Sooo... It's been quite a while since I updated this story. And while for the past year I could go "because COVID" and that would speak for itself there's still a gap that could use some explaining.

A lot it was behind the scenes stuff- new people joining the project, ideas we wanted to implement, trying to add in some of their own OC's- and after a while it got to be a bit of a mess. Not helping is that we kind of sort of lost the next chapter at some point (the lesson here being always have backup files of your documents). Along with that as time has passed I've had a chance to look back on my earlier chapters... and some stuff that I kind of regret. Initially my plan was going to be to rewrite those chapters and re-upload them for people to see. Then I realized that if I'm going to change stuff I may as well go with a completely clean slate. Which brings me to my announcement:

Starting this year I will be releasing a rebooted version of "Project and the Plumber." The general story will still be the same, but since I now have a better overall sense for what I want to have happen I can have a better chance of making everything flow a bit more smoothly.

Along with that I'm hoping to upload the reboot onto multiple sites (at-minimum looking into using Archive of Our Own), but I will give more details on that with the release of the reboot's first chapter.

Now for the other big elephant in the room... reader-submitted OC's. I might still do this in the reboot, but when it comes to stuff from the original "Project and the Plumber" here's what we will do: everyone has until February 14th- Valentines Day- to message me about their OC's; be it wanting me to not use them, wanting to keep it as-is, wanting to change stuff, and so on. If I hear nothing by that point your OC's will be forfeit, and I will include or exclude them as I see fit (though any included characters will be as faithful to their submitted bios as possible).

So yeah, that's the plan for now. I hope people will give this reboot a fair chance, I hope people will enjoy the changes I've been looking to make, and I hope that this time I will be able to keep a somewhat consistent schedule on updating it. No promises on that one though- this year could still be full of surprises.

With that I hope everyone reading this will have a good day, and with any luck the next time I upload something it will be the first chapter of the reboot.