Mostly an Eight/Marina story, because I love them. Ship, ship, ship! There might be more than just them in here though, we'll see what happens.

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The first time I see her, I know I'm in trouble. The good kind of trouble, I think. I've never liked a girl before – there hasn't been time for that. But I also know immediately that she's the one for me. Her dark hair falls to her shoulders and her eyes sparkle. She's breathtakingly beautiful.

"I'm Seven, but you can call me Marina." She says and hugs me. I'm taken aback by this warm welcome.

"My Cepan originally named me Joseph, but my name here is Naveen. If you want to get all Loric on me, then yes, you can call me Number Eight." I say, smiling. Finally, I'm not alone anymore.

"Well, nice to meet you, Eight." She says.

I barely notice Six, Ella and Crayton with her. I only have eyes for Marina.


"Eight! Look what I found!" Marina levitates a chest to me. My chest. I teleport to it in disbelief and hug it.

Marina's smiling widely at my excitement. I can't help myself and teleport to her. Our noses are almost touching. I impulsively lean in and kiss her on the mouth. She looks shocked when we break apart and I think I've gone too far. Her cheeks redden and she looks flustered.

"Thank you, Marina. This means the world to me." I say.

"Uh, you're welcome." She says, smiling.


I've been stabbed... by Six? Something's not right. She's not working for the Mogs. She wouldn't turn her back on her own people.

My chest is bleeding rapidly and I'm losing consciousness. I'm vaguely aware of Marina's hands running over my body, trying to heal me, but for some reason it's not working.

"Stay with me, Eight!" She cries frantically.

I try to respond, but I can't. I can feel myself slipping away and I struggle to open my eyes. If I die, I want her face to be the last I see.

Then, something happens. I feel an intense pain in my chest and I realise that Marina's Legacy is working. The pain gets worse, and then the wound shrinks and disappears.

She gives a cry of relief as I sit up, completely healed. She hugs me tightly.

"You need to know... Six tried to..." I have to warn her.

"That wasn't Six. That was Setrakus Ra." Marina says gently. "I don't know how, but it was." She adds, sensing my confusion.

As she starts to get up, she stops and looks deep into my eyes, giving me butterflies. She takes a deep breath and before my dumb brain can register what's happening, she kisses me.

When she sees my dumbfounded look, she laughs.

"Hey, no time like the present, right?" She says, and runs away to join in the battle.

I couldn't agree more.