Our Secret

Eric) - He didn't even look at her "I don't want you staying alone anymore, so I called Abby and she said you could stay with her." I saw Lux's facial expression and I started laughing "she could stay with me if that is ok with everyone." I looked at Lux and she had a smile on her face, let me ask cate and see what she wanted to do," he walked out of the room "Eric why did you say that I could stay with you?" she looked confused "I want to keep an eye on you and we need to talk about what happened and what you did last night," Baze opened the door "cate said yes, we leave tomorrow after you get out and then we will drop you off at Mr. Daniels."

Lux)- I wonder why Eric wanted me to stay at his house, he says he wants to talk about what happened before,(the next day) I was waiting for baze to pick me up, I got my phone form the bags they brought me last night and called baze " hey kiddo I can't talk I'm about to get on the plane" I waited for a minute " umm dad you forgot to pick me up" I guess he got on the plane since he hung up on me, so I called Eric.

Eric)-I was cleaning the guest room when my phone started ringing "Eric, they already left and forgot me at the hospital" I started laughing "do you want me to pick you up" she sighed "yes pleas" I hung up the phone, I got to the hospital in 10 minutes, Lux was waiting for me with her bags "let's go."

Eric - We got to my apartment, "your room is across from my room" I heard lux mutter something "great I have to listen to you and your girlfriend at night, she went into her room to unpack and I started making lunch, I heard the shower turn on.

Eric- I was cooking lunch while Lux was taking a shower "hey sweetie" Jayde came over and gave me a kiss I forgot to tell her that Lux was going to be staying with me for a couple of days, "hey sweetie I need to tell you something" she walked over to me and kissed me "I'm going for a run" I looked at Jayde and she was mad, I reached into my pocket and handed her my iPod at me her "be careful!" she gave me a smirk " we will see" I saw Jayde raise her eyebrow " I told her parents I would watch her until they got back" she didn't say anything "let's make out."

Eric- we were watching "Lost Dream" but I could pay attention to it, I kept waiting for lux to get back it was already eleven and I was going to call her when she walked in the door you could tell she had been crying "where have you been?" she looked up I went for a run and then I went to you know where."

Lux- I was taking a shower and I started thinking about what has happened, I need to clear my head I got out of the shower and got dressed, I walked into the kitchen and I saw Eric and his girlfriend kissing "I'm going for a run" he reached into his pocket and threw his iPod at me "be careful" I gave him a smirk "we will see," I saw his girlfriend raise her eyebrow I walked out of the apartment and I started running. I ran to my thinking place, once I got there I sat on the grass and started crying it was eleven when I got to Eric's and he saw me and he knew I had been crying.

Eric- Once Lux went to her room I turned to Jayde "are you staying here or going home?" she looked toward the bathroom "I'm staying we got up and I went to my room, It was five in the morning when I heard Lux crying I slowly got out of bed and made my way across the hall, I walked into her room she was in a ball crying I called her name until she finally looked up "I had that dream again."

Eric- When she said that I picked her up and put her on my lap "I'm sorry" I looked at her "why are you sorry?" she snuggled closer to me "what happened seven months ago" I heard her breathing slow down so I put her on the bed "please stay" I got in bed with her and she snuggled up closer to me, I woke up at seven and got out of bed, made my way into the kitchen and started cooking pancakes, eggs and bacon and some orange juice "hey babe" I turned to Jayde and gave her a kiss "sorry I can't stay, I have a meeting today" with that she walked out of the door, " do I smell home cooked food?" I started laughing "do you want any?" She started laughing "do you know who you are talking to."

Eric- Lux put her egg and her bacon on top of the pancake and rolled it up" why did you do that?" she looked at me that is how we always use to eat our pancakes when we were little, you should try it" I looked at lux "today we are taking a day off to rest."

Lux- I was changing when I got a sharp pain in my stomach it was so bad that I screamed "lux are you okay?" I couldn't talk so he ran into my room and saw me on the floor, slowly I was able to talk, and "I'm fine it happens sometimes," he looked at me and I smiled "do you want to watch a movie?" we went to the living room Eric was talking about some movie " how about we talk instead" she nodded his head and he sat at the other end " so Eric what do you want to talk about?" he looked at me "what happened seven months ago?"

Seven months ago

For the past seven months I have been homeschooled my parents didn't think it was a good idea to go to school pregnant but they were never home so my teacher/boyfriend/baby daddy would come over to help me with my homework. It was February 10th I was home alone when I got a sharp pain and then my water broke so I called my mom's ex-husband to come and take me to the hospital.

Seven hours later I found out that I miscarried our baby girl and that night we broke up because you (Eric) said that our relationship should have never happened and we wouldn't be going through this and it would be best if we broke up.

Eric- I was listening to lux tell me about that day when we lost our baby and then I broke up with her shortly after "Lux I'm sorry for doing that to you I should have never said anything to you, When I heard what happened to you I felt guilty and I hated that you had to go through" she looked at me and moved closer to me and kisses me "I'm so sorry Eric I didn't mean to" she got up and ran to her room I was going to follow her, when Jayde walked in "Eric I have to tell you something" I looked at her and I looked Lux's door "what do you have to tell me?" She looked behind me and smiled "I'm Pregnant!" I couldn't think of anything to say when I heard lux's voice congratulations you will both be great parents" I turned to look at her and she looked so sad.

Lux- I was going to tell Eric something when his girlfriend looked at me and smiled "I'm pregnant I was biting my lip to keep from crying "congratulations you will both be great parents" Eric turned to look at me he looked sad, hurt and regret, "I'm going for a run."

Eric- I already knew where lux was going "babe I have to go back to work" she kissed my lips and walked away, I need to find Lux before she did anything stupid, I already knew where she was going so I got in my truck and drove to the cemetery I got there and saw Lux at her tombstone, I walked slowly behind her "hey baby girl I found out today that you would have been a big sister I'm sorry that you couldn't be here, I love you so much even from the moment I found out about you" I was listening to Lux she was trying so hard not to cry but finally he walls came crumbling down "Lux" she turned to look at me "shouldn't you be with your family?" she said that with so much sadness " Lux you and Danni are my family no matter what she was my first baby and you're her mother weather she is her or not and no one can ever replace you or her," Lux got off the grown came toward me I pulled her into a hug "I'm sorry that we never got to meet her" I kissed her head "god had other plans for our little angel she is watching over us right now and she knows that her mom and dad both love her very much. " so are you ready to be a dad" I looked at Lux "honestly no not at all don't get me wrong I like Jayde but I'm not ready to have a baby with her.'

Eric-We were walking to the truck "Eric where you ready we were having our baby?" I looked at her and she looked sad "I was terrified that I wouldn't be a good dad, but after doing some thinking I was looking forward to having a baby with you," she looked at me "so lux where you ready to have a baby?" she looked out the window " when I found out I was scared and I didn't want you to leave like Baze left Cate but I knew you were different, I thought about adoption but then what if the same thing happened to our baby.

Eric- "Do you want to get something to eat I could use a beer?" she started laughing "one sheep dog ale and the you have to leave Eric Allister Daniels" I started laughing at that "it seems like it has been years since we met," we got to the bar and sat down I ordered a sheep dog ale and lux ordered a burger, we were half way done with I saw lux's eyes get big so I followed her eyes and saw Jayde drinking vodka and kissing other guys so lux grabbed my phone and took a picture of her and sent it to her, "are you ready to go home" she started laughing " sure, can we watch a movie and have pizza and wings?" I looked at her "didn't you just eat?" she had a big smile on her face and then she started biting her lip "please?" "Lux you know what that does to me when you do that" she had a smirk on her face "that's why I'm doing it" I shook my head at her "fine we do whatever you want" I was just saying that to cheer her up since she has had a bad couple of months.