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Tatsuki leaned upon the window, seeing the rain fall from the gray clouds. She sighed catching the attention from her friends. They didn't say anything, knowing the reason for her mode.

The war against Aizen had cost so many lives, and the survivors were at the Soul Society, getting things back to normal. It meant that the person who Tatsuki wanted to see the most was far away from her, literally, in other dimension.

-Tatsuki-san, would you like to join us?- asked Ishida Uryuu, setting a pack of cards on the table, ready for start a game.

-No, thanks- Tatsuki sighed again, and left the window, heading to the exit of Orihime's house.

-Take care, Tat-chan- pleaded her orange haired friend, with a worried look on her eyes.

-Okay, Hime- the dragon girl got out of the house, heading for a very special spot to her.

/-Oi, Arisawa!- she looked behind her to see a hot headed moron running to catch her./

She held a whimper. The only thought of him was overwheelming her. She'd never felt so weak and vulnerable, and she wanted it to stop.

/The puch aimed to his face was stopped by him. Not giving up, she rose one feet to kick him, but again, she failed to get her goal.

-Stop now, Arisawa- he pinned her against the wall of the class, preventing her movements. He didn't want her hurting herself.

-Why?- asked Tatsuki restraining the tears in her eyes- Why Ichigo and Orihime didn't tell me anything? I'm their friend, right?

-They didn't wanted endanger you/.

She stopped her steps when she reaches the place where she had seen him the last time.

/The words were unneccesary between them. They only stared into the others eyes, not wanting to separate.

-I have to go- he said, but didn't move.

-I know- was her response. He cupped a hand against her face and she leaned into it.

-I don't want to leave, Luna- she heard him whispering, and folded her arms around his neck, bringing him down to her to kiss him briefly.

-Please be safe- said her, feeling the rain starting to fall above her.

-I will. Promise me you will have care.

-I promise- she slip a hand into the neck of his shikakuso and pulled out a simple golden chain attached to a little golden dragon.

He did the same with her, pulling out a silver chain with a sleeping dog curled up in a crescent moon.

He get a few steps back and held his sword, opening the gate to an uncert future/.

She didn't know anything about him. Nor if he was alive, injuried or... she shooked her head, not wanting that thought cross her head.

Suddenly, she felt two strong arms sneaking from her back, pulling her into an unexpected embrace. She tensed up before recognizing who was hugging her. Leaning her back to his strong chest, she hummed happily.

-I should take it like a "I missed you"?- she looked up to his black eyes, a smirk forming in her lips.

-Not at all, baka- she turn around in his arms and traced the design of the tatoos on his forehead- I should punch you for taking so much time to return...

-Hey! That wasn't my decision, if it were for me, I...- he find himself unable to speak, because his lips were sealed with hers. She pulled back and smiled.

-Welcome back, Renji

-I'm at home, Tatsuki