James Choke sighed as he looked out of the window,he could see the pale clouds floating together. He had 3 hours left of what seemed to be the longest flight ever.

CHERUB was having an reunion because it was Lauren Choke's 18th Birthday party. James thought about seeing his friends and was trying to stay in a good mood. But when the guy in a suit is snoring in your ear, and the women next to you is shouting across the row to her boyfriend (also in your ear,) then it is very hard to not be pissed.

While he was thinking this the two kids James was sat in front of were squabbling over something and were banging his chair from behind him. James was finding it increasingly difficult not to smash the disgusting plane meal he had received not so long ago into their bloody faces.

3 Hours later

After another 3 hours of hearing the kids squabbling and having 4 hours sleep the previous night James could barely keep his eyes open. He shivered as he groggily walked down the portable steps from the plane,being barged into every now and again. The wind blowed in his face, so James certainly felt at home.

He could hear the two kids he perhaps had wanted to murder before running round, their Mum just looking at them in complete despair.

"James!" He heard and turned around to see Lauren with a massive grin on her face. He felt Lauren gasp from nearly being crushed as he hugged her. After some catching up (mainly about who was dating who on CHERUB campus) they grabbed a sandwich from Greggs. James suddenly had that tickly feeling on his neck when someone stared at you for a long time, he turned to catch a guy in a hoody, he seemed to resemble someone that he knew...

"Earth to James Choke?" Lauren said, she was waving her hand in front of his face to get his attention.

"I was just asking about you and Kerry?" Lauren continued.

"What about me and Kerry?" James grumbled. His relationship with Kerry wasn't going very well, he had just been on the phone arguing with her the night before.

"Why, what's wrong?"

"She expects me to go and visit her every weekend, but I've got a part time job on Saturdays and it takes hours to get to New York."

Lauren sighed in response, James and Kerry arguing wasn't anything new.

James gripped the chair and his eyes widened , he had just realised who the guy was. The blond hair, the awkward stance -of course!

" Lauren we need to get out of here. Now." James told a confused looking Lauren . James had no idea how Junior had found him, but he knew something wasn't right.

After a long word with Zara, mainly filled with blackmails if he told anyone anything, he walked down the corridor and slept on his guest bed. Even in a dangerous situation the jet lag had taken over James entirely.