Exhausted, Oh my god anyways I'm doing short stories series, so far based on some Vocaloids I just saw and I really adored the songs. So Yeah there in English and if you want to hear it ill post the link at the end. I'm still sick so I'm back off "My devotion" and "Smash a skull not a guitar" and I don't want to accidentally change the story/ characters so yeah I'm just take request and added it to this story which will be a series of semi-long/very long one-shots. So yes please don't hate me for again doing ANOTHER Story. Though can you blame me?

This chapter is based off of Romeo&Cinderella

JubyPhonic - Romeo&Cinderella (English cover/Original version)

Broken iris - Beautiful girl

Pairing DuncanxCourtney

Genre: Romance/hurt-comfort/tragedy. (Two endings) Happy/ Bad ending

Please excuse my shitty writing and hopefully I didn't make to many typos

"A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life
...with their death bury their parents' strife."
"Wait, I die? OH HELL NO." - Juliet (Juby)

Setting all the words and feelings for you free from me tonight
I'll let them go, but I just know they never were really mine

A year or two after Total drama world tour.

It was snowing and a women wrapped in knitted light brown scarf, while wearing a white shirt a black coat and blue skinny jeans was walking casually down the snow kissed side walk. This women no one seemed to acknowledge, no one seemed to remember, no one seem to know who she was but they would never have guessed she was Courtney from the total drama series. Courtney had walked up to a starbucks wanting to get something warm in her hands, someone tapped her shoulder as she waited in line.

A girl with red hair in low pigtails smiled at her, Courtney blinked recognizing the person on TV not sure where but recognized her " Yes may I help you?" The girl excitedly smiled "Hello I'm Zoey, I was wondering where did you get your scarf? and mittens?" Courtney looked at her matching mittens and smiled softly " I'm sorry I made them myself. Zoey gasped excitedly " Oh my god you look so familiar! Uhm may I ask what your name is?" Courtney nodded " My name is Courtney you might've seen me on-" Zoey eyes widen softly " Y-your from oh my god your from total drama" Courtney nodded again " Yep that's me"

Zoey took in Courtney appearance, she looked snuggled up and comfortable her hair was in a messy bun placed at the top of her head and she was wearing earmuffs. "Next" Zoey was brought out of her train of thought when Courtney was next in line, Courtney bowed slightly " Well see yeah" Courtney continued to go get her order and then like that she left. Zoey stared at the retreating doors of Courtney's body still in shock she met COURTNEY out of everyone, no one knew where Courtney had gone after world tour she seemed to have just vanished off the face of the earth. Zoey was in complete shock until Mike came in " Hey babe did you wait long?" Zoey blinked realizing that Courtney had been left. " Uh no not at all.." Mike leaned down to kiss her " M-mike?" Mike blinked " Yes?" Zoey looked at the door " Do you think people can change?" Mike thought hard " Is this a trick question?'' Zoey laughed at the slight joke " No I mean change" Mike smiled and nodded.

With Courtney who was continuing her journey, Courtney had a set mission and she had been planning this for a long time. Courtney was on a mission to let go, she had been angry at the world for so long, and so blinded by the hurt she felt that she almost missed the best things in life. Luckily her new found best friend Trent had helped her along the way no one would believe it, but Trent and her had more in common then everyone thought there friends even agreed many people thought they should date. Though the two never wanted to take the step for apparent reasons and reasons they feared like losing there friendship. Courtney goals today was finishing paying her rent, and going in that room which was the storage and getting rid of that skull. It's been two years or so and she finally realized he wasn't coming back for her, and she was going to beg for him back. It had come to an end.

Her life without him had become simple, cleaning, working, coffee dates calm and simple the life she always wanted but never thought she could have. Courtney nodded softly to the man handing in her rent money. Courtney sat down looking up at the sky tiredly her feet were freezing " Not a smart idea wherein wedges in the snow.." Courtney smiled softly as the snow fell around her "This peaceful life could always be this way."

Courtney entered her apartment with her mail in hand and saw something that made her blood run cold.

Dear Courtney,

We are proud to say that we are doing an open-call for the new series Total Drama All Star, We would greatly appreciate if you would come to try out for our annual new and improved Total Drama.

P.s You can not bring your lawyers into this Total Drama All star due to peoples complaints if selected.

Courtney rolled her eyes throwing the mail on the table and removing her scarf and mittens. Courtney smiled agreeing with the letter, It was unfair but hey it had to be done right? Wrong. Courtney knew she was a spoiled brat back then and she also knew that was her undoing in everything but she was also grateful it made her what she was today. "Lesson's has been learned" Courtney said out loud to no one really. Courtney had removed all her outter-wear and was removing her shoes, flipping threw the channels and saw on T.V They announcing the people who have been selected for open call.

Dude on TV " Well we have sent the letters out and the one's that have received a letter are the following, Owen, Trent, Heather, Gwen-"

Courtney was about to change the channel at the name he just called but was to interested in who else would be on the show


Courtney saw her picture appear and pointed at the TV with her long manicured red finger nail " So that's where I've seen you! your a new cast member" Courtney was slightly excited now because this season might be good.


Courtney flipped the channel at that, She did not want to be selected and she did not want to go to the open cast call and she also did not want to see her god knows how long photo that's been up there will just call it baby Courtney she agreed turning back to listen to the rest. "Hopefully I didn't miss anyone."

" Sierra, Leshawna, Lindsey, Sam, Mike, Joe, Lightening, Alejandro, Cameron, Scott and that's it for the cast! hopefully will have a very great season!"

Courtney nodded liking so far the cast the only people she didn't want there was herself, Gwen, or Duncan but looking at how it was set up Gwen might be the only one the show. Courtney stretched turning off the TV and making her way to the kitchen she started making two hot-cups of coffee knowingly.

Tap Tap.

Courtney laughed walking to the door and answered it looking at the face of the man that was her best-friend " Yes Trent?" Trent crossed his arms he looked the same besides his goat-tee " Really Courtney?" Courtney walked away from the door allowing Trent to let himself in. Trent was wearing a black and red knitted scarf Courtney made him and his matching black mittens shivering slightly " Man its freezing out there! Courtney did you pay your rent?" Courtney rolled her eyes at the paranoid friend handing him his coffee " Yep and right on time to, I was almost worried I was going to be late again" Courtney had developed a habit of paying things late but she always payed and Trent was there to always remind her to pay it on time. " That's good" Trent sat down at the table removing his wet shoes. "Ah yes so you might know why I'm here ?" Trent asked hesitantly.

Courtney sighed rubbing her temples " Yes and the answer is no." Trent frowned shaking Courtney " Cooomeee on Court! this could be a good thing Closure and you could win the millions WE could win the millions" Courtney smiled liking the idea of being rich, but shook her head removing Trent's hands off her "Nope nope!" Trent frowned and decided to use her weakness " Couuuurrrrtttt come on"

Courtney rolled her eyes at the dumb nickname, Courtney sighed in defeat " Will go check it out and if it doesn't look good we dip out okay?" Trent thought calmly about what she said taking it all in Trent nodded agreeing "But you just cant bail out without giving it a chance." Courtney sighed nodding " Well when's the open-call?" Trent looked at his watch and smirked "In 30 minutes" Courtney's eyes widen and she jumped up re-putting everything on.

Courtney threw on some mascara and put some light black eyeliner on her tight-line "Oh my god Trent we are going to be late!" Trent shrugged agreeing. "Well come on Courtney" Courtney did her messy bun and twirled some of the loose strands in front of her face to make them look wavy and a tad curly "Okay lets go!"

Courtney and Trent sat on the bus tiredly after jogging three blocks in wedges, Courtney rolled her eyes ' City life troubles I guess.' Courtney looked over at Trent and dug in his pocket for his Iphone 4s and put on an earphone, Courtney looked out the window watching the snow fall until she felt Trent's elbow she looked over at him confused and saw him handing her the free earphone, she nodded putting it on and leaned into Trent. " Oh my god its freezing" Courtney snuggled up in her scarf zipping up her hoodie. Trent blinked at Courtney also snuggling up in his hoodie " Well hopefully the building will be warm" Courtney nodded agreeing with Trent and closed her eyes letting the soothing song she come to love played.

'On top the world...beautiful girl..don't fall down cause an angel should never touch..ground'

When reaching upon the building Courtney intertwined her arm in Trent's walking into the building. "Warm Trent? It's hot as hell in here" Courtney grumbled, Trent chuckled removing his mittens and loosing his scarf, Courtney slowly following in asuit " Well lets go see everyone's warm faces."

As Courtney and Trent walked up to the stage together they saw everyone there but Gwen, seem's they weren't the only one's late. Courtney rolled her eyes ' See she had sense why sign up for this stupid thing.' Courtney hate to say it but she wished Trent thought like Gwen when it came to this type of thing.

The Dude that was on TV " Hey! welcome! Well Chris isn't here right now he will be during the show.. we already gone over some things and some of you wont becoming as part of the beginning cast but can come later on in the series so we are going to go threw the list of things that can happen and you will sign a contract and majority rules will decided who will come back."

Leshawna decided to speak up " Woah woah hold up what do you mean majority rules?" The dude on TV nodded " Well the audience will pick who will join this season" Leshawna yelled out angrily " Wait a minute that means guaranteed admission for Courtney!" Courtney rolled her eyes not really in the mood to argue with anyone.

Trent coughed curiously drawing peoples attention and spoke calmly " How is that guarantee admission for Courtney?" Leshawna scoffed " Duh everyone is going to want to see her and Gwen go at it, then throw Duncan in the mix the perfect drama." Trent shrugged as Courtney looked at her confusingly " I don't see them here they always could back out."

Heather stomped angrily " Can we continue please?! give me the pen and paper"

With that everyone started signing the paper, Courtney was up next and looked down at the paper seeing everyone's name and right there after she finished signing she did see Duncan's name. Courtney raised an eyebrow not remembering seeing his face on TV, Courtney shrugged and finished signing. Courtney would never ask out loud but she was curious as to where the two were, and secretly why weren't they coming.

(Where art thou Romeo?)

The dude on TV continued talking as Courtney went to stand next to Trent. "Alright! Well first thing first if you get selected to be on the cast you will get a letter stating when you will be joining and if not you will not be getting a letter it should be in the first three days coming up so-"

"See Gwen told you I knew where I was goin" Courtney froze up and immediately grabbed Trent's arm recognizing the voice anywhere, Trent sighed hearing Gwen voice "That you were Duncan" Trent allowed Courtney to intertwine her arm with his and lean in to his loose scarf.

Duncan and Gwen appeared on the stage hand in hand, Gwen in her normal outfit (How was she not cold?!) and Duncan in longer pants. Courtney watched the Two go over to the dude on tv (really need to give him a name) Courtney watched Duncan and Gwen carefully noticing how they didn't change much and how Duncan looked to chill. 'Speak of the devil..and he sha'll appear.' Courtney giggled to herself drawing attention to her.

Duncan raised an eyebrow at feminine strong giggle thinking the person had to be some sweet new babe, but not oh no it was not some new babe nor sweet in his opinion so he looked at her and glared harshly trying to get a rise out of her quickly. Courtney just blinked and reached her hand in her pocket pulling out her cellphone, then whispered something to Trent. Wait a minute, Trent?! Duncan had to do a double-take they looked warm and comfortable relaxed 'Are they dating? and did she just blank me?!'

Courtney had checked her phone to see what time it was after awkwardly seeing Duncan glare at her. Courtney whispered to Trent " The last bus leave in about two hours." Trent blinked and breaking his gaze at Gwen to look down at her "Shouldn't take that long we just signed the contract so.." Courtney nodded agreeing with him.

Gwen and Duncan turned around to go stand with the rest of the cast Gwen did a quick look over and saw Trent not noticing him and Courtney's arm intertwined, she walked over with Duncan hand in hand and tried to stand right between Courtney and him. Courtney coughed lightly trying to get Gwen attention, Gwen jumped and looked at Courtney " OH I'm so sorry! I didn't even see you there.." Gwen eye's widen at the shock of Courtney and Trent linking arm's. " Oh my I uh yeah.." Gwen was at lost for words and embarrassingly stood next to Courtney with Duncan.

Dude on TV (Damn it his name with be Derek)

Derek coughed in his hand " Alright well we are done here you can re-introduce yourselves to everyone and see how everyone changes and stuff or you can leave" Courtney nodded looking at Trent " What do you want to do?" Trent shrugged.

Courtney let go of his arm as everyone started talking to each other, and fixed her scarf, and mittens zipping up her hoodie. " Well I'm go I'll see you later Trent." Courtney waved bye to Trent before he could agree to come with her, Courtney need to be alone it had been difficult for her to just be there, she didn't realize how hard it would be and she now knew what leshawna meant and she had a right to be mad.

" Hey princess" Duncan smirked shoving his hands in his pockets, Courtney huffed slightly burring her face in her scarf " Hey Duncan." Duncan blinked and looked at her scratching his mowhawk awkwardly " I'm surprised you showed up to this dumb thing" Courtney raised an eyebrow " Surprise surprise, so why did you come?" Duncan smirked " Ah still digging me I see?" Courtney attempted to walk away. " Court I'm sorry" Duncan ran in front of her " I came for Gwen." Courtney nodded " I came for Trent." Duncan blinked " So whats with you and pretty boy?"

Courtney blinked and raised an eyebrow " He's just my best-friend". Duncan laughed grabbing his heart " Owch you hurt me deep princess I thought I was your friend." Courtney smirked " You lost the title" Courtney looked at her phone " I have to go." Duncan blinked and looked back seeing Gwen and Trent talking "Let me walk with you?" Courtney sighed " No thanks."

Duncan grabbed her forearm as she turned " Come on let me buy you coffee? we can catch up?" Courtney blinked and laughed softly " No thanks Duncan did you forget the glare?" And with that Courtney walked away to the bus stop.

Courtney boarded the bus tiredly and looked out the window to watch the snow fall, Courtney was just getting comfortable when the bus stopped. Courtney rolled her eyes realizing someone must have missed the bus, and the person decided to sit right next to her but she was to tired to look today had been emotionally draining.

" You know princess I remember you hating the snow" Courtney smiled softly still looking out the window. " That's because you had to always make stupid snowballs and throw them at me." " Well someone hated to makeout in the snow if I recall."

Wait a minute.

Courtney snapped her neck almost looking over at the person sitting next to her. "DUNCAN?!" Duncan put one finger in his ear " Ah..still loud I see."

I didn't see you right beside me
Just can't believe that I did not see
But aint it funny how we grew up so close

Courtney sighed putting on earphones tunning out Duncan until she reached her stop. "Well excuse me.." Courtney said quietly trying to get around Duncan who stood up right behind her and followed her very closely off the bus. "Duncan should you be worrying about your girlfriend? You did just leave her by herself." Duncan shrugged " Well she has a car and she has keys and she has pretty boy to keep her company."

Courtney huffed cracking her fixing her mittens and earmuffs, Duncan looked down at her and fixed her scarf for her. Courtney moved his hand feeling slightly uncomfortable with her ex-boyfriend, Courtney walked around him to a new's stand and paid for a new's paper. Duncan followed afoot " Really? why not just watch the news?" Courtney looked up from her news paper giving Duncan a blank stare. Duncan raised an eyebrow " You know moving picture's says exactly what your reading?" Courtney puffed her cheeks out trying to hold in a laugh " Really? I didn't know that." Courtney continued walking and reading the new's paper.

Duncan was freezing he wished he had a gloves or something, Courtney walked into a starbucks and he was secretly cheering in his head, Duncan stood inline next to Courtney until two fangirls ran up on them.


Courtney stood there as the girls argued and walked around them casually ordering a coffee. " Second time today" Courtney laughed at the same person gave her, her coffee " Well it's been a tiring day" The guy nodded and Courtney went to sit down.

The girls stared at Courtney. " Oh my god! she totally just ignored us!" "What happened to her?" "She should be yelling at us!" "or or something right?!" They said in unison at the last sentence looking at Duncan. Duncan shrugged walking around ordering a hot chocolate " What can I say she changed .."

Duncan sat infront of Courtney and randomly started laughing . Courtney sighed getting annoyed and looked at Duncan " Whats so funny now" Duncan pointed to the front of the news paper, and Courtney looked at it and blushed now she was getting mad.

Headlines Courtney Verse Gwen for Duncan

Courtney has returned for another series of Total Drama, knowingly or not Gwen and Duncan has also returned for another season of the horrid lands of Total Drama! Courtney of course everyone is excited shes back for vengeance and possibly back to win her ex lover Duncan! Many fans have already token sides on the lover is it Duncgweny! (again I don't know the pairing very well) Or DxC! I for one am excited to see how the evil Courtney rips apart Gwen and Duncan, she is know for her bossy, arrogant attitude and for her manipulative lawyers, Gwen is known for her boyfriend kissing antics and the heartbreaker of loveable pretty boy Trent! Duncan the delinquent that turned this friend's into sworn enemy's is still WITH Gwen as of recently being spotted at a Pizza hut. I wonder who Courtney will destroy first? I wonder if Gwen will give into the hate and release Duncan? Or maybe Duncan will be switching women or keeping both in his dirty delinquent hands!

Courtney eyebrow twitched lightly not finding this funny in the slightest bit Courtney stood up to throw away the news paper. Duncan sighed ''So Courtney? How have you been since yeah know.." Courtney raised an eyebrow " Since you tore out my heart stomped on and left me broken? Oh I been fine" Duncan eyes widen at how calmly she said that, Courtney laughed at his expression " Seriously I been find Duncan I've over it." Duncan nodded not sure to believe her or not.

Courtney and Duncan walked out of the starbucks still talking until a whole bunch of camera's started flashing off, Courtney had pulled her scarf up more to cover her nose and mouth being blinded slightly by the paparazzi " Courtney does Gwen know your with Duncan?" " Duncan who could you live with yourself knowing you broke Courtney's heart?" " How could you do this to Gwen!?" " Courtney do you still love Duncan?" " Courtney are you really back to get revenge?" " Duncan do you still love Courtney?" "Duncan what were you two doing in there together?"

and yet we never could take the leap
Us two together we'd always weather
No matter happiness or terror
I'd know you better than all of the rest then
Never to notice that our hearts had become one
But begging God not to keep us too far to reach from

Duncan grabbed Courtney's hand no knowing what to do an ran for it he ran as fast as he could, Courtney in her wedges was stumbling a bit and running with him she started panting now realizing Duncan wasn't going to slow down and decided to pick up the pace.

She smiled, Courtney started laughing at the rush of the cold air whipping her face, her voicebox felt crisp and everything just happened so fast she didn't know what else to do but laugh, and Duncan laughed hearing her laugh and they continued to run down the snow kissed side walk until they came across a park.

Courtney had slouched over when Duncan sat on the damp swing "Duncan you idiot! we could of just explained why we were together" Duncan began kicking his legs slightly swinging "Well lets be honest princess do they ever listen to what the people say? and they would of twisted our words around plus this choice was much funner." Courtney rolled her eyes " Yeah know we are going to be all over the news and people are going to think something."

Duncan raised an eyebrow " When did you ever worry about what people think?" Courtney sighed blowing in her mittens " Now I'm freezing.." she sighed out quietly. Duncan frowned and stopped swinging and got up to wrap his arms around Courtney " There warm?" Courtney eye's widen and her face started turning red, Duncan smirked " Man either you really dig me still or its freezing."

Courtney growled pushing Duncan, Duncan laughed holding up his hands defensively "Relax I know you don't like me still, I could tell when you ignored me at the open cast" Courtney looked at Duncan at that moment he looked very mature, and she couldn't help but smile " Yeah.." Courtney coughed looking up at sky as the snow began to fall a bit heavier.

Duncan grabbed Courtney's forearm "Lets go catch up."

Courtney was pulled to a park bench and sat next to Duncan, listening to Duncan talk about how boring his life has become since the end of total drama and how he sorta is excited about the start of the new total drama. "What about you Court?" Courtney blinked and shrugged " Not much to talk about, I work in a office as a book editor, I live in a nice size apartment, I hangout with Trent and that's basically it" Duncan frowned as Courtney finished " That sounds much more boring then my life."

Courtney laughed " Yes but that's okay I like boring" Duncan smirked not believing her " Do you really?" Courtney nodded " It's peaceful and look at it from this way I could be harassed on a day to day bases about total drama, or I could enjoy a nice move with my best-friend trent"

Duncan watched Courtney after she finished talking he never took in her appearance, her hair had gotten longer it showed that she was part Hispanic..with the waves and curly strands that snuck out from the bun...her freckles were less noticeable hidden underneath the red feature of a blush from the cold her lips had filled out and become more pouty and he couldn't tell if it was eyeliner or her natural eyes but her eyes look less innocent more mature the innocent look had faded from her face and she didn't look like the girl that stole food with him, she almost look like a total stranger her sense in style had change it was more feminine more soft but mature she looked like someone from an old school classic romance movie or an anime almost. Duncan scoffed ' Prob doesn't even know what anime is'

Courtney blinked realizing Duncan was staring at her and buried her face in her scarf again " What is it? Something on my face?" Duncan came out of his deep thought looking at her and smirked " Yeah let me get it" Duncan pulled her scarf down lightly and towered over her, Courtney's eyes widen slightly as she looked up at Duncan, Duncan had some look in his eye that she recognized but couldn't remember what was the meaning behind the look...did she forget? or did she not want to remember? Courtney winced lightly as she felt Duncan's cold thumb brush against her cheek she shivered lightly at the contact and looked at Duncan who smirked " You had a snow flake on your cheek" Duncan had removed the snowflake but it had soon melt before she had a chance to look at it.

Courtney smiled nodding " Thanks" Duncan looked at her nodding, Courtney opened her mouth to start up another conversation "So what do you think this season is going to be like-" Duncan cut her off frantically " Courtney don't thank me yet" Courtney blinked turning to face him " Wh-" Duncan placed his cold lips against her's and Courtney's heart fluttered softly, She felt warm she felt like this was familiar in her peaceful life this could be what was missing..

Towers to climb I wait here for you
Changing into people who may never meet again
And they just say all the same things trying to protect me
"Oh how she runs away, so cute"
They never see the real me, the Cinderella

Duncan heart was beating fast when he pulled back, Courtney's eyes had opened so slowly he felt like time stopped around them..it wasn't cold..the snow hasn't fell everything was peaceful not boring not easy but peaceful..That was before

Courtney stood up startling him abit, and began to walk away. Duncan reached for her hand. " Courtney wait we have to ta-"

Courtney had other plans, Courtney pulled out of Duncan's grasp and ran for it she ran as fast her wedges could carry her not even realizing..her mitten was lost in the process.. Duncan was about to chase after her until his phone went off, he answered his android and heard Gwen "Duncan where are you? Whatever the news said isn't true by the way me and Trent just went out to lunch" Duncan nodded looking in the direction where Courtney had run off to " Ditto" "Where are you I'll come get you." Duncan sighed into the phone " I'm off RickLane at the park?" The response he got he wasn't expecting. "You mean the park where you and Courtney had a picnic?" Duncan looked around confused and realized it was the park, it look completely different with the snow on the ground like a cold barren winter wonderland.. "yeah that's on the one.." Duncan walked up to a tree and with cold hand rubbed a spot that had been scratched out a little. "DxC Forever.." Had been written there and you could still see the DxC part but the forever looked as if someone took and chewed off the missing "for"

Courtney sprinted threw the city running away from paparazzi, fans, Duncan, herself she just sprinted she wanted to get away she wanted to forget everything she wanted to leave the past where it was in the past, she couldn't believe what just happened. Courtney tripped over a crack in the sidewalk landing in the snow she laid there for a few minute's watch the snow fall around her and she panted, it had gotten so cold you could see her breath.. Courtney lifted her handed to the sky and blinked realizing " Where is my mitten?"

Courtney sat up forgetting he was running for her life looking around for her mitten that she must have dropped while she was franticly running " Damnit Duncan.." Courtney sighed getting up as she realized people were walking around her and she began the cold walk back to her apartment.

As Courtney entered the apartment she put her one glove in a box an wrote on a sticky note 'Don't forget to make another matching pair of light brown mittens" Courtney removed her scarf and also put it in the box and placed it on top of her coat closet, she pulled down a white scarf, with white mittens and matching earmuffs and her red coat laying it down on the table chair for easy access and closed her closet up.

Courtney opened her phone to check the time and realized that Trent hasn't called, Courtney shrugged continuing her way to the coffee maker and made some Tea. 'I had enough coffee for one day thank you.'

Courtney finished making the Tea turning on the TV walking around cleaning up a bit.

Derek" From what I saw I thought Courtney and Trent were together! They came in there matching looking all cute together but then next thing BAM Courtney leaving with Duncan and Trent left with Gwen EPIC right!? I have high hopes for this season and with what I just saw Total DRAMAA"

Paparazzi women Tiffany "Well from what we gathered today, Trent and Gwen had 'brunch' so the restaurant owner said together and basically caught up but from what he could see Gwen was all over Trent casual touching of his arm and hand he even let her listen to music and sung to her at the table it was romantic he said! if they weren't so young he would think he was about to propose."

Derek nodded listening to what Tiffany said " I can see that when they were alone Gwen couldn't stop hugging him and locking arms with him she even asked him about Courtney!"

Tiffany " WHAT DID HE SAY?!"

Derek smirked " OHHH didn't get that did you? well neither did I cause he laughed it off! meaning there is something there or nothing there am I right"

Tiffany nodded agreeing and smirked " OH but Duncan and Courtney was HOT up in the kitchen, they sat next to each other on the bus and for most part was "quiet ride" But when they got off you could see Duncan's protective clingy nature come out again just like on Total drama when he was fighting for his "princess" heart against

Tiffany Derek both yelled out at the same time " JUSTIN"

Tiffany and Derek started getting to excited and yelling things Courtney couldn't pick up so she crossed her legs sitting on the couch sipping her tea. Tiffany continued " Mmhm! not only that but they were caught laughing and smiling while having coffee together then they had a romantic getaway run away from the paparazii it was perfect! like Romeo and Juliet! when they ran away together I would of ran after them myself but I don't have Courtney's talents."

Derek raised an eyebrow " What do you mean?"

Tiffany laughed " Well a fan took a picture of Courtney sprinting for her life running down the side walk with HEELS ON in the snow looks like our little Cinderella was making a quick break for it and was not slowing down for no one!"


Tiffany frowned " Sadly no we did-"

Courtney had clicked the TV off, she stretched trying to forget everything that happened and went to her bed changing into shorts and sweater and socks and climbed into bed sleeply 'Today was the worst day ever' Courtney tried to fall asleep

but memories just floaded back..invading her dreams..

And once upon a true love that was long long ago
Burning bright as a flame that we would soon let blow
Now l'm left all alone, slowly watching you go
And broken Juliet, she cried

It had been a few days since the incident and she stayed in her room wanting to avoid the paparazzi, since she was selected to go on the show and her bestfriend wasn't Courtney sighed brushing her hair as she her knocking on the door. "Come in! It's unlocked." Courtney called out letting her hair fall down to her lower back as she walked to the living room. In the living stood Trent holding an extra coffee. "Well Courtney guess what?"

Courtney sat on the couch reaching for her coffee " First COFFEEEE" Courtney giggled excitedly, Trent shook his head handing her the coffee his best-friend was obsessed but hey what could yeah do he took a seat next to her as she crossed her legs happily sipping the coffee " Okay shoot" Trent smiled at her " I'm a guest member! I'll becoming later on the season but shh its a secret" Courtney cheered excited " That's great!"

Trent nodded looking at her carefully " Now you tell me a secret." Courtney blinked looking at him and sipped her coffee " Secret? Uh..hm.." Courtney thought hard not knowing any secrets at the moment. Trent shook his head " Never mind Courtney why are they calling you Cinderella ?" Courtney rolled her eyes " Maybe the C thing? yeah know Courtney? Cinderella? or the fact I ran away like she did" Courtney shrugged not really wanting remember the godforsaken nickname.

Trent nodded and ran a hand threw his hair looking at the ceiling, Courtney looked at him and frowned knowing something was eatin him " Okay Trent whats wrong?" Trent closed his eyes" Hm?" Courtney rolled her eyes " The Coffee? The secrets? The nickname? " Trent sighed " I wanted to know why you ran...?"

Courtney blushed and mumbled "Ugh..stupid Duncan." Trent eyes widen " Hm? Duncan?" Courtney sighed " Don't tell anyone...but..Duncan kissed me" Trent's eyes widen "That's not good Courtney." Courtney coughed choking on her coffee " Tell me about it.."

Trent shook his head " NO no Gwen is celebrating there anniversary together she brought expensive looking promise rings! well my opinion they look like engagement rings" Courtney shrugged " Hows that my problem? Congrats to the happy couple" Courtney rolled her eyes getting a bit annoyed at the conversation. Trent sighed " Courtney I think it's a best idea if you go talk to Duncan or possibly Gwen."

Courtney gave him a look of are you shitting me " Like hell am I talking to Gwen and why would I talk to Duncan?"

"Because obviously there is something still there between you two and you two need to go fix it before Gwen gets hurt" Trent huffed out, while Courtney gave him a blank look " Don't tell me your in love with her again." Trent shook his head " No I just don't want to see another broken girl by Duncan, Courtney you looked a mess before I hate to see another girl like that."

Courtney was now irritated did he not realize she was also apart of the breaking me? "Then close your eyes! What me and Duncan was a long time ago! I've accepted the fact he isn't coming back that kiss was a mistake why is it when I don't even do anything I'm still blamed?! The show hasn't even started and drama already is invading my life?!''

Trent knew before he came he was opening up a can of worms that would not be easily shut but he had to open Courtney up and he had to get Courtney to talk to Duncan it was the only way. " No one is blaming you, I'm just saying don't you want closure? Don't you want to know why he kissed you?"

Courtney curled up with her coffee in hand " No like I said it was a long time ago and the kiss was a mistake-"

Trent sighed " What if he couldn't find you? Maybe that's why he looked"

Courtney slid on some skinny jeans black boots and a white shirt and threw on her red coat and white scarf mittens and earmuffs. "Courtney come on where are you going?" Courtney grumbled " I ran out of coffee.." Courtney opened the door and spoke with a broken voice " If he really couldn't find me he wouldn't have still been with her let it go Trent."

With that Courtney left, Trent sighed rubbing his hand threw his hair 'Coffee-aholic..' Trent looked up and looked at the table and touched the coffee cup, he looked at the door in shock.

The coffee was half full..

Courtney walked the streets kicking the thick snow on the ground, Courtney walked to the starbucks wanting to get some fresh air and as she approached the coffee shop she saw Gwen and Duncan walking out of the coffee shop.

Gwen gasped and smiled awkwardly " Hey Courtney." Courtney blinked and nodded at her about to walk around until Duncan cut her off "So what brings you around here?" Duncan smirked at her which Courtney sighed " Coffee obviously." Duncan nodded slightly embarrassed as Gwen smiled " Oh how about we join you!"

Courtney looked away " Uh no thanks..I was just going to take it an-"

Courtney blinked and for some reason she was sitting across the two love-bird awkwardly sipping her coffee she hated being around them when they were together, wait- scratch that around them period how dare they act like they didn't do her dirty? Courtney was ready to go hulk on the two and smash there faces into the table but instead she smiled she would prove today she had self control.

"Gwen want anything?" Duncan asked Gwen kissing her forehead, Gwen nodded " A brownie?" Duncan nodded winking at her "Gotcha" Duncan got up to go get the brownie for her, Gwen leaned forward on the table and looked at Courtney desperately " Courtney uhm..Can I ask you something?" Courtney bit back and growl and nodded " mmhm.."

Gwen showed her the box of rings, Courtney's eyes widen they were beautiful...they looked like engagement rings.

Courtney blinked and looked up slightly trying to figure out where she heard that before but shook the thought out of her head, and tried to lighten the mood "Gwen I'm honored but I don't think they legalized that here yet" Gwen smiled slightly not knowing to laugh or not because this was batshit crazy Courtney.

" Is it to much?" Gwen asked softly, Courtney shook her head "If its from the heart it shouldn't be.."

and with that

Gwen and Duncan got up a few minutes later, Gwen hugged Courtney tightly and they left..leaving Courtney there by herself, before Courtney knew it she was crying..she was crying and she couldnt stop, the tears fell freely from her eyes and she stood up leaving the coffee shop alone.

Hey, thinking back, do you ever remember the past?
We were young and you promised "that" which never lasts
It was you, no one else, it was me, no one else

Courtney found herself walking to the park and sitting down on the bench she stared at the cloudly sky, the snow had stopped falling but dosent mean it was not as cold her tear stained face had been dryed up and she was ready for a nap, but as Trent would say " That would be considered depression"
"What would?" Courtney jumped realizing she wasn't lone and who was there was Duncan.

"Courtney..so..Trent called" Courtney glared angrily at him which Duncan was all to familiar with actually felt more comfortable with that look on her face then the ones he been seeing. " We need to talk."

Courtney sighed " There is nothing to talk about Duncan so don't sweat it I'll talk to Trent and we can pretend nothing happened." Courtney stood up just to be faced with a towering Duncan " Princess please can we talk?"

Courtney shook her head and realized she forgot to put her hair in a pony-tail " No no no talking is bad when it comes to us an bad is never good or do you not remember?"

Courtney walked around Duncan, just for him to stop her and glare down at her " I remember everything Courtney so why can we talk!" Duncan realized the only way to open Courtney up was to get a rise out of her. Courtney stomped her foot " You tore out my heart you don't get to be mad!" Duncan pointed at her trying to make himself get mad so he can give her a fight they been longing for " I wouldn't have done it if you didn't try to change me!"

Courtney eyes widen not believing what she just heard " You selfish bitch! Even after all the shit you put me threw it was always you! and me regardless of what went down and what happened I always picked you always!"


"Wait what! Justin should be leaving not Duncan"

" Well the choice is obvious it's Duncan I mean team goffers.."

Flashback ends

Courtney shook head ignore the burning tears the threaten to fall "And you end up bring in some other chick? Some other girl? not even that a person? even after denying your feelings for her you brought her into our circle?" Duncan was ready to give in but he needed more answers " You pushed me to her! You pushed me way past my limits Court!" "You didn't push mines? You pushed me into the arms of of JUSTIN and ALEJANDRO but in the end who did I pick? Who did I want to be with?! It was you always you this was always about me and you now guess what? it's no longer about me and you. Its about me and you and FUCKING GWEN"

Courtney huffed out now her eyes were blood shot from holding in tears, Duncan showed signs of weakness when he looked at her sadly and with any animal when you show signs of weakness your destroyed.

Courtney kneed him in the nuts twice and walked away, "Go away Duncan there is nothing and will never be anything for us to talk about not now not ever!"

And yet the story is at it's end and curtains fall
Ridden me of all the past that I knew never lasted
But I am begging you don't let it end

Courtney looked back at Duncan " See you on Total Drama."

Duncan stood up holding his nuts with tear filled eyes " Courtney! Wait!"

Duncan couldnt chase after Courtney cold air plus getting kneed was never a good sign Duncan layed there holding his nuts tragically..' Damn her.'

Duncan came home to his small apartment with Gwen, who wasn't home..Duncan turned on the TV and saw the on seasons of Total Drama he smiled and laughed at everything that happened..between him and Courtney

Courtney: (yells) Let's go get that million dollars! Yes! (kisses Duncan)
Duncan: Looks like someone got their mojo back!
Courtney: Shut up and follow me. We've got a suitcase to find!
Duncan: Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

Duncan: You think Courtney might be looking at the stars now?

Duncan: Afternoon, ma'am. That's a great set of legs you got there, but right now I'd like to focus on those lovely hands of yours. I need them to start filling this pillowcase with cash.
Courtney: Anything else I can do for you today, (Pulls off wig) Duncan?
(Duncan squeaks and then faints)

Duncan: Hey Courtney! Maybe you'll get to see more than just the back of me when the teams merge.
Courtney: At this point, I take it!

Duncan: Nothing grips my wheel more than a chick with a furious spin-heel-flying jump kick. After that mixed martial arts display, Courtney shot way up on my "you're all right" meter.

Duncan: If I were a wolf I'd howl... oh what the heck. (Howls)

Courtney: What do you want?
Duncan: I just came by to tell you that I'm sorry for scaring you.
Courtney: I was not scared! It was completely circumstantial, and besides, there's no such thing as a "hook man".
Duncan: Hmm. You're probably right... OR ARE YOU?!
Courtney: (screams) Ugh. I hate you!
Duncan: She so doesn't hate me.

Duncan: You're insane, you know that?!
Courtney: And you... are a MONSTER!
(they glare at each other, but their mood begins to lighten and they suddenly start making out passionately)

Courtney: (runs up and hugs him) We're rich!
Duncan: Whoa-ho-ho-ho, not so fast, sister. Who said I'd share anything with you?
Courtney: (kisses Duncan, who subsequently looks content) Every king needs a queen.
Duncan: "King", huh? That doesn't sound so terrible... (they continue kissing)

Courtney: Now what?
Duncan: You wanna make out?

Duncan: What can I say? The girl can't keep her antlers off me.

Courtney: -Knee's Duncan aggressively in the nuts-

(Got this from a site so yeah...laziness kicked in)

Duncan heard keys fumbling and changed the channel to MTV2, Gwen came in smiling " Hey babe what are you doing." Duncan coughed smiling "Music..where were you?" Gwen smiled softly "Getting dinner" Gwen shook a bag of Chinese food.

Duncan smirked " Oh snap Chinese tonight what did I do to make you happy?"

Duncan kissed Gwen and smelled something strong but ignored it.

(You are my one Romeo)

Courtney turned on a light in the storage room and went threw some stuff..until she came across a box, the box had pictures, movie tickets, stuffed animal, and lastly the skull.. Courtney touched her arm softly wincing remembering the tattoo she got with Duncan.." This was the worst idea ever."

Courtney went threw everything in the box and smiled and frowned and cried..and laughed and then she heard knocking on the door.

Trent came in and smiled down at Courtney "So you two talked?" Courtney nodded and took a deep breath " You were right." Courtney held up a picture to Trent " This is our first picture together." Trent's eyes widen " All this stuff? You saved?" Courtney nodded " Yep wasn't just the skull..it was everything." Trent nodded and took the picture and frowned. " So many things..what are these?" Courtney looked at what he pulled out of the box and laughed " Me and Duncan..use to watch our moments together all the time so we recorded it save the trouble of searching threw every season together" Trent nodded and sighed rubbing his hand threw his hair " Courtney what does this mean? I mean you going threw this stuff?"

Courtney smiled taking one of the tapes from him and got off the couch she carefully blew off the VCR and placed the tape inside " Watch this one with me.." Courtney got up only to be stopped by Trent, Trent sat down next to Courtney on the floor both leaning on the couch to watch the tape

C:Hey! Get back here! No one is stealing the money that I stole!
D: I love that woman.

D: Wanna get out of here and grab a bite to eat?
C: I dont usually eat with losers.
D:Niether did I, but I asked you didnt I?

C: Dont eat it! Block it! Play dirtier!
C: What?!
D: I like when you talk like that.
D: *Laughs* Quit trying to make out with me!
C: Ew, ew, you were cuddling me!
D: I was clamly laying on my back, YOU were cuddling me.
C:You are such an ogre.
D:I've been called worse.
D: Finally! I may not file away everybodies stupid details, but I do know a thing or two about Courtney.

By the end of each short/ long moment in the movie Courtney was already in tears and smiling, Trent didn't know what to do for he never seen this side of Courtney " Courtney? are you okay?" Courtney took a deep breath and looked at Trent " It means i'm ready to let go."

"How good for you, I always knew the two of you would be looking oh so cute as you do"
I never meant a word and you know it too,
But I'll still just smile and nod

Lindsey stopped to talk to Courtney " I think he wants you to yell at him for old time's sake." Courtney frowned and shook her head as Duncan continued to yell for Courtney to acknowledge him. " Whats the point? He's a bad boy it would have never worked plus its obvious they look good together, I mean I thought Gwen was my friend..last time I make that mistake." Courtney nodded agreeing with herself.

Gwen didn't know what happened, before the show started Courtney seemed to be okay even gave her advice to go for it, now Courtney keeps glaring at her.. it all started with that damn phone call.


"Gwen it's Courtney."

"Oh hey Cour-"

"Save it, look I'm coming back to the season to win nothing more I also wanted to apologize for giving you the impression we were still cool truth is we are not I don't respect what you did, nor do I like the fact that you won't admit what you did was wrong."

"But you two weren't together!"

"If that's what you think then that's what you think but be warned I'm coming back to win all or nothing you got it?"

Before Gwen could answer Courtney had hung up little did she know Courtney, had decided with Trent to burn the bridges with Gwen long time ago. She didn't mind Trent being friends with her but Courtney was just to filled with hate and betrayal to, and Trent realized it when Courtney couldnt watch world tour but she could watch everything else.

Flashback ended

Duncan was also confused because he received a similar call but didn't tell Gwen..


" Duncan?"


"Duncan please don't talk to me no more.."

flashback ended

Duncan tried calling, even tried going to the starbucks but when he asked the people they told him Courtney hasn't been there for weeks..When he tried to call the phone number had already been changed it was like she was planning this and he didn't understand why, things were going smooth they were becoming friends hopefully more..

Duncan shoved his hands in pockets angrily.

The two together you saved from weather
She holds the dog you went to get her
I know that feeling, know it well

Courtney watched as Duncan panicked when the shark appeared for Gwen, Courtney frowned remembering when Duncan would protect her..She remembered when Duncan was also very understanding when she could jump in the jello. Courtney shook her head and allowed ignoring the feeling and everything that came with it.

"I wont lose this time.." Courtney mind was clear she knew what was wrong, she knew she shouldn't have signed up, she knew she shouldn't have gotten closure because that closure made her exactly what the news people said.

In there eyes Courtney was the perfect Cinderella, Courtney avoided the conversations about Duncan and Gwen, she glared at Gwen from a far she ran when ever Duncan cornered her alone, Courtney just had to hold out long enough to win that was the goal. Courtney was going to let anyone or anything stop her

Never did I notice that then I just can't be her
And underneath all the smiles, lives a very vile
Girl changing fate like poison daggers

Courtney saw everything but said nothing, Courtney had let go of everything and regretted nothing. Courtney could see why Duncan would date Gwen they had a lot in common and being able to watch it up close and person threw glaring eyes hurt but she knew they were meant to be everything went smoothly everything was set in motion, they didn't have to try.

Gwen complained to Duncan " Duncan she's glaring at me again cant you get her to stop?!" Duncan frowned " I love to but I'm blanking her like shes blanking me so no can do, but tell me if you catch her looking my way"

Courtney and Duncan it was different everything clashed everything was hectic and out of this world..but maybe that's what made them so..

Cutting deep and taking me from pages left to write
But can't complain knowing I am always keeping quietly
I continue hating her to death
Oh god have I become the monster in this fairy tale?

Courtney's eyes widen as she was put on team villain, Courtney couldnt believe this did she really become evil? After everything she told herself? After everything Trent and her went over? One mistake and she becomes a.

Courtney winced realizing what she was repeating.. 'Yes Courtney you used someone to stay in the game you are evil enough to be on team villain doesn't mean you're evil enough to betray a friend..Courtney nodded to herself taking in everything, and calmly walked over to team villain.

Duncan smirked looking down at Courtney " HA now you gotta stop blanking me and admit I exist " Courtney growled out " Yea you exist..So what" Courtney growled out getting annoyed with Duncan trying to talk to her, Did he realize how much she wanted to stop talking to him? Did he not answer the phone and hear what she had to say?

Courtney walked away and accidently punted a pile of leeches on Gwen, her eyes widen and at the point everyone saw Courtney for the monster she tried to hide..

And never knowing anything but the fear and pain
Thinking over you again like I had knifed my brain
Turn it all back around, so I'd never had found
That cursed love was in my heart

Courtney was tired she had been hanging around Scott, and Scott had so kindly mentioned that she had called him Duncan on numerous occasions, Scott smirked " So toots you fallen for me now?" Courtney laughed pushing Scott " Right you wish" Scott touched his heart " OH you wounded me" Courtney eyed him " Right right Dun- Scott right" Scott smirked and hugged Courtney from behind " Aww come you can tell me partner."

Courtney looked Scott up and down and sneered " Nah you wouldn't understand" Scott smirked " Try me." Courtney laughed " You mean trust you" She replied sarcastically. Scott sat down on the stairs to the cabin " Tomatoe tomato" Scott replied just as sarcastically. Courtney sighed " Long story short every where I look on this dumb island I remember things of me and Duncan" Scott frowned " Ouch hun that gotta be hard want me to eliminate you?"

Courtney laughed " Oh please then you'd be all alone un supervised not happening."

Duncan was watching the scene of the two, Gwen touched his arm softly "Babe you okay?" Duncan nodded putting his hands in his pocket and walked away.

We made a vow never caring what others would think
So we hid and we loved but gone when I had blinked
I don't want you to leave so I just won't believe
That I'm the tragedy Juliet who dies of love
Ridden me of all the things, so I can finally drink
And just forget how I loved you so deep

Geoff was hosting the new show as always "Woah dudes! wasnt this a interesting season Courtney didn't try to kill anyone! but she did do something.." Everyone's eyes widen waiting in anticipation, Courtney was a bit nervous because she wasnt sure what she did.

Geoff played a scene back

"DUNCAN" Courtney yelled as a bucket of water fell on her from the infamous prankster Scott, Scott raised an eyebrow " Duncan? Really? Come on now toots I'm pulling off amazing pranks and all you can say is Duncan?" Courtney rolled her eyes "Sorry just something he would do."

Everyone looked at Courtney who blushed " Reflex" Geoff eyed Courtney " OH come on Court tell us is there something going on with you and Scott? Maybe Duncan?!"

Another clip played and Courtney was laying on Scott's chest and Scott was creasing her hair instinctually, Courtney was mumbling something but as the volume was raised on the TV "Duncan..how could you..? me and you.."

Another clip played of Scott and Courtney getting drunk and laughing around the campfire while Trent also Drunk played his guitar.

"really?Drinking guys ? NO ONE INVITED ME TO THE PARTY" Geoff yelled out laughing while Courtney smiled " Hey somethings just happen, but seriously I'm over it I'm happy for them and stuff" Courtney shrugged .

Geoff didn't know if she was lieing to everyone or herself but she was diffently lieing " You know Courtney you still could admit what you want to say I mean no one's going to like judge you dudette"

Courtney glared harshly " I have nothing to say!"

Looking back into your eyes
I see that you are blinded by a whole new love
It's her love
"You're the only friend I've had"
"And I've been just so glad"
Please stop or this get's bad
He's smiling!
Don't you know that's what I never wanted you to say?

Courtney stared at the scene in front of her eyes her eye's burned with tears that threaten to fall but the smile on her face hid everything she was feeling inside.

Gwen was sitting next to Duncan and pulled out a black case they held a small diamond ring in it, Duncan laughed " arint the guys suppose to do this pasty?" Gwen rolled her eyes " Oh shut up you these are promise rings." Duncan raised an eyebrow 'Looks like engagement rings' "Oh cool then." Duncan took one of the rings and put it on his ring finger. " SO no like what we are promised to each other?" Duncan asked confused. Gwen nodded excitedly " I wanted to wait for the perfect time to give this to you."

Duncan looked at the side of his eyes at Courtney who had a smile on her face the whole time and he sighed " Yeah ? this is perfect..thanks" Geoff barked out " WOHOOOO ROMEO" Duncan blushed at the nickname.

Later on the evening Courtney had gotten up and left without a word, not a word to Scott not a word to Trent everyone was having such a good time she couldnt ruin it for them, plus this is what Cinderella does she gets up and she leaves...she doesn't give no flashy announcement she doesn't do anything she just leaves.

When Trent and Scott found out Courtney had left the party they went after her immediately and came to her apartment, when they got there they found a box on a floor with a note on top of it, and two other notes.

Trent recognized the box immediately while Scott didn't " This the DxC box.." Scott opened it confused as to what Trent had just said and saw what he meant..everything in it was filled to the brim about the couple.

Trent leaned against the wall reading a letter.

Dear Trent,

You are an amazing best-friend you and Scott, please look out for him.

I hate to see him go down a road that Duncan is still running on

Trent I'm glad you made me go on the show, please do not regret it and I'm glad you found closure

Didn't think I'd find out? It was never about me was it..It was about you wanting to spend your final time's with Gwen..

But you didn't want to do it alone, please don't sweat it because I to also spent my final times with three amazing guys

I hope you got everything out you wanted to say to Gwen..and I hope everything works out for you.

It was a lot harder then I thought it would be..yeah know watching Duncan and Gwen like that but it got easier it always gets easier right?

Trent when I told you I let go I really did let go..that box promise me? Promise me you'll hold on to that box and never let it go.

That box is the last of my memories of me and him and though I don't mind releasing them, I'd like to think someone has good memories of me and him.

He would never understand this but my love for him is a rare one..one that's so destructive, so lonely that only a true Cinderella could bare it.

Trent I left a letter in the box for Duncan, please give him the letter, and please look out for Scott...I'd hate to lose him to.

P.s. look on the kitchen counter.

Trent was crying and wasn't even trying to hide it, Scott looked at the letter and punched the wall angrily ' I trust her..I trusted her and she abandon me with mister highschool musical boy?!' Scott read the letter carefully..it almost sounded like Courtney wanted not only Trent to look out for Scott, but Scott to look out for Trent..Scott looked at Trent and saw him sobbing against the wall.

Trent was embarrassed he was ashamed..Courtney was right..Trent wanted so desperately to try and rekindle what him and Gwen had, he hoped that if Courtney and Duncan talked it would rekindle the love she wanted but never would admit..he hoped that Courtney could finally be happy, he never thought about what if she was happy? what if she was better off without Duncan? But no he had been so selfish so desperate for Gwen, and Courtney happiness that he ignored the signs that she was planning to leave..that she was planning to erase everything from memory..and there was a price to pay..Trent wanted Courtney's happiness..but now he gets to keep her sadness.. what she kept locked away he gets to be the keeper now..

Trent walked to the kitchen and what he saw finally made him black out..

A few months later.

Scott and Trent were knocking on the door of Duncan and Gwen's new apartment it had taken them a few days but they finally found them. Duncan sighed walking up to the door and saw Scott and Trent, Duncan smirked " Hey pretty boys you looking for Gwen?" Gwen came to the door blinked " Hey Trent whats up?" Trent nodded " Hey Gwen can we go talk?" Gwen nodded slipping on her boots " Yeah uh sure is something wrong?" Trent shook his head " No no I actually had a question I wanted to ask you its kinda embarrassing."

With that they left, Duncan was going to shut the door till Scott foot blocked the door "Duncan." Duncan smirked knowingly " You guys didn't come for Gwen did you" "Nope" "This is about Courtney isn't it? Well I have seen her." Scott slid a letter to Duncan and removed his foot " Don't worry none of us have." Scott replied, Duncans eyes widen " What do you mean by that? What happened to her?!" Scott looked at Duncan " Cinderella has fled" Duncan ripped open the letter " You guys didn't read the letter?" Scott was walking away " Nope"

Hello Neanderthal

It must have a been awhile since you saw this right? Well..hm..I don't know what to say.

Oh I know congrats Duncan I know you very well, and I wanted to say sorry to you and sorry for what I'm about to say

It is to late that I said this but it sucks it really sucks but-

Duncan jumped not finishing the letter as someone knocked on the door, Trent had a box in his arm Trent looked a hot mess now that Duncan got a good look at him he looked sleep deprived. Trent sighed and handed the box to Duncan " I can't hold on to this anymore please hold on to this for Courtney." Duncan looked at him " Dude what is this" "ITS YOUR SHIT" Duncan jumped at Trent's out brust, and Trent rubbed his temples " I can't deal with this okay? I have to find Courtney I don't know where she is or where she is I just know what thing this cursed box is evil and it's fucking with my mind"

Duncan opened the box but once he opened it Trent sprinted away..

And once upon a true love that was long long ago
Burning bright as a flame that we would soon let blow
Now l'm left all alone, slowly watching you go
and broken Juliet, she cried

Duncan saw everything in there, everything was about him an Courtney and he knew at the point in time..he really-

Duncan jumped remembering the letter and he looked for it he didn't know where the hell the letter was but he lost it, Duncan looked in the box and knew he had to hide this from Gwen..if Gwen was to see it things.. wait..why would he need to hide this..?

Gwen came inside the house and looked for Duncan and saw him sitting in front of a box going in it. "D-Duncan whats all this?" Duncan frowned " This box..well first of Courtney vanished..again, this time no one knows where she is, secondly this is a box of our old stuff." Gwen frowned " Well what do you want to do with." Duncan sighed " I want to hold on to it just in case she comes back for it.."

Gwen frowned " So you want her to come back for it?"

Duncan sighed nodding "That I do."

Gwen looked at her ring and then touched Duncan's cheeks and kissed him deeply " Duncan..you do know Romeo chased after Juliet right?"

Duncan blinked..while Gwen smiled softly

Hey, thinking back, do you ever remember the past?
We were young and you promised "that" which never lasts
It was you, no one else, it was me, no one else
So please I beg don't let it end

Two years later.

It was winter and the ground was covered in a bed of snow, a man was dress in a black shirt with a skull on it with a yellow under-shirt and long blue jeans with red chucks. Everyone knew him from his signature green mowhawk, and piercings many females wanted him since the last show of Total Drama he had become the new romeo and that was his nickname from then on a lot of fans were even more angry because no one knew why but Gwen and him decided to split up, then he vanished. A lot of fans expected him and Courtney to get together sadly so did he..but no matter where he looked he could never find her.

Duncan was tired he finally stopped searching for Courtney so recklessly he nearly got into several accidents, lost on numerous occasions and jumped about 100 times he couldnt find her. No matter how hard he searched.

Duncan finally made a living in a small town in Canada, get back to his roots he was a mechanic getting paid well he had a nice size apartment and he kept in touch with no one, ever since the break-up Gwen had tried to get with Trent, who obviously wanted Gwen but for some reason he couldn't see himself with her. His response always was " I can't I gotta look out for scotty here" Which the two had become close like brothers you'd never see one without the other.

Duncan had moved the cursed box inside a storage room in his apartment which was true the box was cursed. Duncan continued walking down the snowy side-walk until he came across a new's stand any other day he would of walked by, why read new's when you can watch it?

Duncan's eyes fell heavy as he remembered saying that to someone..Duncan began to walk away from the news stand until.

"Hello I'd like to buy last weeks news paper Oh thank you " Duncan near broke his neck to see who it was it was a women alright, she was wearing a messy bun that look familiar and wearing earmuffs, matching mittens and a scarf that were red and a black coat with skinny jeans. Duncan was about to tap on the women's shoulder but as he did so the women jumped startled "Hello may I help you?" Duncan looked at the person's face..it wasn't her it wasn't her and he smirked " Oh no nothing you just looked like someone I know.." The women frowned sadly " Oh I'm sorry I hope you find her like they say after every storm there is a rainbow" Duncan smirked and nodded agreeing with the lady, Duncan began to walk away bumping into someone who stumbled to the ground " HEY WATCH IT"

"Oh man I'm so sorry!" Duncan did a double-take and remember that voice anywhere "Courtney?" Duncan looked down at the women, her hair was in a messy bun with strands that fell loose that the women he mistaken before didn't have, she was wearing a knitted scarf and mittens with matching earmuffins that other lady wasn't wearing knitted wear. Lastly the lady he bumped into looked up still on the floor, and that mature gaze fell on him...Courtney.

Courtney stood up shaking the cold wet snow off her " I just cant get rid of you can I?"

We made a vow never caring what others would think
So we hid and we loved but gone when I had blinked
I don't want you to leave so I just won't believe

Duncan stared at her he couldn't breath he couldn't think he couldn't do anything he pulled her into a tight hug. Courtney laughed and pushed him off " Stop do you want to go get some coffee? I'm freezing now." Duncan nodded still at lost for words.

Courtney and Duncan ended up walking into a coffee house a rip off of starbucks of course. Courtney noted " This is actually a pretty good place you'd be surprised" The guy served Courtney her coffee" Another one? You drink more Coffee then the average women" Courtney laughed at the waiters joke " Well I've been told I'm a coffee-aholic"

Duncan continued to stare, Courtneys laugh, her smile everything it was just so.. surreal.. Courtney didn't take a tip of her coffee just stared at Duncan " So you have questions?"

Duncan nodded " Why did you leave Trent and Scott behind? They were a mess!" Courtney smiled staring down into her Coffee " Honestly? I left them in good hands I'm glad there as close as can be I love there reality TV show it's my favorite show." Duncan nodded " Courtney..I'm sorry.." Courtney nodded " I know I mean I'm a good actress" "Are you acting now?" Courtney was caught off guard and nodded " That I am." Duncan sighed " Courtney please I want to be the man for you..let me be the man for you.."

Courtney frowned " Duncan..Gwen.." Duncan shook his head " We broke up.." Courtney eyes widen angrily " Did you not read the letter! I said don't- " "She left me." Duncan told her quickly before her anger rose to high to defuse. Courtney sighed " You should have fought for her" " I'm fighting for you aint I?" Courtney blinked. "There's nothing left to fight for " "Bullshit" Courtney shook her head at Duncan who was getting angry.

Duncan took Courtney's hand " I should have chased you.." Courtney frowned and then remembered running threw town, falling..Duncan pulled out a mitten from his pocket and handed it to Courtney. "Maybe you are Cinderella.."

Courtney eye's widen at her lost mitten, that she did never get around to making " I thought I dropped it.." Duncan shook his head " No you just left it behind with me..I never let it go." Courtney looked at him realizing.. " Your pocket..you kept it in your pocket." Duncan nodded

But I'm the tragedy Juliet who dies of love
Ridden me of all the things so I now finally drink
This is the end of us now Romeo

Courtney frowned and looked at Duncan and left the table going outside. Duncan pulled her turned her around " Courtney?" Courtney looked at Duncan and kissed him deeply finally after all these years she returned his kiss, Duncan wrapped his arms around her waist deepening the kiss, not even caring that everyone was taking pictures of them. Courtney smiled at Duncan and gave him her address and told him to come by tomorrow. Duncan frowned not wanting to leave Courtney but was semi-excited that he gets to spend time with Courtney again.

Duncan came by as promise and knocked on the door, he knocked a few times and then decided to pick the lock. The door was already unlocked..Duncan opened the door and saw there was nothing in there..Courtney had packed up and left, leaving a letter with only five words on it.. and her mitten underneath it, Duncan just as the one's before him found her place empty before had slid against the wall clenching the mitten and biting back a cry. 'Courtney..Courtney Fuck..damn it..I should have never let you out of my sights..'

(Fair thee well my Romeo)

Two years later

A man walked passed a stumbling on some ice on the icey side-walk, The man could not tell who the women was she stumbled but nor cared really he had just finish leaving the news stand in hops of reading something interesting or looking for someone..

The women stumbled passed the man catching herself, she looked back and for some reason thought she recognized the man but the man was long gone in a sea of crowded faces for everyone was getting off work.

The women had brought a news paper, and for some reason the man stopped walking as he heard her buying the newspaper, but unlike the many other times..he didn't look back he kept walking with a slight smirk on his face.

The women nodded and bumped into a tall lanky tan boy " Hey I was wondering! woah you look familiar do I know you from somewhere?" The women unlike the many times she bragged about where she was from she shook her head " I get mistake a lot for someone famous but trust me she's not me." The guy nodded watching the women walk away and blend in with the faces of many people

A red headed girl ran up to the lankyboy grabbing his arms " Mike is something wrong?" Mike blinked and looked down at Zoey "hey Zoey? uhm..quick question but do you think people can change?"

Plot twist for those who didn't like the ending

Duncan stared at her he couldn't breath he couldn't think he couldn't do anything he pulled her into a tight hug. Courtney laughed and pushed him off " Stop do you want to go get some coffee? I'm freezing now." Duncan nodded still at lost for words.

Courtney and Duncan ended up walking into a coffee house a rip off of starbucks of course. Courtney noted " This is actually a pretty good place you'd be surprised" The guy served Courtney her coffee" Another one? You drink more Coffee then the average women" Courtney laughed at the waiters joke " Well I've been told I'm a coffee-aholic"

Duncan continued to stare, Courtneys laugh, her smile everything it was just so.. surreal.. Courtney didn't take a tip of her coffee just stared at Duncan " So you have questions?"

Duncan nodded " Why did you leave Trent and Scott behind? They were a mess!" Courtney smiled staring down into her Coffee " Honestly? I left them in good hands I'm glad there as close as can be I love there reality TV show it's my favorite show." Duncan nodded " Courtney..I'm sorry.." Courtney nodded " I know I mean I'm a good actress" "Are you acting now?" Courtney was caught off guard and nodded " That I am." Duncan sighed " Courtney please I want to be the man for you..let me be the man for you.."

Courtney frowned " Duncan..Gwen.." Duncan shook his head " We broke up.." Courtney eyes widen angrily " Did you not read the letter! I said don't- " "She left me." Duncan told her quickly before her anger rose to high to defuse. Courtney sighed " You should have fought for her" " I'm fighting for you aint I?" Courtney blinked. "There's nothing left to fight for " "Bullshit" Courtney shook her head at Duncan who was getting angry.

Duncan took Courtney's hand " I should have chased you.." Courtney frowned and then remembered running threw town, falling..Duncan pulled out a mitten from his pocket and handed it to Courtney. "Maybe you are Cinderella.."

Courtney eye's widen at her lost mitten, that she did never get around to making " I thought I dropped it.." Duncan shook his head " No you just left it behind with me..I never let it go." Courtney looked at him realizing.. " Your pocket..you kept it in your pocket." Duncan nodded.

Courtney got up and ran again she ran but this time Duncan followed her, and this time she wasn't cry she was laughing and this time Duncan wasn't letting her out of his sight. This was always about Romeo and Cinderella..

Not about Romeo and Juliet..

Few years later.

Courtney was teacher in high-school she saw a girl with short brown hair and was A+ student in her class crying, she was crying hard to Courtney sighed shaking her head and brought the sad girl into her classroom " Rachael whats wrong?"

Rachael sniffled and sobbed louder " He he he he broke up with me ! For the hiphop Barbie!" Courtney winced at how much louder she gotten and Courtney knew who she was talking about Rachael and Devon the two most hectic couple in school, Rachael sobbed and remembered Courtney and Duncan " Courtney please! tell me did you ever get Duncan back?" Courtney smiled and nodded " Yep going strong still." Rachael did a small smile " You must have worked hard."

Courtney smiled shaking her head " Nope..Didn't work at all." Rachael gasped " What?! Did he come back begging? did you fight? what happened?" Courtney smiled softly " We fight, we beg, and we are better but then worst then ever." Rachael was interested she had stopped crying and was listening to Courtney " Wanna know a secret?"

Rachael nodded, Courtney whispered " Don't look back." Rachael looked hurt " WHAT?! You want me to move on!" Courtney shook her head. " No..I'm tell you a person quote you prob heard this from me before on TV but.. 'Don't look back, because if Cinderella had looked back she would have never got her happy ending' " Rachael nodded.. " You're right! The prince came to hear with the glass shoe! she didn't go back for it!'' Courtney nodded " Exactly."

Rachael left excitedly no longer upset, Courtney knew if Devon and Rachael were as bad as people said they were they would get back together, because when you can bring out the worst in someone..and still accept them? then you know there the one. Courtney had pulled out her one mitten and smiled softly down at it, Until Duncan came in. "Princess? ready to go?"

Courtney blushed hiding the mitten " Really princess? Why wont you just take the matching pair that I have?" Courtney frowned " Because you never remove it from your pockets!" Duncan shrugged " True enough" Duncan came over to her and kissed her deeply. " it just means I'm always going to be searching for you no matter where you are I know you are next to me."

Courtney smiled and kissed Duncan in return.


"My princess Cinderella"

With that a happy ending was found

Thing's not mentioned.

Bad ending " Courtney placed the mitten back in the box and replaced the note with ' Dont make matching mitten's for'

What made Trent break down, Courtney had left him a coffee in replace of the one she did not finish that he brought her.

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