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Chihiro looked out her bedroom window wistfully, watching the rain hit the glass. The weather matched her feelings - gloomy.

"Chihiro, dear," Mrs. Ogino called softly. "I brought you some cocoa."

Chihiro turned around, smiling so big that it hurt. She always enjoyed her mother's friendly company - but cocoa made it all the better. Mrs. Ogino smiled faintly in return as she set the mug of cocoa on the nightstand next to Chihiro. Mrs. Ogino was the only person Chihiro told of her adventures in the Spirit World; and, much to the girl's surprise, Mrs. Ogino believed her. Chihiro always thought that it was because her mother could not think of a logical explanation as to how come the car was covered in vines, and there was a huge time span of days when it seemed mere minutes during the move eight years ago.

"Dear, I want to tell you something."

Chihiro looked over the brim of her cup, nodding slightly.

"This Haku, you told me of ... he is the spirit of the Kohaku River, correct?"

Chihiro nodded.

"Well, I want to tell you this. I know he saved you that day..." Mrs. Ogino shuddered at the unkind memory, referring to when Chihiro almost drowned in the Kohaku River when she was small, "and that he saved all of us eight years ago, but you have to move on."

Chihiro put the mug back on the nightstand, frowning. "What do you mean?"

Mrs. Ogino sighed. "You obviously developed feelings for that boy," she said. "You rejected everybody who came to you. Even if you are not sure why, I know why. Do you understand now what I mean by, 'move on'?"

Chihiro gulped the lump in her throat. "Mom ... so you basically want me to, what, get married?" Before Mrs. Ogino could answer, Chihiro spoke again. "Now that you mention any 'feelings', it makes sense ... but as they say that you cannot command the heart, I won't be able to be with anybody else; even if I wanted to. It will be forced. And who am I to be with, even if I decided to move on? There are beautiful, healthy girls out there, mom. Nobody will notice me. I am not even going to school because of my Immune disorder! I'm homeschooled -!"

"Chihiro, calm down," Mrs. Ogino snapped. She sighed. "You know I simply want the best for you. I would have given up my life if it means you would have a normal life in return. Get a hold of this: you live once, live that life. What if you wait another eight years for that boy to come to you? What if he meant something completely different by that promise?"

Chihiro was silent, sipping her cocoa cautiously. Mrs. Ogino stood up with a tired sigh.

"Think about what I said."

Chihiro turned to acknowledge Mrs. Ogino, but the lady left. As soon as Chihiro was sure that nobody would hear her, she broke down into heart wrenching sobs. She looked up at the dark gray sky, hoping, as she did all those years, to see a familiar dragon soaring the skies. But only dark clouds and rain met her eye, and she lowered her head in defeat.

Chihiro knew her mother was right. She couldn't spend the rest of her life waiting for Haku to come back to her! What if he did mean something different by that promise?

But you cannot command the heart!

Chihiro shook her thoughts, saving them for another day. It was a shame, really, that Chihiro's life turned out to be that way. The girl saw it a blessing that Mrs. Ogino believed her. She needed to let out all of those emotions her heart was brimming with! But in some ways, even Mrs. Ogino did not understand. Chihiro knew that waiting as patiently as she did could be foolish; especially if it came down that Chihiro misunderstood Haku's promise.

Mrs. Ogino scrubbed at the porcelain dirty dishes in the sink. Mr. Ogino already went to sleep, exhausted after the day's long work. With a sigh, the lady put the clean dishes in the dishwasher. To be honest, Mrs. Ogino was grateful but also felt bitter anger towards this "Haku." She was grateful that the river spirit saved her daughter's life twice (not to mention that she and her husband could be pork), but also angry for all the pain he caused her daughter. Mrs. Ogino could hear Chihiro's faint cries and sobs when she slept.

She knew why her daughter cried out so painfully.

Mrs. Ogino washed the last dish and went to look at the pouring rain from the window. With time, the rain ceased, and the moon broke through the thick clouds. The stars twinkled in the night, making the lady smile. "Kohaku River," she whispered carefully, "if you can, come back for my daughter. She's miserable, and I think you can know why."

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