Escaping the Truth

A/N: This is an Alternate Universe. I have edited the ages a little to make it work with my original idea. I do not own any characters or Final Fantasy 13 itself. Thank you so much and please enjoy.

Chapter 1

I can't see anything…


Where am I?


Mom, dad, where are you?

"Come on…"

I'm scared…


I just want to see your faces, please; I want to know that you are still alive.


I can't keep running away, I want to keep running away, to run away and never face with what I have to do.

"Wake up…"

I need to escape but I can't. Please… I love you and miss you and I just want to be with you again..

"We have to leave.."

Where are we going? Who are you? Your voice is familiar but I'm not sure why you are talking to me.

"This is important, they are coming."

Who is coming? Why are we in a hurry? I want to be safe, and being here is safe, isn't it?

"Please, wake up…"

I can't… I can't wake up. There is darkness everywhere and my body won't wake up! Help me please… Please help me…

"They are at the door, please just get up!"

I'm sorry…

"Do you want to die?"

I want to see my family again…

"Please WAKE UP!"

I'm sorry… I can't…

"Hope, don't forget to grab your homework." Hope looked back at his mom who was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and reading her touch screen in front of her. Hope smile as he ate the last of his toast as he ran back to the table and grabbed his homework. He opened his bag and slid in the papers. His mother looked up from the screen and smiled at him. "You sure are assigned a lot of homework." Hope laughed and nodded.

"Etro forbid I have homework in the upper level classes." Hope smirked as he slid his book bag on and he ran towards the door, stopping to slip his shoes onto his feet.

"Don't be late tonight; your father should be home to have dinner with us." Hope stopped for a second to listen to what she was saying. His father should be home that night. Hope slowly slipped his shoe on all the way and slowly stood up.

"Really?" He asked, his tone was a little dry as he faced away from his mother.

"Yes, he sent me a message this morning. It has been a while since he ate dinner with us. Please don't be late." Hope gave a weak nod and opened the door and stepped outside into the bustling world.

Hope did not have a very good relationship with his father and it wasn't entirely his fault. It is hard to have a relationship with a man who was only ever home for maybe 2 hours a day. Of course that was a bit of an exaggeration, but Hope rarely saw his father each week and would be lucky if he saw him a total of 5 hours in a week. Every time he would see his father he would be reading his reports, drinking coffee or having talks with Nora. He would only ever talk to Hope every now and then about his grades and if they weren't perfect he would be scolded and wouldn't hear a word from his father for almost a month.

Hope hated him.

Hope didn't have strong feelings about people usually, but the feeling he had inside his heart for his father screamed of hate. Hope didn't like that he held this opinion of his father, most of the other students at school who's parent or parents worked for the Sanctum loved them and really enjoyed the time they didn't have to see their parent but Hope couldn't be like that. His mother was always there for him so he felt his father should always be there too.

Hope shook his head as he noticed he was at the school gates. He gave a small smile and he looked at the alabaster colored building that stretched high into the air. He loved coming here, he felt at peace when he was in a learning environment. There was something about knowledge that he thrived for and it was perfectly natural for him to be the top of his class and having skipped a few grades in the process. He was talked about in school about being a prodigy though Hope would always tell them to stop saying things like that. He didn't use his smarts to be better than everyone, he used them to help and that was a feeling he adored.

"Hope!" Hope turned around and noticed his friend Carlton walking towards him, a big goofy look on his face.

"Hey," Hope said, waving. He knew a lot of the kids in school but he only had a few close friends and Carlton was one of them. Hope grinned when he noticed Carlton had to adjust his glasses after being bumped into, a gesture that seemed to happen quite often.

"Did you get all the notes for History? I swear, when you think you know everything there is to know about the War of Transgression you find out another item and it seems like History rewrites itself!" Carlton complained as he shifted his backpack. Hope laughed.

"Yeah, but time travel cannot happen so what you are saying is a slight exaggeration." Hope said calmly as they walked into the building.

"Yeah, I know, but what if it could happen in the future? What if you could jump from time line to time line, how cool would that be?"

"You do know that if you change one thing in the timeline everything changes right?" Hope had thought about time travel but knew that if they found a way to do it, which he highly doubt, it would be in another life time.

Hope slipped into his classroom after waving at Carlton and discussing where they would meet for lunch. He put his bag on his designated hook and slid into his seat. He had his history book out in front of him and began to read ahead. Carlton was right though, every year you learn a new fact about the war and everything becomes more complicated. He smiled though as he read, he loved being about to think and understand about how people and war work. It fascinated him.

The teacher walked into the class and the students became quiet. Hope looked up from the book and noticed that the teacher was not standing up there by himself; a girl was standing next to him. She was already dressed in the school uniform and he could tell she was a little uneasy by the way she was pulling at the baby blue skirt. Her face held a smile as she looked at everyone in the class but Hope could tell there was something behind her green eyes that he couldn't figure out.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new student joining us today. Please introduce yourself."

"Hi, I'm Vanille Dia. I'm from Bodum, please to meet you." Her voice was a bit high but it wasn't annoying. Hope could tell that she was lying though. Hope watched as she smiled at everyone, giving a slight bow. Her accent was nowhere near Bodum, it was from somewhere else and he couldn't pinpoint it. She didn't have an accent he had ever heard and it made him curious about her. Why would she lie about where she was from? It didn't make sense for him.

"Please, take the open seat in the back." stated the teacher. Hope was so focused on his own thoughts that he almost missed her taking the seat next to him. She sat in the seat and clasped her hands together on the desk. He glanced at her and noticed she seemed very nervous. She seemed like a very happy go lucky girl but something was troubling her.

"Don't be nervous," he whispered to her "you will fit in." Vanille looked startled and glanced at him. Their eyes met for a second and in that second Vanille gave him the most genuine smile he had ever seen. Hope looked down at his book and read as the teacher spoke to everyone about the chapter. He wasn't sure why, but her smile startled him and made him feel uneasy but it wasn't an uneasy that was necessarily bad.

He had a feeling that Vanille was going to make an impact on him while she was here…

He didn't know how right he was.