Our secret.

Lux: I had just walked in on my boyfriend and best friend making out, in an empty classroom next to our English class I ran into Mr. Daniels classroom I guess I must have scared him "Mr. Daniels is it ok if I stay in your classroom until class starts?" he looked concerned and confused "yes you can Lux, I'm going to go and make copies." While he was gone I got on Facebook and changed my status: from in a relationship to single.

Eric: When Lux walked into my room and asked if she could wait in here, I couldn't say no to her after everything that happened, while I was waiting for the copies I checked Facebook and saw that Lux changed her relationship status to single then another status came up Lux Cassidy "it seems like you can't trust your best friend anymore."

Eric: I was walking back to class and saw Tasha and Jones making out, so that is why Lux was so sad, I cleared my throat and they turned around Tasha was fixing her shirt "you both have detention, now get to class," I walked back into my class room and saw Lux looking at a picture of me and my girlfriend "I'm glad that your finally happy, you deserve it."

I was giving out the assignment when I caught Lux's eyes she looked sad, broken and hurt but then again she has looked like that for months "you know what class, lets change our seats" after everyone got up and moved to where I told them "okay class you're going to write about a difficult time in your life" I looked at Lux and she had her head down "Miss. Cassidy pick your head up and do your work or get a detention!" she picked up her head I could tell she was crying " do whatever you like Mr. Daniels I could care less" with that she walked out of the room.

Eric: It was after school detention Tasha and Jones were sitting next to each other ten minutes into detention Lux walked in she looked around and sat in the desk right across from mine I got up and gave her the paper ,she rolled up her sleeve and I saw the red marks "Lux stay after class," she finished her paper, once everyone was gone I sat on my desk "why are you cutting yourself again?" she looked at me with tears running down her face "I hate myself I'm not happy, the reason why jones cheated was because I won't sleep with him, I can't do it not after what happened the last time" she walked out of the room "neither of us could forget what happened the last time."