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Cat sprinted down the stairs and flung the door open. Standing there dripping with rain from head to toe was Beck, Tori, Andre and Robbie, they all looked worried. Without saying a word Cat motioned for them to follow her and she led them to Jade's room where Jade was lying unconscious on her ebony bed covers.

As soon as they saw the blood cascading from her wrists ,Tori let out a heart wrenching sob and looked away. Andre shook his head with glassy eyes not believing that this was happening. Robbie held Rex tight and hid his face. But Beck was the worst, he fell to his knees, tears streaming from his eyes, knowing that this was his fault made the pain even worse.

When she had calmed down enough Tori turned to Cat "Cat? Did you call the ambulance?" Cat nodded "Their on their way." She whispered Nehru big sympathetic brown eyes not leaving her best friend's limp body. Suddenly There was another knock on the door, Cat ran to open it, it was the ambulance people, here to take Jade.

At the hospital...

Cat was told to sit in the waiting room with the rest of her friends, she wasn't entirely sure what had just happened. She could vaguely remember her being shoved out of the way, Jade's body being lifted onto a stretcher and The doctors running with it to another room.

She looked over to Beck, he had tears streaming down his face and his eyes were lifeless. Tori wasn't any better, her long brown hair hung limp and damp over her shoulders and she occasionally let out small sobs. Cat was leaning back in her seat, knees up to her chest and her arms tightly around the stuffed giraffe Jade had given to her for Christmas.

The gang waited 5 hours. They waited 5 hours in vain. Because suddenly a sad looking doctor walked up to them "You are the friends of Jadelyn August West?" they all nodded and motioned for him to carry on, although in their hearts they really didn't want him to. "I'm sorry. We did all we can. But sometimes that just isn't enough. I'm sorry." He said again before leaving them in the empty waiting room to grieve.

Cat screamed and sobbed and rocked back and forth on the floor. Tori cried and fell to the ground not actually believing that this was it, that Jade was gone. Beck allowed his tears to fall while he screamed saying that it was his fault. They cried for 2 hours before slowly getting up and heading for the door. Cat let everyone else leave then slowly pulled Beck back. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" She screamed/whispered, she ran out the doors leaving Beck to hang his head in shame. it was his fault.

At Beck's R.V...

The day after the gang found out about Jade's death they all agreed to go to Beck's R.V...all but one. Their favourite little red head decided to stay home. Suddenly Beck's phone was Cat. "Hello?" He asked, he heard Cat sob on the other line " this is all your fault." She said and the phone went dead.

At the graveyard...

Tori, Beck, Cat, Robbie and Andre were all standing before Jade's grave. It was a white marble angel with open wings and a smooth halo. Andre broke the painful silence that was erupting between them, "Maybe we should say some words?" He asked looking from Tori to Beck to Cat.

Tori was the first one to nod "errr...Jade. I know I may not be your favourite person but I just want to say that even though we haven't always seen eye to eye..especially with you pouring coffee on my head, me kissing Beck, you faking a black eye and everything else, I just want you to know that, to me you'll always be a friend. And believe it or not ill do anything right now to hear one of your smart, dare I say...painful insults. And even though you might still hate me, I just want to say that...I don't hate you...Wow. You're a lot easier to talk to now Jade.

Tori finished with a sad Sigh then turned to Cat, who gracefully took Tori's place in front of Jade's grave. "Jadey? Jadey, this isnt fair, you weren't supposed to die. We still have to paint my unicorn remember? And say hello to my mermaid. But maybe when I die we can do that in heaven! Would you like that? I love you Jade and I can't wait to see you again. Your my best friend right?...remember when we were little you promised you'd never leave me? You left me Jadey...Best Friends Forever. See you in heaven. I l-love you." Cat finished with tears in her eyes and turned too Beck.

He walked over to Jade's grave and started "Jade. I remember when we first met. You saw me as the pretty boy with stupid beiber bangs and an overinflated ego. But I saw you as the dark, mysterious girl, the girl with a secret. The first time I asked you out you said no. Second time you still said no. In fact I had to ask 23 times before you actually said yes. And believe me when I say this Jade...I don't regret it. Remember when we used to spend nights in my R.V? every night you asked me to say I loved you and every night I did, and I meant it. Jadelyn August West, I love you and I will never stop. Ian's if I could turn back time to you counting to ten I would, I would take back all those things I said...but most of all...I would open the door. I love you, don't you ever forget it."

When Beck finished his speech he turned to see all his friends with tears in their eyes. "you really love her? Dont you?" Cat asked walking over to Beck. Beck nodded and Cat gave him a watery smile "So do I." She whispered hugging Beck Tori joined and the three hugged and cried... in front of their dark friend's grave.

Jadelyn August West never wanted to die... It's a shame that she did anyway.

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