This is a new story I'm making about Marley and Ryder because I hate Jake. Sorry! It starts out Ryder and Marley are new students and they are about to meet!

Marley just transferred to McKinley High because her mom was the new lunch lady. Ryder just transferred too.

Marley ran to her locker "2999, 3000, 3001, and 3002. She had number 3002.

Ryder ran trying to find his. "Hi do you know where locker 3001 is?

"Yea right here. Hi neighbor hahaha. Marley talked to Ryder for a LONG time and they had the same classes.

"Hey Ryder are you joining any clubs? I'm gonna join Glee Club!

"I'm gonna join football. Ryder hurried up and signed the Glee Club try outs page and the football sign up sheet.

Marley sang "Firework by Katy Perry" for her Glee Club auditions.

Ryder sang "Dream on by Aero Smith" for his Glee club audition.

"Hey Marley I wanted to know if you'd wanna go get some ice cream after school?"

"Sure! Even though it's 40 degrees outside.