Just a chapter on how Nine felt after Eight's death. I had the story in my head so I thought I'd write it up and it turned out okay!

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"Crying like a little girl." I taunt Five. As soon as I say it, I wish I could take it back.

Nine, you idiot.

Five snaps. He runs towards me, dagger raised. I try to move, but he's holding me in place with telekinesis. Even if he wasn't, my broken back would prevent me from moving anyway.

This is it. My final moment. I glare up at Five as he strikes. But instead of it hitting me, it plunges into Eight's heart. He teleported to me a second before I would have died.

"NO!" I yell furiously.

He saved my life.

Five staggers back in shock. Marina screams in horror. Six sits up, dazed.

Eight stumbles towards Marina with his arm outstretched as if to say something. Before he reaches her, he collapses on the ground. Marina starts screaming again and my ankle lights up. If I could feel my legs, I would feel a scar searing itself into my flesh.

The symbol for Number Eight.


"I'm so sorry." I say to Marina as she heals my back.

She grits her teeth and doesn't say anything, but tears silently flow down her face.

"Marina." She looks at me. "I shouldn't have said anything. I didn't mean for this to happen. I should have died instead."

Guilt. That's all I feel. I've never felt anything like this before. It hurts. Worse than any kind of physical pain I've ever had.

"Yeah, you shouldn't have." Six says. "But you did. So now we have to take it and move on."

"Move on?" Marina says, her voice hollow. "Move on? How can you say that, Six?"

"Because Eight wouldn't want you sitting around crying over his death. He'd want you to get on with your life."

Marina goes back to giving us the silent treatment.

I should have died instead of Eight. I should be the one gone. It was my stupidity and arrogance that got him killed. He should have let me die.

Why would he even sacrifice himself to save me? I'm the one who'd get us all in the most danger. Eight had the best Legacies. Why would he give all of that up for me?

Because he's selfless.

But even then, Marina has lost her one true love. Living without him will be agony for her. How can I look her in the eyes every day and know that I'm the one who killed her almost-boyfriend?

Eight and I had a conversation the day before he died.

"Hey, Nine? Can I talk to you for a minute?" He said.

"Sure." I said. I was up for a bro chat.

"It's about Marina."

"Oh, you want some advice from the loooove doctor?" I'd said in my best sexy voice.

"Uh, sort of." Eight paused. "I was going to ask her out. Do you think that's a good idea?"

I rolled my eyes. This kid was blind. "Duh! She clearly likes you. Everyone knows you two are meant to be together... except you two, it seems."

Eight blinked. "Seriously?" He'd said, a goofy smile on his face. "She likes me?"

Wow. He was dumber than I thought. "Uh, yeah, dude. She does. I hear her talking about you to Ella all the time."

"I'll ask her out when we get back from the Everglades."

I feel so bad now. He was going to ask her out that night and I ruined it for him.

I know that he was going to tell her he loved her before he died. He just didn't have enough time.

I'm sorry, Eight.

I'm so sorry.