It was a misunderstanding, a flaw that was blindly trusted to another, that should have been rethought of. Yet, over the time, the flaw became something that, even as a monster-like being just couldn't let go. For the feeling of being alive is such a rare impalpable joy for such a thing like, as I.

Even with the fear that has been swiftly passed to others, I as well, to scare them away. We can't show weakness to this, thinking they can overpower us, wiping us away. Or as the long-tall tales of gothic spiel spread through the world.

How astonishing of the young hearts to listen clearly of this other world, yet sadly fades with age, all the more reason to remind them to fear us. But this one, small euphoria, found a place in a soft organ sealed within stone and ice behind a being far to hoary to feel it. And the adventures that came with it, only made the heedlessly stronger.

Through good and bad, in play and trouble.

Igor was right, I had to leave this feeling before I dragged myself far too deep within. Foolishly brushed it off, alone with the years that did the same.

Now she is gone, forgotten me and everything that we shared. The words of what her father spoke, endlessly echo forever between my ears, that everything we had been false. Denial came and went, I was nothing more than a dismal memory.

Yet, I held them, looking out from the shadows, for I didn't want to miss anything, even I couldn't be part of it anymore.

She grew, yet somehow stayed the same, into a woman, lived her life to every step a human gets. Until there is nothing left but a stone slab, carved in with words of who lay beneath dirt and greens. Dawn was upon the living soon, the rain had stopped, the flowers she adored rested by her.

A sad smile etched across my face, dropping when hearing footsteps, glancing to see who.

"Who are you?" A young child, about her age when I first met her. "Did you know my grandmother, sir?"

Now recalling of her life span.

"I did. I was a . . . good friend of hers."

The child gave a look of disbelief before saying. "I think I would remember her talking about a blue skin person, sir."

That only gave hollow feeling from within and reached out to oddly be heard to the child.

"I am not much of an outdoor person, lack of sun can do that, child."


The shadows started to grow, signing the white star was nearing.

"I should quickly be going, take care chi . . . "

"It's not child, it's Minnie. Seeing only Mina belongs to my granny."

Somehow that woebegone smiles returns.

"Yes, forgive me. Minnie, I bit you adieu." I said to Minnie, taking notice of the face I was given when starting to leave.

"Sir . . . "

"Yes?" Asking I near the shadows of trees to hide the sun and be able to leave without it touching me.

"If you, umm, what want to talk . . . it's just grandmother always told me about that if there is a lonely person in need. Be their friend. So, ah, yeah."

Glancing to the heavens, thanking that Mina didn't fully forget me.

"A friend is always welcome."

"Great, so, I'll seeing you around, mister?"

"When the time calls for them. Until next time, Minnie. And please call me Vlad."

That glint of a heavy heart went away and filled with that Mina always seem carried. Happiness.

"Okay. Bye Mr. Vlad."

As she waved, slowly the mist came, leaving her alone. By the grave marker. And that smile never leaving. If not for winds carrying her words, my ears would have missed it.

"He's everything you said, grandma."

The End.