Hey it's me! Rai's little sister. Now your probably wondering,'' What the heck is happening!?'' Or something like that. If you didn't know that my brother had a sister this must be a surprise then. Okay so let's meet each other ny name is Bethany and your name is let's just go with Lewis. Okay so I'm going to do a story. The first thing you need to know is why I'm doing this. Okay so here we go I thought I could write a story on Rai's thing anyways I can do some stories while Rai does most of them.(I still think his name should be Tyrone) Anyways I'm just going to do questions.

Questions: Do people like dogs or cats? Okay that's a stupid question. Let's see Jordan wants to know what everybody thinks of the new survival horror game that's coming in 2014 called ''The Evil Within''. Everybody knows who Jordan is right? Anyways next question is has anybody seen the new movie ''Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs 2'' yet? Next question is from my Dad who likes the Steelers? Next question is who likes soccer or baseball or football? Next question is from the one and only Tyrone! Scratch that the one and only Rai! Okay the question is who has a big family or a small family? The answer for our family is we have a big family there is Rai,Bethany(That's me!) Dad, Mom,Liam, and Joshua, Joey, and friends. Who are Jordan(Rai's best friend) Justin(Liam's best friend) Aleah (Bethany's best friend or in other words my best friend!). Then Joshua and Joey are twins and they are 18 months old.(Notice that Aleah and I are the only girls in this family. Excluding Mom.)

If you have any other questions about us or anything else just well ask us! So basically if you want to know us better here's the answer.