To say that the last four years haven't been like a fairy tale would be somewhat lying. Well what can I say. After the wedding we started moving into our new house. Everything was going according to the plan. Move into the new house, open new shop site, oh and find out I was pregnant with baby number two. Well that last part wasn't planned. It was a surprise. What I thought was the flu was a little person letting me know they were there. At first I was a bit upset seeing as Freddie was only 11 months old. I kept debating with myself and the baby saying that it was too soon. I felt a little relieved when it was announced that Audrey was expecting also. So we went through our pregnancies together and when I say together I mean together even going as far as going into labor on the same day.

That day was a very crazy day. It started with me waking up to a 18 month old who somehow ended up in the pantry and got flour all over himself and everything in the kitchen. After cleaning him and the kitchen up we went to the shop to have lunch with George. We got to the restaurant and just as the waiter showed us to our table, my water broke. The look on his and George's face was priceless. So lunch turned into a shuffle to make it to St. Mungo's. I was the calm one and George was just frantic. First he left me and Freddie and ran out of the restaurant, once realized what he had done he came back and got us, but nearly made a waitress drop her tray of food. Then once at the hospital I had to put up with Freddie asking me 'why I went pee pee' on myself. Finally my mom showed up to get Freddie and Molly got there and said that she just came in with Audrey. Audrey was mostly a quiet and reserved woman, but once those labor pains started to hit her the quietness went straight out the door. I would have never thought some of the words that she said would come out of her, but labor pains will do that to you. An hour after she arrived Lucy Audrey Weasley was born. Five hours twenty death glares, ten threats of violence, and a pain potion later Roxanne Alexandra Weasley was born.

She weighed 6 lbs, but she looked so tiny, I was almost afraid to hold her. She had the same curly dirty brown hair as Freddie, they were almost identical, but as the months went by she started to look more like me. She has my eyes and she couldn't shake those Weasley freckles. She had George wrapped around her little finger from the moment she took her first breath. Alicia had a little girl that they named Elixis and a year later Katie and Wood had their first child a girl they named Zoe. The Weasley clan continues to grow. Bill and Fluer had son they named Louis Arthur, Harry and Ginny had a son James Sirius and Ginny is now pregnant with their second child another boy that they are going to name Albus Serverus. Even Charlie has a son named Gideon Fabian. Although much to Molly's displeasure both Charlie and Allysha say they are not the marrying type. The surprises of the year were the pregnancies of Hermione and myself. Yes another baby but, this time I don't have a one year old. Freddie is five now and hurricane Roxy, as George calls her affectionately is four. We are both having girls. We have decided to name her Georgia Angelica. Hermione and Ron are naming their daughter Rose Evelyn. I hadn't planned on anymore after Roxy, but I guess life throws you a curve ball now and then. I couldn't be any happier with the way things turned out between George and I. If you would have come to me eight years ago and told me that George and I would be married and happy I would have told you that you were barking mad. Fate brought us back together and we are so happy that we ran into each other that fateful night.