It had been over month since any of us had seen Lalna.
The first day that he didn't come to work at the Jaffa factory we got worried, but figured that he could have a day off.
On the second day we were getting seriously worried.
On the third day we decided to check his castle to see if he was sick.
But when we arrived, all we found was a monster infested castle with every window broken and surrounded with puddles of magic residue.
The most obvious culprit to have done this was the Ender-mage, Rythian, as he was the most powerful Magic user in Tekkit-topia.
But neither of us new where their new base camp was.
Lalna must have known, but he hadn't told anyone.
As we left the dusty castle, Honeydew noticed something; A trail of black blood with purple sparks flying off of it.
It looked like enderman blood, but lighter, as if someone had mixed it with a lighter colour.
We had both had heard the rumours surrounding the mage, so it left no doubt in both of out minds that it was Rythians.
We both made sure we had a bunch of food each, and followed the trail of dark blood across several biomes.
Eventually we reached a large cave set into a mountain.
"Do you have any torches Xeph?" Honeydew asked me.
I spawned in a few.
"Now I do, Lets follow that trail!"
"What trail?"
It was so dark that even with the torches we still couldn't see the blood.
"A trail we blaze!" I told him, the walked into a wall.
I noticed on the wall that there were several dark smears on it.
"This trail we blaze!"
Then we followed the smears of dark blood that ran down the wall.