When I arrived at the three broomstick it was like nothing had changed. Not the tables or the chairs. Not even the drunk that was sleep in the corner. I just took it all in and enjoyed the scenery. It had been back for two months after being gone for three years. It felt good to be back. I sat down at the bar and ordered a shot fire whiskey and a butter beer chaser. I took a sip of it and it burned on the way down. I thought to myself 'you can't get one of these in New York'. Just as I finished off my shot and was chasing it with my butter beer I heard a familiar voice call out my name.

"If it isn't my friend and ex-fiancee Angelina Angelica Johnson." There were only two people in the world who knew my full name and one of them took it to their grave.

"George Fabian Weasley, how have you been?"

"I have been doing, but we won't get into all that, I want to talk about you. Where the hell have you been all this time?"

"Well if you must know I went and spent the first six months at my grandmother's. After that I went to visit my aunt in New York. I had planned on staying for a month but then I had no reason to come back so I stayed."

"Wow you would think just coming home would have been reason enough."

"Well that depends on what you are coming home to." I retorted as George looked at me, no doubt trying to gauge my reaction to him. We didn't part on the best of terms but, three years can change a person. As I looked at him I could see that something about him had changed but I just couldn't put my finger on it at this point.

"Let me buy you another drink and let's catch up on old times."

"Well who am I to turn down the kindness of an old friend." An old friend whom I have dated, seen me, naked, and almost married.

He ordered a whole picture of butter beer and a bottle of fire whiskey. We sat at one of the booths and we talked about me living in New York and I told him that I worked as a secretary at a muggle attorney's office and he told me that he opened another shop in Ireland. As we talked we drank and as we drank we talked. Soon the talking became slurred and then it just became ridiculous. After while we decided that we had had enough or rather the bartender wouldn't serve us anymore. We couldn't apparate and we were too drunk to walk so we took the floo network and we went to my place. I had boxes everywhere because I had just moved in two weeks ago, so I wasn't moved in all the way. I with the help of my drunken partner made it to my room and to my bed. We both fell on the bed and laughed.

I hadn't been this pissed since the New Year before the war when George, Fred and I decided to see who could hold their fire whiskey better. Needless to say that I was first place and poor George was last but to be honest I think he won this time. I drunkenly stripped down to my bra and knickers and George stripped down to his boxers and we climbed into bed just like we had not even been separated for three years. We fell a sleep in each others arm and it felt natural.

We probably slept for two hours before I woke up bit later that morning I don't know if it was because the moon was out or what but I found myself awake and so did he. Something about the way he was looking at me was kind of familiar. It was nothing like the way he looked at me after Fred's funeral when he told me to 'fuck off and go straight to hell' this was different. This was the way he looked at me when we started dating before the war. Something must have been stirred up in him because he started kissing me and for some reason I didn't stop him. If anything I encouraged it. All I could do was remember that familiar gentle touch from the man whom said that he would never let me go but turned on me because he couldn't handle the death of his twin. My mind was telling me no but my body told a different story. He snapped my bra off and caressed my breast as he kissed me so lightly on my neck. I pulled his hair the way I use to when we were together. With his other arm he pulled me closer to him and I don't remember when he did but my knickers were gone. He touched, kissed and caressed my body as if to let me know that he hadn't forgotten any detail of it. Like, that spot behind my ear that he licked and drove me wild. Or that my nipples are so sensitive to the slightest touch and that I am ticklish around my belly button but I loved it when he would lick around it and make me giggle and want him all at the same time.

I remember things about him, like that spot at the bend of his neck were you could feel his pulse and how it drove him wild when I bit it just a little and when I kissed across his broad shoulders and nibbled on his earlobe. It just made him want me even more. I'm not really sure which act sent him over the edge but before I could even ask or beckon he was inside me. I let out a sensual moan as he began to move slowly as if he was savoring the moment, but with each moan and squeeze of his muscular arm, he thrust harder and faster. I knew that a few more like that and I would be done. It had been two years since I had been intimate with anyone and the one time I did it just didn't feel like this. The way George is making me feel now. Oh how I had missed this. As if he was reading my mind and could tell the I was at my end, he gave a few more hard and deep thrust and we were both coming undone. We laid there panting and kissing and caressing until we both feel into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke up and surprisingly I didn't have a hangover, but George was gone. I got up took a shower and groomed myself thinking of the pending task of getting my flat in some sort of order were I wouldn't bump into a box at every turn. While I was sitting at my vanity desk I noticed an envelope with George's handwriting on it and inside I found a letter.


Sorry I wasn't there when you woke up but I have some business I needed to take care of. I really enjoyed catching up with you last night. I really wasn't expecting for it to go that far. Now is not the best time for me to be rekindling old flames. Sorry if I disrupted your life in any way. Don't be a stranger stop by the shop sometime.


'Really' I thought. 'Disrupted my life. What a git.' Oh well it is what it is.