Jack's Daughter (Working Name) Chapter 1: Prologue

Four Years After the Mutiny Aboard the Black Pearl

Jack stepped off the commandeered longboat and onto the filthy, creaking docks of Tortuga. As he turned back to make sure the boat was secured, a scowl flitted across his face. It was gone seconds later, but anyone who knew him well could tell what had crossed his mind in those few seconds.

Captain Jack Sparrow had been hit hard by the loss of his precious ship, the Black Pearl, and his subsequent marooning, both of which were caused by his mutinous first mate, Hector Barbossa. He planned on saving his one shot for that man. Jack shook his head and started walking down the dock, making a list of sorts in his head. Find Gibbs, probably wake Gibbs from a drunken stupor, find a nice pub and drink rum while talking to Gibbs, get supplies, find a better ship, and, finally, commandeer said ship.

Jack nodded his head in approval of his plan, strode off the dock, and promptly fell over.

"Damn, I always forget there be a step there," he mumbled to himself. He stood, shook himself, and walked off as if nothing had happened. Jack swaggered through the busy streets, evading brawling pirates, dirty pickpockets, and drunken whores with an unnatural ease that only comes from years of practice. He wandered through Tortuga with no apparent purpose until he noticed a pigsty. Walking towards it, he found the man he'd been looking for, sleeping. Next to him, Jack discovered a bucket of cold water. The sly captain grinned to himself, happy to have found such a wonderful way to wake his old friend.

When the water splashed on the man, Gibbs sputtered, coughed, and drew out his knife, growling.

"I'll cut out yer heart, ye lily-livered scou-," he stopped halfway through his rant when he noticed Jack.

"Oh, it's ye. Wha' do ye wan'?"

"I have a pro- propo- propi- position-," Jack struggled to find the word to use, flailing his arms all the while.

"A proposition, perhaps?" Gibbs asked. Jack pointed a heavily ringed finger towards the other man.

"Aye! That be the one. So, we find the best bar, have some rum, and I'll tell ye, savvy?" Gibbs nodded his head in confirmation.

"Alrigh' I'll meet ye at the Faithful Bride, then?" Jack nodded.

"Agreed." And he walked off, in the wrong direction.

"Jack," Gibbs hollered, "it be in the other direction." He jerked his head towards the bar.

Aye, that it be. Thank ye for the headin', Mr. Gibbs." Joshamee Gibbs shook his head, and walked towards the little shack he called home, at the moment. One always had to have money when drinking with Captain Jack Sparrow.

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