited him here, but honestly I was more focused on how some guy in overalls was holding a conversation with a guy wearing a mushroom on his head as if that were normal.

Then again there have been a few other strange things in these two parts of town alone. Looking around I see a few more mushroom-people, a rat walking on two legs, and back at the dock I could have sworn there was a guy whose head was remarkably bomb-shaped. None of this could ever be on Earth.

But then where am I? I would guess an alien planet but besides treating everything as normal Mario looks pretty human. Plus that still didn't explain who that was whispering in my head earlier, unless I was just imagining it.

Then there's Goombella. Minus the fang and maybe a few other details she looks pretty close to human too. Would that mean that the rest of her is also pretty much…

No, bad brain! Stop thinking about sleeping with someone I just met all of ten minutes ago, and more importantly may not even be of the same species. Even if she does look pretty-

"Hello! Anyone in there Rick? Are you still alive?" Says a ringing voice.

I snap out of my thoughts to notice that Goombella was really close to my face.

"Oh! Sorry. I was thinking about something else. Did you guys finish your talk?"

"You spaced out this whole time?" I can only nod, but the most Goombella does in response is giggle at my expense before continuing "Easy version then: Peach is the princess of a nearby kingdom and wanted to find this treasure with Mario, but no one has seen her in a fair while so we plan on hunting for her and the Treasure at the same time. Wanna come with us?" Asks Goombella.

"Yeah, I'll roll with you guys. It's not like I have anyone else to turn to..."

"Great! We're all good, then! Let's go, boys!"

(Goombella and Mario have joined your party!)

"First off, we gotta go find my professor. Thing is, since I just got here myself...I, um, don't actually know where he lives." Says Goombella.

"It shouldn't be too tough. Rogueport doesn't seem that big, so we should be able to find him easily. We should probably start with the west side of town." I suggest.

"Ok, then let's get looking!" Goombella says.

We soon started walking down the path to west side when we were suddenly stopped by an old lady.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" She yells.

"Whoa! Calm down, Ma'am! We didn't do anything! Honest!" I reply.

"No! I said stop because some jerk knocked out my contact lens! So whatever you do, DON'T MOVE AN INCH!" I didn't ignore her request and I held still but...

"Shit. I think I'm about to sneeze! Ah... Ah..." Mario put his finger under my nose to stop me just in time.

"Thanks, Mario. That was a nice save."

He removed his finger and for some reason, Goombella lets out a sneeze, moving her right leg backwards. I turn my head when I hear a little cracking sound where she put her foot.

"Oh, hell..."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! IDIOT! You stepped on it! My poor contact lens! I told you NOT TO MOVE! Don't your stupid ears work? What were you thinking?!" Yells the old lady.

"I'm sorry! It was an accident! I swear!" Goombella quickly apologizes, but the woman didn't seem to be listening to her.

"This is your fault! Now I have to buy a new contact lens! But YOU'RE gonna pay for it! Compensate me, Little Miss Clumsy!"

"But... I..." The poor girl looks like she was about ready to cry. Without thinking I step in between the two.

"Stop screeching at her- if it really is that important to you we can get replacement contacts. Otherwise back off... now." I growl.

At that, she backs away...before rushing over and blocks the entrance to the west side.

"Fine! If that's your plan, then here's MINE, you jerk! I'm gonna block the gate to the west side until you bring me a new contact lens!"

"But we need to get through!" I snap.

"No! Look, I'm not letting you into the west part of town until you buy me a new lens! Sorry, but end of story. I can't cook anything without my contact lenses in! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! My rage is so hot right now, I could cook YOU with it!" She yells.

"Ok! Ok! Lord almighty! We'll get you your new lens! Just chill, ok!? Jesus!" I yell back.

As we walked away Goombella still looked really hurt, and I swore her eyes were still a little wet. It was hard to say why but I felt compelled to give her a little pat on the shoulder.

"It was an accident-you have nothing to feel bad for." Still the young goomba shakes her head.

"But- but now she's blocking half the town-" I cut her off there.

"We still have the east side, right? We can look there. But first, we should probably get the old bag her contact lenses. Even if that falls through I could just pick up the hag and then the three of us can go over there anyway."

She nods, looking a bit more relaxed at least, and we all go into the items shop. After a few minutes of buying some gear, I go up to one of the clerks and see if they had any contact lenses that we could buy.

"Eh? What's that? You want a contact lens, you say?" Asks the clerk.

"It's a long story..." I say as I scratch my head.

"Hmm. Wait just a moment." he eventually says.

The clerk we were talking to comes back to us after a few minutes and reports that they were out for now and that they needed to re-stock. After that we took our leave and went to the east side. Without any warning some blue jackass knocks me and Mario out of the way!

"Hey! What's your beef, pal? YEAH, I'M TALKING TO YOU!" Goombella yells to the guy.

She turns to Mario and gasps.

"Mario! You gotta wake up! That guy just stole half of your coins!"

Mario looks into his wallet and sees that half of his money is gone.

"That is SO lame! Ugh! I HATE this town!"

She soon turns to me and gasps again.

"He even stole your bag, Rick!"


Sure enough, that rat bastard had swiped my backpack! How did he even...

"It's one thing to steal a man's money. Money can be replaced. You DON'T, however, STEAL HIS FUCKIN' BACKPACK! GET BACK HERE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I roar.

I rush back into the square with my friends and went down the alley he turned into. It didn't take long for me to find his house right behind the inn. I rush in with a punch and knock open the door. I catch the bandit ready to open my bag.

"Uh... Fancy meeting you here! You're pretty dang persistent, buddy! What a pain!" The bandit groans.

"Persistent wins. So, what do have to say for yourself, huh? Huh!? Did you really think that I'd just let you steal my shit!?" I scream at his face in anger.

"OK, OK! I'll give you back your stuff, Ok!? Just please don't hurt me!" Cries the bandit.

Without hesitation, the thief gives us back all of Mario's coins and my bag.

"Make sure to remember what just happened here, asshole. If I catch you pulling this shit again, I will be making sure it doesn't happen a third time. Get it?" I say on the way out and ensure he understands by punching the door with enough force that it shatters into splinters.

"Got it..." He whimpers.

We resume our original plan and checked the east side. We soon walk into a house that had lots of books inside. There is also a table with an old man in a lab coat with glasses reading and old book.

"Oh, hi! There you are! Professor Frankly!" Chirps Goombella.

"Whazzuhuh? Who's there? Who wants me? Ah. Yes. You. Now, you, uh... I've seen your before... Yes, that face... Wait for it... Just a moment... Don't tell me, now! Silence! I'll get it right! Umm... It's not Goombriel... Errr... It's not Elizagoom... Hrrrmmmm... Errrrmmm... A-HAAA! I've got it! You're Goombella, aren't you? You were in my archaeology class last year, am I right?" Asks the professor.

"Wow, yes, sir! That's me! I'm Goombella, a junior at U Goom! Goooo GOOMBAS!" Goombella cheers.

"Of course I remember you. Not to toot my horn, but I'm pretty good remembering. You, though... You stick out in my mind because you were such an exceptional student. And those two behind you are... WHO?!"

Mario literally face plants himself into the floor upon hearing that. "Heh, that is something straight out of an anime." I chuckle lightly while Goombella gives an exasperated sigh.

"Mario! Professor, he's Mario! You know...the famous one! And this is our new friend, Rick!" said Goombella.

"Hello, Professor. It's nice to meet you." I say.

"Oh! My apologies. I'm such a bookworm, I haven't a clue about what's 'hip' right now." Frankly sheepishly admits. Suddenly I'm ready to face fault myself, but thankfully I manage to avoid cringing. "In any case, what sort errand brings you three all the way to a place like this?" Asks Frankly.

"We were hoping you'd tell us about the legendary treasure said to be below Rogueport! I thought that if anyone knew anything about it you would, Professor Frankly..." Explains Goombella.

"Of course I know about it. The reason I came here was to study that very subject. But why do you tykes want to learn about the legendary treasure? You know that most say it's little more than a fairy tale, don't you?" Frankly asks us.

As the both of them went on, I look around the shelves and rows of books and scrolls were everywhere. I was beginning to get really bored until Goombella got my attention again.

"Hey, Rick! are you all set? We're about to go find the Thousand Year Door!" Says Goombella.

"Yeah, alright. Let's go!" I exclaim.

As we left the house, the professor opens up the fence across from his house. Behind it was some kind of green pipe. We go inside it and reach the bottom in a matter of moments, I take a wide look at the gigantic, expansive underground caverns.

"Wow... This is amazing. Where I'm from, I couldn't even leave the facility. Now I'm in some other world getting to travel to all sorts of places! Ha ha!" I laugh in enjoyment.

"Wait, facility? What are you talking about?" Asked Goombella.

Slightly wincing at my slip-up, I turn to the others rubbing the back of my head.

"Ah. Right. Well, you might want to prepare yourselves. It's a pretty long story…"

End of Chapter 1...

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