That's the first thing I remember.
Then heat, a heat so intense that I could feel my lips cracking, my skin burning.
I could feel a liquid trickling down my face.
Sweat or blood, I couldn't tell.
I raised a hand to my face and opened my eyes.
The sun glared right in my face, momentarily blinding me.
I sat up, and sand poured off of me.
Slowly, I stood up.
Blood started to drip down my face onto my clothes.
That must have been the liquid.
I felt my forehead.
The blood was coming from there, so I ripped some of my white jacket off and pressed it to my forehead.
I started to walk.
And walk.
And walk.
For miles I walked, until I got to a village.
It was small, with buildings the colour of wet sand.
I pulled away my makeshift bandage and stared at it in shock.
The blood on it spelt out a word, a name I think, my name.