The camera turned on. The time had come for him to address his hated foes once again. Tournament time was fast approaching. That time of year that had brought him so much. Because of these simple, yet affected games, he was able to control the Jedi completely. And the benefits did not stop there, no, the control was not even the best part, each year he received the best of those that entered into the competition, giving him new recruits for his new Sith army. The Emperor was very pleased with that little system. He had to hand it to Vader, he had outsmarted him. Instead of destroying the ever shrinking population of Force users, Vader used a large number of hostages to force the Jedi onto a quarantined planet. He separated the planet into 12 different districts, one for each of the members of the Jedi high counsel. Them he came up with the games. It was right after the wounds he received from Kenobi, the last of the free Jedi, and was born out of pure hatred and improved with great genius. The Emperor did not like the idea and almost rejected it, still in favor of wiping out the dangerous Jedi order. He decided to let Vader do it once, and the results pleased the Emperor so much, it was now seconds away from its 24 year.

"Greetings!" the Emperor sneered into the camera, "As you know, a choice you are faced with annually is here. You may either submit randomly one boy and one girl from 13 to 19 into the Light Saber Cup. If you choose not to participate, I will randomly select one planet with a population of over 10 billion for complete and total purging of life. As usual, you have 12 hours to reply, though we all know exactly what choice will be made. Good-bye, and may the Force be with you!"

The camera turned off. As he began to leave the room, the Emperor indulged himself in a chuckle. He had them all between his fingers! Each one of them was under his control! All except Yoda, the last living member of the original counsel. It was through Yoda that the Emperor felt defeat. It was through Yoda that one little Jedi was able to win the challenge and escape his clutch. It was through that miserable green problem that one out of the 23 new recruits he had was cheated from him. He them realized as he exited the room that an all too familiar fear seized control of his mind. What if they rise? They outnumber him and outmatch his troops. If that one Jedi manages to stir things up and free his friends, it would be over. as he walked out of the door, he banished his worried looks with his only true consultation he had. There is only one, and what can that one Jedi do against his empire? That fleeting thought comforted him for too little a time. It was quickly replaced by one that truly scared him. What if another one becomes free?

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