A/N: Technically... It's kind of AU, cause his reason for being a detective was cause he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps or something xD but after seeing people comment that dead bodies kept following him around, I just thought of this. Perhaps a little macabre(it IS about people dying after all...) but...well, I tried.

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Summary: What if Shinichi attracted dead bodies not because he was a detective, but he became a detective because he kept attracting dead bodies?

Genre: Humor(or atleast my attempt at it)

Rating: T(I gotta be safe, and it's about people dying after all..)

"If I could, I'd write a huge encyclopedia just about the words luck and coincidence."

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The (Possible?) Reason He became a Detective

It was just a normal day at the Tokyo Art Museum. Various people of different classes of life strolled around, looking at the many pieces of art displayed on the porcelain walls. As it appeared, things might have been relatively quiet and peaceful.

Notice the 'might' in there?

It was just a normal day... Or it would have been, had Shinichi Kudo not been present that very day. He didn't want to be there, the expression of pure boredom on his face was obvious. However, Ran had badgered him non-stop, and he finally gave in when she resorted to blackmail. He didn't need his fangirls to know what type of boxers he wore. He shivered at the thought.

Somehow, his parents had managed to worm their way into this 'date', as they so nicely put it. Ran dragged him around by the arm, and he just let himself be dragged along, and all the while his parents trailed behind, giving knowing smiles that irked him. He suppressed a yawn. He had been here for barely five minutes, and he was already bored.

What was so special about Kudo Shinichi, you say? It was a well-known fact that dead people followed him around - and not the supernatural kind. To be exact, wherever he went, people would drop dead for some strange reason. His childhood friend, Mouri Ran, was exempt for some reason people could not fathom.

The boy had heard these rumors before, and simply dismissed them with a shake of his head. It was ludicrous. Well, it was true that people did have a tendency to end up dead at places where he happened to be (and strangely, most of them were murder-related). It was to the point that he once had been arrested simply for being at the scene of the crime. Thank god his father and Inspector Megure were there.

"Umm... Officer? Why are you arresting my son?" Kudo Yusaku eyed the over-sized manacles hanging loosely off the boy's small hands.

The officer explained with all seriousness that he had done his researched and believed Shinichi was the main culprit for a long chain of murders.

"Do you have evidence?" Inspector Megure questioned.

"He was the only one that was present at all the crime scenes, sir!"

Both men simultaneously sweatdropped. Inspector Megure spoke slowly, as if speaking to a child. "While that is suspicious, I'm afraid it isn't enough to warrant an arrest. Besides," he looked down at the boy who was current looking at the flowers near his feet. "...Do I have to remind you he's only nine years old?"


After that, the policeman had reluctantly let him go.

But all those incidents were just pure coincidence. It didn't have anything to do with him. Nothing would happen today. Today would be perfectly fine.

A shrill scream reverbrated throughout the museum.

Well, perhaps not.

People, curious, ran to the source of the scream, as they did too. On the way there, his parents kept shooting nervous looks at him, as did Ran. Bah, he knew what they were thinking, but surely it was nothing big. Hey, maybe some kid dropped their icecream, or perhaps someone realised they had forgotten to feed their pet cat? ... In any case, the poor boy just threw out whatever he could think of, even if the reasoning behind it made no sense. He was just hoping to God it would be anything but for that to happen again.

However, those random hypothesises (and hope) were instantly thrown out of the window when he reached the source of the scream. People were forming a circle around something. Even without looking, he already knew what it was. Through gaps in the crowd, he managed to catch a glimpse of what was in the centre. A body was lying facedown on the ground, unnervingly still. His eye twitched irritatedly. It seems like the "curse" had struck again. Oh boy... I'll never hear the end of this again...

Now, any normal young boy might have started crying at the sight, but Shinichi, with his oh-so-wonderful luck(note the sarcasm), had seen worst than this. He still felt sick at seeing yet another corpse, and looked away from the scene. His father, a professional detective, stepped forward and tried to make his way through, while Shinichi, Ran and his mother stood some way away.

"It's just a coincidence... right?" Shinichi turned to Ran and his mother in the hopes for some form of consolation. He sighed. He'd heard that once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time means something was wrong... But considering this was the fifth time this month... It was well on its way to be established as just another part of his short cruel life.

"Umm... Shinichi-kun?" His mother placed her hand on his shoulder in concern. "You okay?" She asked worriedly, her brows furrowed. He glanced to his side, and caught sight of Ran's equally worried expression.

"Yes... I'm fine." He sighed and buried his face in hands.

His mother smiled sheepishly. "I... guess the cleansing ritual didn't work, huh?" His mother tried weakly.

"I never trusted those things in the first place..." He murmured through his fingers, his face still buried in his hands.

His mother laughed awkwardly, while Ran just sighed. Yes, cleansing rituals. Even though the notion of those things were ridiculous, they still tried it anyway. They were just that desperate.

"Seriously mum, I never understand how these things kept happening..."

His mother shook her head. "Neither do I..."

Ran simply looked at him with eyes full of pity.

This mysterious curse that kept happening to him... It completely baffled him and the people around him. Even his father, a genius detective, was unable to figure out what was happening to his thirteen-year-old son. Hell, people kept away from him because they were afraid to be caught up in his unusually strong "corpse magnetism". Just the other day, a boy was afraid to sit next to him for that same reason. The teacher was even sympathetic to the boy's dilemma. It was just ridiculous! They'd accuse him of witchcraft next. He shook his head. He'd get to the bottom of this, someday.

"Mummy," A young boy standing to the side suddenly spoke up, shaking his mother's hand to grab her attention. "Mummy, look! It's the boy again..." He pointed to Shinichi, who flinched.

"He's a bad boy, he did it right?" The boy pointed to the man lying on the floor. His eye twitched again.

The mother glanced at him before quickly averting her eyes. From her horrified expression... she probably recognised him too. "Oh no, don't be silly! He's just a child. Now, now, dear, let's go somewhere else," Cooing to her child, she quickly ushered the boy away.

It didn't seem to stop the little boy, though. "But Mummy, I saw him that time! And that time too! And..."

Shinichi felt a vein burst in his head. Oh yes, he was soooo gonna get to the bottom of this.

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