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I know that this is the final battle. I can feel it.

Everyone is giving it their all, with Nine decapitating Mog after Mog. Six is holding her own, and so is John. Eight is using Carieskinesis to turn the Mogs to ash easily. Ella's even helping, shooting down Mogs with ease.

Me? I'm going after Five. He ran away as the fight began, to his own safety. Setrakus Ra hasn't shown his face yet, but it's only a matter of time.

"So, Marina..." Five's horrible voice says, and I turn, coming face to face with the traitor.

"You... you're a traitor. You tried to trick me." I'm still horrified that I could have killed Eight.

"It's all for the greater good." Five says smoothly. He twists his wrist, and I see the balls in there that make his skin change.

"What is this greater good? Do you even know what the Mogs plan to do? Once they have what they want, they'll kill you!"

Five smirks and shakes his head. "You don't understand, Marina. And that's okay. You will."

"Not likely." The icy feeling takes hold, starting in my toes and working its way up to my face.

Five starts to shiver. "Not this again."

"Oh, this?" I smirk. "Do you remember what I told you I would do if you ever came near me again?"

"You wouldn't hurt one of your own kind."

"You know what?" I breathe out. "You're right; I wouldn't hurt one of my own kind. But you've made it very clear that you're a Mogadorian now. Which means that you're not my kind, right?"

I thrust my hand out, and ice covers Five's feet, keeping him stuck to the ground.

"You asshole," I say, "You're worse than a Mogadorian. You're a traitor and you're scum."

And then I run, as fast as my Superspeed Legacy allows me, safe with the knowledge that Five will be stuck for a while.

The fight is getting hectic. Piles upon piles of ash are on the ground, and everyone is a blur.

I'm scared, but I push the nerves down. I can do this. I can't back down. My family needs me.

Six grins at me. "Finally made it hey, Marina! I'm so –" Her face pales and she slumps forward, and that's when I see the sword protruding out of her back.

"Six!" I scream, and try to run to her.

Mogs block my path left, right and centre but I freeze them without even thinking. I need to get to Six.

John yells in fury and charges, right at the Mogs, so fast that he's a blur. I can't see what he's doing, but it's amazing. He must be Pittacus.

Six is breathing, but from what I can see, she won't last long if I don't get to her.

"Marina!" Eight's eyes are wide. "Duck!"

I don't think, just react, and dive to my left. The Mogadorian sneaking up on me turns to ash. I don't have time to thank Eight, I just run straight to Six.

Six's face is pale and when she coughs, blood dribbles down her face. "Marina... it's no use." She says weakly to me. She squeezes my hand. "You have to win the fight. Go back to Lorien."

A tear trickles down my cheek. "You'll be fine. Just let me heal you."

Six shakes her head. "I'm sorry... there's no time. Tell John..." She breaks off, coughing.

"No. Don't die, Six. Don't let go!" I press my hands to her stomach, and feel that most of her bones are broken. I think she has a punctured lung. I pray for the icy feeling, and try to calm myself.

She smiles slightly. "You'll be fine, Marina... I promise."

"No. I won't let you die. I won't." I say determinedly, and press my hands harder into her stomach. It's still not working. I don't know why – maybe she's too far gone for me to save her. A tear slides down my face as I realise that this is the end for her.

"You have to win this Marina... for me... For Lorien... For the others." Six says, coughing but determined.

"I will." I sob, looking into her eyes.

Six nods and closes her eyes, and that's when it starts to happen. The icy feeling starts in my chest, and works its way around my body.

I hold my breath until I see Six's wound start to slowly disappear and then I sigh in relief. It's not too late.



I look for Marina, and breathe a sigh of relief when I see she is kneeling down, alive. But then I see her kneeling over Six, looking scared, and I panic. Six is hurt? And badly, by the looks of it. I run over.

She looks up at me, her face tear-streaked, but relieved.

"She was almost gone, Eight." She says breathing heavily. "And then it started working."

"Keep healing her." I say. "I'll keep the Mogs away from you. Let's win this fight, and go back to Lorien."

I look around the battlefield. John is killing the Mogs faster than they can appear. Nine yells as he attacks the remaining Mogs with a new ferocity, decapitating them with his pipe staff. Ella's gunning down Mogs from afar and also using her telekinesis to inflict damage on other unsuspecting Mogs.

Marina helps a dazed Six up and hugs her tightly. They'll both be ready to fight in a minute, and then the battle will be won.

And then, Setrakus appears.

"Very nice work, remaining Garde." He says, smiling. It makes me want to throw up. "Although, not good enough, I'm afraid."

John's eyes are full of hate as he lunges towards Setrakus and grabs his throat. Setrakus yells in pain and when John pulls his hand away, there are red burn marks.

I've heard of this, it was something that Reynolds told me about ages ago. Something about Pittacus.

"Reynolds?" I asked. "How will we know who is Pittacus?"

Reynolds smiled and sat down. "Every Cepan was told some information a long time ago, for signs that Pittacus's heir was ready to fight, to win the battle for Lorien."

I could barely contain myself. "And what was it?"

Reynolds smiled. "When Pittacus would touch Setrakus, it would burn him, physically. That was the biggest clue. If you see that, you've found Pittacus. And you can win."

I never remembered that conversation until now, and I know that John is Pittacus and that we're ready to win this fight.

John is Pittacus. And now I know that we're ready. All our training, all our fighting and running; it's finally paid off. We're ready to win and return to Lorien for good.

"For Lorien!" I yell and run at the remaining Mogs.

Using my Carieskinesis, I take down a group of Mogs, turning them to ash where they stand. The air turns cold as Marina uses Cryokinesis to freeze another group of Mogs as the ascend towards us. Wind whips around us and rain pours down as Six controls the weather, while Nine kills Mogs with his pipe staff and Ella guns them down from behind.

John's holding his own. He's a blur as he fights Setrakus, using his Legacies and a dagger. And then, there's an explosion and a lot of dust. I can't see anything, but when the dust clears I gasp. Setrakus is lying on his back, John's sword at his throat.

Setrakus's eyes bulge in anger. "I will never let you win!" He yells. "Never!"

"We're not backing down, not now, not ever!" John growls. "You have taken too much from us, ruined our lives, for what? Genocide doesn't have to happen!"

"It's all for the greater good!" Setrakus yells.

"Greater good?" I yell. "Wiping out an entire race, for what? To be a leader?"

"This is for the greater good." John says, raises his sword.

"I will not let you win!" Setrakus yells.

"Too late." John says, and thrusts his sword into Setrakus's throat.

Black blood spills out everywhere and Setrakus's yells are cut off as he chokes. Marina hugs me close and we watch as John yells in defiance.

There's another explosion, this one bigger than the last. When all the ash clears, John is standing triumphantly with the sword.

"He's gone. We've won." He throws his sword on the ground. "It's over."

In that second, it hits me. We've done it. We've won the war.

We all hug each other, ecstatic. We can go back to Lorien. We can start a normal life. No more running, no more hiding. No more fighting.


I hug Eight close and kiss him. "I love you." I say, grinning.

"I love you too." He says. "Always."

"You realise what this means?" Ella squeals happily. "We can go back! To Lorien!"

"Holy shit. This is really happening." Nine says, grinning.

John kisses Six and Nine whistles.

"What next?" I say, laughing.

"Lorien!" Eight says, and I smile.

After all this time, all of this heartache and hardship, it's time to go home. I remember Adelina with a pang, and know that she would have loved to come back with us. But she would have been so proud to see us now. As would all of the other Cepans. I smile, knowing that after the last twelve years, I can finally relax and be safe.

"What're you thinking about?" Eight says.

"You. Us. Our future on Lorien." I smile and kiss him.

"I can hardly wait." He grins and kisses me back.