This story is going to provide some back story as well as further the story of Scott biting his cousin that I've started telling in my repost of the meeting of two teen wolves.

Mike McCall was on his way to visit with his cousin Scott and Aunt Melissa; the reason for the visit was mainly because his parents were taking a second honeymoon in las Vegas. Mike was 14 and would normality have stayed with a friend, but unfortunately this time all of his friends were away or were packing up to move.

At the same time Mike wasn't your typical 14 year old, mainly because he was a dwarf. The type of Dwarfism he had was called Achondroplasia which meat that he had a large head, short arms, an average size torso, a largish butt and short legs, the only odd thing about him was he had bigger feet then normal for a dwarf of his type instead of wearing kids sizes he wore an adult size 10 ½. Mike also mostly wore shorts mainly because he liked them and two they didn't have to be altered like the one or two pairs of paints he had. His favorites to wear were cargo shorts as they were comfortable and useful on him; they mostly fell just a little below his knees and were almost like paints on him. Mike also had on a U2 shirt from their last tour; his dad had actually invited Scott and Stiles to join them along with Mike's friend Dylan from school, they had gone to the show at the rose bowl. The first one he had ever been to had also been a U2 one as well he had only been 6 at the time. Mike had also gotten to see the new version of Van Halen twice once on the 2007 reunion tour and again on the Different Kind of Truth tour, he had also gotten to see AC/DC on the Black Ice tour. The most recent show his Dad had taken him to was Iron Maiden during there "the Final Frontier tour". They even got to see "Ed Force One" Iron Maidens plane land at the airport the day before the show. Mike also liked to where his hair long and tied it in a ponytail at the back, he usually either wore a hat or had a bandana to keep his bangs out of his eyes. Mike also usually wore a necklace that looked like it had pieces of barbed wire on it around his neck, he also wore his medic alert tag around his neck too as he was a diabetic in addition to being a dwarf.

As the car pulled up to his Aunt's house in beacon Hills Mike was actually getting excited to see Scott again as he hadn't seen him since the U2 concert back in 2009. Scott had always looked at him as being a younger brother in fact most people who had seen them together often thought of them as being brothers. Other than the long hair that Mike now had most of his features looked like Scott's only smaller. Once they stopped in the drive way Mike got out and ran up to Scott to give him a hug.

Scott looked down at his cousin and said "nice hair buddy" as he jokingly knocked the Toronto Blue Jays hat that Mike was wearing off of his head. Mike had always liked Toronto as he had been born there; he liked wearing stuff from their sports teams even though he had moved away from there when he was 6. Scott also ruffled his hair playfully. Mike just laughed it off as he pulled out the elastic he used to pull his hair back, and said "man why do you always have to do that."

Scott then said "sorry, but I know it annoys you."

Mike laughed at that and then said to Scott "by the way nice muscles have you started working out or something since I saw you last."

Scott said "thanks, I joined the lacrosse team and cross country team at school, other than workouts with the team I don't really do much. It looks like you got some too."

Mike replied "yeah I joined my junior high wrestling team, I actually not too bad."

Mike's dad then walked up to Scott and said "he took first place in his weight class. He can be pretty hard to hold onto because of his size." Scott looked at him and figured even he might have a hard time with him, hell he could even give Ethan and Aiden a hard time Scott thought to himself.

Scott then locked down at him and said "congratulations little buddy", as he put out his hand.

Melisa also came over to congratulate him too and give him a hug. Mike then went back to the car to grab his stuff, Scott grabbed Mike's bag of clothes and said "let me give you a hand."

Mike smiled and said "thanks" as he slung his backpack over his shoulder. It was the one he had been carrying with him for a while and was starting to look a little beat up. He usually always had it with him mainly because he kept his Diabetic supplies in it, as he liked to say fate didn't think it was bad enough making him a dwarf it decided to throw in being a type 1 diabetic as well, to Mike it was just another part of who he was.

Scott then led him into the guest room which was next to his and also shared the bathroom. Unlike Scott's room it didn't have a view out the back of the house but instead it had one into the side yard. Next to it was the master bedroom where Mellissa slept. Mike left his bag and his hat in the room as Melissa had called them down for lunch.

The two boys came down to see not only Stiles there but also Allison, Lydia, Isaac, Danny, Ethan and Aiden and Liam. Stiles then said "sorry Scott they all wanted to meet Mike, after I told them about him coming to visit."

Scott then introduced him to the members of his pack; however he didn't mention anything about any of them being werewolves. Liam was about to say something about it and Scott shook his head to say not to ask it out loud. Mikes parents had also stayed for lunch as well.

After lunch Mike's parents left to make their way to Vegas

Authors note. I'm giving this story a bit of an over haul and trying to make it fit better within my McCall pack story line and with some tings I'm planing to do for season 5 and some of my other stories that take place around it and after it.