This is Halloween: Yu-gi-oh Speical

Rose: Hey guys this will be my Halloween special, I know this is over rated and everyone does it. But eh… I couldn't help myself, especially when I thought about an interesting twist. I hope to have this story down by chirstmas, so that means I've given myself a deadline and hopefully I'll do it.

Atemu: Exactly what is going on here –is looking through the script-

Rose: -snatches away- You'll find out in the end, which is when you come –sticks out tougue-

Atemu: Don't show it if you're not going to use it.

Rose: That's just wrong.

Atemu: I'm only giving you far warning.

Rose: Whatever.

Title: This is Halloween

Pairings; Puzzleshipping, tendershipping, possible bronzeshipping and mobuimshipping.

Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Horror-ish (I'm not good at horror but I'll try) Adventure/Action, Angst, shooting for some ecchi.

Warning: Yaoi, cussing, violence, blood, suggestiveness, no lemons…

Rated: T

Rose: If you would Atemu…

Atemu: -bows- My pleasure, Rose doesn't own Yu-gi-oh, the Nightmare before Christmas, panic at the disco, Fall out boy (FOB), Amy lee, or the soundtrack Nightmare's revised. Only the idea to use them together, the plot twist and her Oc's.

Rose: Thank you, I would advise all to listen to the deferent visions of the songs, to help with your imagination I will not be thinking in terms of the original music, though it was good, I like the newer ones better for this flic. I wont be using all the songs but again this is strongly on the Tim Breton's Nightmare Before Christmas. I think that I'll still try to use all the songs.

Story Intro:

"Hello everyone, you can call my Rose and I'll be your narrator for this story ;p, don't worry I wont be long, I'm just here to get things rollin'." She pulls out a huge book and sets it on her lap, "now lets see…oh here we go! I hope you guys like this one, it's one of my favorites…."

This story beings how all others do, well atleast all seemingly nice Halloween stories do. Anyway, it was warm autumn day in the city of Domino. The leaves had all turned and fallen leaving most of the trees naked and deformed looking. It was warm, even the autumn breezes that swept the leaves around the vacant sidewalks seemed a little eerie though. Of course they would though, for tonight was Hollow's eve.

To most this is just a simple day, one where you would dress up and go to parties. Small children going from door to door laughing while singing a marry little tune. "Trick or treat, smell my feet give me something good to eat," while holding out there plastic jack-o-lanterns, or potato bags. Others thought of this to be sacred holiday, similar to the Mexican 'day of the dead.' They would visit loves one who had long departed, cleaning their tombstones and eating home cooked meal in the cemeteries, to celebrate the afterlife. Many hoped that there departed family members would join their celebration.

However, as on most holidays, people had no idea what their conjugations and beliefs did. Or the consequences they held….that's right, holidays gave a different set of beings meaning to celebrate. For on these certain days, as long as the people believed they could enter the human world through a portal that only comes once year, on a certain holiday….this one just so happens to be, Halloween.

Each country has a forest, an enchanted forest, to the dead each of these wood are known as the Saint Hallow's wood, even if it had a different human name. These are where the portals lyed. Hidden deep within each forest was a tree with different mark, one for each holiday. Some were faded and chipped showing how little humans believed in them, these doors could never be opened. Some were bright and colorful showing their holiday off with pride, knowing that there was a strong belief in them. Then some trees were unmarked, well, waiting to be marked for a new holiday and a new world to be created.

Some would call these world's the afterlife, it's occupants however have a different view. To themselves they are very much alive.

There is one rule though…

The humans are to never, and I mean never find out about the hallow woods secret, if they did a disaster would occur throughout the worlds. The true consequences of the action were lost along time ago, so they people of these worlds have no idea what would happen. So they live in secret, away from the humans, were they know that they are safe from harm. In truth many had forgotten that all worlds were connected through The Hallow's wood. Some knew but kept it a secret, hmmm… you know if they had all simply communicated these problem may never would have occurred.

Oh who am I kidding, then our story never would have happened either-

'Bing Dong, Bing Dong,'

"Oh shoot there's the school bell!" she closes the huge book. "I'm out of time, you guys need to hurry or you'll miss the beginning of the story!" She sits up from her chair floating in the sky. "Go on, GO! I'll see you guys later."

The school was huge, it stood four stories tall with giant clock right at center of the buildings face. It continued to ring, bing bong, bing bong, as students slowly began to leave the massive structure. A group of four kind stood out from the crowd, or was it just the short guys crazy hair-do. The tallest of the group stretched his arms high letting out a big yawn. His pointed brown hair was odd but not as strange as the smallest in their group. It had three colors all spiked up. His hair was star shaped black base crimson tips, golden bangs framed his face while three shot up into his hair. The third of their group had sandy blond hair and lavender eyes that contrasted beautifully with his dark tan. The last was a wild looking teen, he had whitish grey hair with red-brown eyes. He looked like he'd mug you in dark allyway, beat you then leave you for dead. Anyway…

"Hey go fire that stink cannon somewhere else, Hiroto," the boy on the far right on the group sneered.

Honda Hiroto opened his sleepy eyes to give a white haired male a glare. "Bite me Bakura," he sneered back.

"Be careful my friend," the second shortest with blond hair said putting a hand on Honda's shoulder. "He just might take you up on that offer."

"To be fair Marik," the shortest one chimes in, "I don't think that Honda brushed his teeth this morning." He sends Honda a cheeky grin.

"Oh screw you Sennen," Honda yells as the others laugh.

"That's Yami to you," Yami scolds him back. "And you couldn't afford me," he finishes with a shake of his hips. Honda stops looking at his friend in a stunned silence. Marik and Bakura bust out laughing. Honda closes his mouth puts his hands on his hips and glares at his so-called friends.

He was about to give them all a piece of his mind when-," Hey guys," an overly cheery female voice calls.

All the men tense up, and slowly turn their heads to look behind them. None other than Vivian Wong was running up behind them. Oh Ra what could she possibly want now. She caught up to the group, her mandatory school uniform skirt did nothing to hide anything as she bounced up and down revealing her pink lacey underwear. Her black hair was tied up into two buns.

"You guys are coming to my Halloween party tonight right!" She got no response. She poked out her bottom lip. "Come on guys, I went on that scavenger hunt with you," she poked out her lip more.

"Vivian," Yami started, he was going to try and save all their hides. "Look we'd love to go, but none of us had time to pick out costumes."

"I have extras," she counters.

"You live on the outskirts of town, and none of us have cars the buses and trains don't run that late, especially tonight they all close early."

"I'll have my chauffer pick you guys up with your costumes," she smiled sweetly at them. Yami was stuck on what to say next without being rude.

"Look," Bakura pushed himself up against, " we don't want to go to your posh little-"

"Did I mention that at my fathers second house the Aokigahara forest(1) is just right behind our backyard," her said with an evil sparkle in her eye.

"Death forest," Marik whispered behind the two.

"That's right," she purred.

To say that they were no longer interested would be a lie.

"At the end of the party we were going go into the forest and walk around for abit," she says getting really close to both boys.

"Wait, we aren't-," Honda started.

"Fine we'll go," Bakura said a confident smirk plastered on his face. He turned around and while grabbing the back of Yami's collar started walking away. "I assume that you know our home addresses princess."

"I do," she says a dark look in her eyes, " believe me, I do." They couldn't see but her shadow flatter and waved as it transformer into demonic creature with sharp features, claws and razor sharp teeth. It placed a black hand on her shoulder.

"Excellent," it hissed out. "He looks just like him this shall work perfectly into my plans." Its hair swarmed around its face like snakes one slithered around Vivian's neck. "Good work my pet, now all you have to do is lead them to the tree."

"Of course, Oogie," she says. Her shadow laughs as it slowly sinks back into the ground.

This would most defiantly be a very interesting Halloween…..even if it was going to be the last.

End intro….

Rose: Ok well… that's the intro, the real story starts next chapter, like I said at the beginning this story is mostly based off Tim Breton's Nightmare before Christmas, I think I'll probably subconsciously put other movie influences into this so if I do, I don't own those either.

Alright the human groups is Yami, Honda, Marik/Malik, and Bakura. Not Yami Marik. You'll understand why as the story progresses.

(1) The Aokigahara forest is a real place, it is known as a place where mostly young Japanese go to commit suicide. It's said that the spirits that haunt the forest actually talk them into suicide and that after there suicide they are condemned to walk the forest never being free.

Also, I'm taking character suggestions, I haven't cast everyone yet but I'm planning on finishing by this weekend then I'll just be writing up a storm to finish this before Christmas. I'll give you guys a clue though.

Atemu: Jack

Yugi: Jack/Sally (you'll see why later)

Jou: Zero

Ryou: The Easter Bunny :3

Oogie: S-e-r-e-c-t

Santa Claus: S-e-r-e-c-t

Anzu/Tea: Witches

Rebecca: Sally (only in part)

I've already got Lock, Shock, Barrel, The town Mayor.

I need the three vampires, Dr. Frankstien and I'm going to bring in the other holidays at the end, so I was hoping you guys would help me out, Ryou is Easter, Mai is Valentines Day, duh. But the rest is in the air, I'll take anyone from Yu-gi-oh, Yu-gi-oh GX, and Yu-gi-oh 5D. If I don't use your suggested toon I might already have a part for them but I really want to see what you guys would like and are thinking so without further ado….


Write you guys later,

Rose :p