So I did a story on Nine's guilt after Eight's death, but what about Five? How did he feel? Just one chapter on his feelings.

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"The balls!" Marina yells. "They're in his left hand!"

I've been tough, proving to them that I'm not a weakling. I'm not someone to be laughed at.

Marina, Nine and Eight combine their telekinesis and break my hand, forcing me to drop the balls that I use for my Externa Legacy.

Tears stream down my face. Real tears. I realise now that I'm going to be overpowered. There's nothing I can do to stop it.

"We can help you, Five. If you let us." Marina says gently.

I nod through my tears.

"Crying like a little girl." Nine says tauntingly.

He's been talking smack ever since he met me and maybe that's the kind of person he is but right now I don't need that.

I'm so mad. I just explode in anger and rush towards him with my dagger raised.

I hold him down with telekinesis so he can't get away and strike.

Eight appears in front of Nine and my dagger plunges into his heart.

He teleported.

He's sacrificed himself to save Nine.

"NO!" Nine yells.

Marina cries out in horror and runs to Eight as he staggers towards her, his arm outstretched. Before he gets there, he collapses on the ground.

A scar sears itself into my ankle, telling me that there's no time to heal Eight. Marina screams.

Tears flow down my face again when I realise what I've done. I'm a monster. I killed a Loric. What's wrong with me?

"I'm so sorry, Marina, I didn't..."

She cuts me off. "You killed one of your own kind! What is the matter with you?" She screams.

Something gets cold around me and the temperature drops ten degrees.

Is Marina developing a new Legacy?

"M-Marina... stop it..." I stutter. It's freezing now.

She screams in anger and a huge icicle shoots through the ground, through my foot.

I scream in agony and lean over, grabbing my foot, just as another icicle juts up from the ground.

It strikes me right in the face. If it was any larger, it would have killed me for sure.

Instead, it takes out one of my eyes.

It's the worst pain I've ever felt and I'm screaming now.

"If I ever see you again, you traitorous bastard," Marina yells, "I'll take the other fucking eye!"

Even though it's excruciating, part of me knows I deserve it.

Eight was right. I am the Mogadorians' prisoner. But it's too late to stand up to them now.

It's too late to try and escape.

Nine was right.

I am weak.

Just not in the way he thought I was.