Once upon a time, long, long ago, before all of the modern technology; before the smart phones, the computers, the cars even – when the only way to communicate with someone was by sending them a letter, when the only way to travel was by ships for long distances and horses for short ones, there was a fine kingdom; Fortunenra Land.

Fortunenra land was an island, one island of a chain, but Fortunenra was the strongest; and that was according to the loving people and the kind king.

Ah, the king – King Ethan the third- He was a very wise strong man, he loved his people and his people loved him they considered him not only their leader, but father, brother and friend.

He always made sure that absolutely no one is complaining, no one is not satisfied. He always made sure that his kingdom is still the same.

See how perfect that kingdom was?

But nothing ever stays the same.

It's a tradition that the one to take the throne is the oldest son of the king; the older prince, but in this case, King Ethan the third never had any children. So, that left us to the second rule of transferring crowns; the closest relative to the king is the one to take the throne.

Well, let's explain the complicated situation he found himself in: The king had only two relatives that he could give the crown to after his death; Prince Robbie Ray, and Prince Paul Gray; his dead wife's son, and his nephew… and to make things even more complicated, they were born only few hours separating them.

The king was pretty worried about his kingdom and what would happen if he died, and he just felt that's going to be soon, and he knew if he didn't leave a well, they'll fight about it, as they already couldn't stand each other. And to be honest, he didn't know who can be the most worthy of the crown.

So, he decided to test them, he gave each a piece of his kingdom to see how he'd role it, they were to act as if on their own, as if they're the actual leaders, but after all, no decision was to be taken unless the King approved, and that almost worked… almost!

Unfortunately, only two weeks after they were both being tested by the King, King Ethan the third passed away.

It was a shock to everyone, a wave of sadness crossed the whole kingdom, the funeral took place with the attendance of everybody to say goodbye to the good King for the last time. For another two weeks, Robbie Ray and Paul Gray were actually one hand in handling the kingdom, but once the wave of grief and sadness was beginning to fade, once everybody accepted the fact that the King is gone, it was time to choose.

They started fighting again, and playing tricks on each other to push the other away from the throne. But, fights after fights, it was settled in the end that the two would role.

Each one was to take the part he was given by the late King when he was testing them, and just like that, the once fine Kingdom divided into two Kingdom because of the greedy Princes, and Fortunenra land became two lands:

The north land, Demetriana Kingdom of King Robbie Ray, and he named it after his oldest daughter –his only back then-

And The south land, Deniseliene, Kingdom of King Paul Gray and it was named after his wife.

And the people had no choice but to sadly give in and obey.

A/N: I decided to put this story up because Different Powers and Island Of Secerts are both slowly coming to an end soooo , well, that completely look funny, but actually it has a fine story behind it, it's not your ordinary old fairy tale :) So please let me know what you think :)