Hey guys it's me Bethany! Did you know that rhymes?

It's been a little while since I've updated that's for sure. So Jordie said that i should look up twilight princess sparkle. So I did do that. So it's the purple pony? I don't know. Okay so here are the next episodes

The Mishap : (Halloween Special)

We're going to do more holiday specials. I know a lot of people do that. That doesn't really matter though. I kinda feel that I should list all of them but I'm not going to. This is a very short thing. Should I keep talking or something? Even though I'm not actually talking.

Okay so I thought of something worth while. Or not who knows. Here it is I'm thinking we can do a quote thing. The quote is: '' Your face has seen better days.'' Just to let you know that's an actual quote from real life. It's from Jordan when he was playing gmod. I'm telling the truth really I am. You should've seen that guys face. Also the quote is in the episode ' The Mishap '.

Oh yeah somehow say 'Happy Birthday!' to my brothers friend Justin. Please. I think he's turing eleven. Yeah he's turning eleven.

By see you next time! I think that rhymes.