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Tags: AU, Strong, Rinnegan/Sharingan Menma, Possible Character Deaths

Pairings: Menma x Aoko Aozaki

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"ROOOAAAR!" the shout of a beast could be heard. The Ten-Tails is titanic in size; one of its hands is bigger than any of the tailed beasts, you could see a raven spiky hair boy with light purple rippled eyes. That boy is Menma Ryougi age of 6, Menma was running while carried his black hair and blue eye little sister Mana Ryougi age of 1, the boy continued to run as fast as he could while dodging the white holes that began to appear when the Ten-Tailed beast appear destroying everything in its path. No matter which way he looks he sees the world burning, everything is disappearing mountains, forests, oceans and land fading away.

Menma finally reached his destination , their home which he and his little sister hopes their parents are safe and sound, he soon sees his parents, tears of joy leaving the eyes of the two siblings their parents they are alive and saved. The small family reunited the mother Shiki Ryougi and the father Mikiya Kokutou hug their children, happy that their children are well but both parents realize that something is missing their middle son Nagato is missing. Shiki asks Menma what has happened to them when they were separated, tears begin to leave Menma's eyes he begins to explain what happened, when the Ten-Tails beast attacked with one of his tail creating a huge abyss, separating him, Nagato and Mana from them, he began to carry little Mana she was tired of walking. They attempt trying to get home , when suddenly white holes began to appear as if were eating the world. One appeared in front of him, he jump dodging the white holes when suddenly another white holes appear where he was going to land, he was going to throw Mana out so that at least she is saved then Nagato jumps to them pushing him out of the way. He remains stunned watching his brother falling to his demise he reacts fast and grabs his little sister and continuous running no time to murmur the death of his brother, and the rest of what happened was the same. Menma finishes telling his part of his story, Shiki then hugs Menma and Mana while both continuous to cries for the loss of Nagato.

"ROOOAAAR!" They hear the sound of the beast , this time very close to them. Shiki prepares to fight the Ten-Tails, when suddenly the beast stop and start staring at them watching them with his giant eye, Shiki notice that the giant eye had a strong resemblance to the eyes of her son, while her son eyes color are light purple the Ten-Tails eye are crimson color with nine tomoe them she speaks.

Shiki: What do you want? with my son Ten-Tails!.

she said with a angry and demanding voice, not even scared being in the presence of the Primordial God of Destruction and Creation.

Ten-Tails: He He He He He He.

The beast laughs while smiling maniacally, just looks at her amusedly infuriate Shiki even further.

Ten-Tails: Your son was supposed to follow the path of balance, but now your child has a life out of balance, if he becomes to good the world will be destroyed, if he becomes to evil the world will be destroyed. Your son is no different to that man… the Sage of the six path. The Sage, once represented peace and order in the world but then came this girl to his life changing it. Pulling him out of the path of balance, he was supposed to be a perfect God!, But NO! she made him feel human. Humans can not! bring peace and order to the world, human beings are fools!, weaklings who let themselves be controlled by their hatred and feelings, is its in your nature killing each one to another. The Sage was supposed to have created a world without conflict, but in the end he fail. Your son was his replacement , the truth is I'm not surprised after all, that Aozaki girl is the incarnation of Akasha, while your son is the incarnation of Samsara it was going to happen eventually, now I have to destroy the world to create it again, if you want to blame someone for the end of the world blame Kiritsugu Emiya and his wife Irisviel von Einzbern they are the cause of our curse! and existence!.

Says the Primordial God with hatred in is voice when he mention these two, leaving a confused Shiki when he said our? was he referring to himself, Menma and the Sage.

Shiki: What do you mean!?... what all this has to do with my son?.

Silence that is the only answer she receives, she gets angry

Shiki: Answer me!.

She shouts, she was going to say more but was interrupted by a booming voice of the Ten-Tails.

Ten-Tails: ENOUGH!, I've already said too much… now be quiet and accept your demise!.

The beast began gathering his tails near his mouth, the beast stars to gather both positive blue Magic, and negative red Magic, then shape it into a black violet sphere.

Shiki's eyes widened in terror, if the colossal beast shoots the sphere of death it will utterly destroy Misaki Town and her family in it. She reacts fast and activates her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, but her eyes widened in surprise when she see that she can not see, Ten-Tails line of death she began to lose hope in defeating the Primordial God, but she quickly is composed herself not giving up. She, then again check if she can see the line of death of the Primordial God,she then smirked when she see the line of death in the ball of doom. And just in time when she see, the Primordial God nearing completion the now massive ball of death. When suddenly a black blur appears in front of her, said black blur was Menma her son.

Shiki: Menma!? What are you doing here, get out of here you are endangered!.

The mother said worried.

Menma: No!, I will not let the Ten-Tails to destroy the world if the world is destroyed i will not be able to see you all again…. I will be alone. I do not want to be alone over again. I will, I will, I-I WILL! protect my precious people!.

He says with determination in his eye, and then puts his hands together as if he were to pray God. A black orb is created, between his hands he then released to the sky. The Ten-Tails's eye widened and then quickly fires his Tailed Beast Ball toward Menma. Menma quickly moved his hands forwards and shout."Shinra Tensei!."

As soon he said those two word, instantly a protective gravity ord appeared around Menma and Shiki just in time, when the massive Tailed Beast Ball collided with the gravity ord. Menma was putting all his effort into his Jutsu. But it was all in vain the force of the massive Tailed Beast Ball was to strong for him to reflect, seeing no other choice Menma closed his left eye while only his right eye was open. Preparing to use his last Jutsu." KAMUI!" a swirling distortion appeared in the air and right when it appeared, it began to absorb the massive Tailed Beast Ball.

Shiki: Menma! stop now the right eye's primary use of Kamui is the ability of intangibility. Not line of sight like your left eye.

His mother yells in worried, Menma knew his mother was right about his Kamui's techniques, if you are wondering why he use the right eye's Kamui instead of using his left eye's Kamui, was because of the intangibility of the right eye's Kamui . If he fails in sending the massive Tailed Beast Ball to another dimension then he will use Spatial Mimicry to save his family. He could feel his right eye burning, soon blood started to come out of his eye due to the strain of using Kamui on the massive Tailed Beast Ball, he knew he would lose his right eye he could feel it, acting fast before he loses his eye, he use all the power that he had in his Kamui making it bigger and so he was finally able to send the massive Tailed Beast Ball another dimencion, but now he lost an eye. He was now in his knee tired but he acts fast and stands up, then puts his hands together to finally use his technique in the sky waiting to be used he then shouts the name of his technique."Chibaku Tensei!"

Soon, the orb in the sky starts to attracts objects from all directions and pulls them into the sphere compressing them simultaneously. The surrounding earth, including forests and mountains, are collected into a single point, the Ten-Tails starts fighting against the gravitational force that was pulling him to the sky, the Ten-Tails starts shooting Tailed Beast Ball after Tailed Beast Ball to the sphere of earth that was forming in the sky, seeing that his first attempts failed, he starts to recharge a Tailed Beast Ball many times its own size with enough power to destroy the moon like he did in the past. The Primordial God fires his recharge Tailed Beast Ball to the sphere of earth in the sky, soon the Tailed Beast Ball impact with the sphere creating a massive explosion, Shiki had to cover her eyes so that the light did not blinded her view. The light began to fade and when the light disappeared, only to leave Shiki and the ten tails with their eyes wide open when they see the sphere without much damage. The gravitational force of the floating sphere was so strong that adsorbed a large part of the explocion, the Ten-Tails seeing that desperately continued his assault but all was in vain he continued being carried by the gravitational pull of the sphere, Menma seeing that Ten-Tails was trying to escape he forced all remained of his True Magic/Chakra to his Jutsu putting a great deal of strain on him, as blood starts coming out of his nose. Debris and giant pieces of earth piling on top of one another until it creates a large sphere trapping the Ten-Tails within. A large crater is left where the earth has been collected from.

Menma: *huff* *huff* *huff* I-I did it.

He was so tired he could hardly stand up, he looks at his mother and smiles. He begins to walk slowly to where his mother is, suddenly he hears a noise coming from the sky his only eye wide open in terror, the small moon begins to shake violently suddenly the sound of an explosion was heard in the small moon the Ten-Tails was trying to escape from the planetary body in the sky.


The Ten-Tails roared in rage and starts to charge a Tailed Beast Ball and shoots it, Menma closes his only eye accepting his death his mother starts to run towards him to try and protect him. Time passes Menma opens his eye on confusion he sees his mother who was hugging protectively she also had a confused face, he then look in front of him and sees a figure six step away from him blocking the Tailed Beast Ball, the figure looks at him with a sad face and regret.

Mysterious figure: I'm sorry, Menma is my fault that you're trapped in a endless cycle of reincarnation and hatred.

Then as if nothing the Tailed Beast Ball disappears, then the figure looks at Ten-Tails

Mysterious figure: I'm sorry Ten-Tails I have failed tocreated the world that we always wanted...maybe Menma is the one to created the world we want, why not trus more in our incarnation.

Says the figure while watching the ten tails with sadness and regret in his eyes, the Ten-Tails only roars in rage while watching the figure with hatred.


Now the figure known as Samsara only sighs in sadness and returns his attention to Menma, and noting that Menma was looking at him with hatred. He did not blame the boy.

Samsara: Menma I will restore the world but only once and I am sorry, maybe you hate me but do not let that hate to control you use it to make you stronger surpass me. And before I restore the world, because time and space have suffered great damage that I can not repair you will notice many changes in the world when you wake up again you'll feel the effects.

Samsara begins to restore the world, Menma starts yelling but soon a light blinded him losing consciousness.

Unknown time pass

Menma returns to the world of consciousness and note that he is in a dark room.

Menma: Hey!, anyone here...hello?

Silence that is the only answer he receives, A few seconds pass Menma begins to hear a step. Menma faces the direction of the sound and thanks to his Mystic Eyes in the dark he sees a figure and he sees is an old man with a cane for support, the old man had long white spiky hair.

Menma: Who are you? and how I got here?

Menma asks confused, he could feel the life force of the old man and it feels familiar like him and his mother. He suddenly feels weird when mentioning his mother, but decided to ignore the thought and pay attention to the elderly who looked like he was finally going to say something.

Old man: I am the ghost of the past, I am Madara Uchiha your grandfather.

Madara presents himself leaving Menma is astonished, this legendary figure is his grandfather.

Madara: Menma have a lot to talk about, I imagine you've noticed that you lack something is that right?

Menma begins to think for a few minutes and now he think about it, the events of the ten tails he remembers it but the events that he had with his family he does not remember it.

Menma: I-I can not remember! why I can not remember my family! damn you SAMSARA!.

Menma was angry and sad he could not remember their faces or their names was as if he never had a family, and worst of all is that he can not remember that girl. Madara felt sympathy for his grandson.

Madara: Menma, Samsara is not to blame time and space were so damaged that when he restore the world, it caused a great disturbance not only in this world but in all the multiverse causing the Akashic Records, the Swirl of the Root, which is the source of all events and phenomena in the universe. Existing outside of time, it stores and archives information of all possibilites and events, past, present, and future, of the world. It is the place from where all souls, including those of Heroic Spirits recorded on the Throne of Heroes, originate from and to where they return after death.

Madara ends to explain, but seeing the confused face of Menma he sighs and tries to explain again.

Madara: It means that when Samsara restore the world that was supposed destroyed, confusing Akashic Records and causing to rewrite the people memories, events of the past will be repeated in the present or in the future and future events occur in the present, mergers of multiverse etc. that's why you can not remember some of your memory.

Again Madara finishes his explanation, Menma had a look of dumb in his face Madara rolls his eyes then sigh tiredly recalling that Menma is a child of 6 years old.

Madara: Later I explain to you for now I'll train you, with time I will explain more. Now I want to ask you a question, what you think about this world? full of war and hatred.

Menma: What i think about this world, I want to destroy it and create a new this world in which we live now is hell.

Madara: Good, While both thought the same thing but for now rests, and Menma happy birthday, my gift is a new eye since you lost the other one.

Now that Madara says that, Menma notes that he had a bandage covering his right eye Madara then tells him not to remove the bandage Madara begins to tell more about Menma's new right eye.

Madara: The one eye I gave you is a Sharingan but not any Sharingan but my Sharingan eye, now rests tomorrow will be a long day.

Menma nods and lay down, Madara left the room and went to his small throne and sits five minutes of silence passed then he listens to a old man voice.

Old man: Why you lied to the child over his right eye and why transplant it to that Aozaki girl.

Madara: Zelretch the reason why I transferring the eye of Menma to Aozaki, is because she is the only one who can defeat him by killing him something I want to avoid. But with the eye of my grandson she will not only beat him but will be able to also save him, and Zelretch do not screw up! this time all this is happening is because of you!. Now get out! and take the girl with you, you know where she is.

Zelretch nods accept the answer and leave, now Madara will concentrate in training Menma in the next ten years to come.


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