Halloween 5:

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Title: This is Halloween

Pairings; Puzzleshipping, bronzeshipping, possible tendershipping and mobuimshipping.

Genre: Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Horror-ish (I'm not good at horror but I'll try) Adventure/Action, Angst, shooting for some ecchi.

Warning: Yaoi, cussing, violence, blood, suggestiveness, no lemons…

Rated: T


Yugi was so happy, there were no if's and's or but's about it. He could just hold onto this person, Atemu, forever and ever never letting go. He had lost this person once, and he didn't plan on losing him anytime soon. He heard coo like noise above his so he looked at Slifer. Yugi petted the small dragons head, this was all the proof that he needed. Slifer only ever listened to Atemu and no one else this had to be him.

Yugi hooked both arms around one of 'Atemu's' the taller male looked down at him with his one uncovered eye. Yugi gave him brilliant smile.

While Yugi was in utter bliss those around him seemed to despair in lieu of his happiness. Medium blue eyes looked after Yugi fondly but they held a certain sadness to them. A young girl, another doll, hid behind a weeping willow tree just on the other side of the town square. She was not a procreation doll like Yugi had been made. No, to her, she was ugly.

A mere rag doll her blue button eyes were dull with wear her dress dirty and torn. She had done the patch work herself, her poorly crafted zig-zag's and line stitching the different deluded colors of pinks, blue's, purple's and green's the miss matched patterns of florals and lines. The dress itself only went down to her knees and was tattered at the fringe the top fitted like a t-skirt with 3-quarter sleeves. The same but more refine stitches littered her body as she had been sewn together with another miss match of colors. Her cloth skin was a dingy grey color now with only dark stain splotches. Her nail and lips were the same purple color as Yugi's- that was the only thing that they shared as brother and sister. Her tangled and matted dirty blonde hair reached the same length as her dress.

It made for quite a pitiful scene really.

"Rebecca!" she turned her head towards the elderly voice.

"Jii-san," she said quietly stepping back from the older man. The old man approached the young girl. He held out his gloved hand towards the girl.

"Come now child I believe that this is enough excitement for one day," Rebecca shock her head silently as she took another step back. He flexed his hand into a fist as he frowned deeply at the girl; she was so much more troublesome than her older brother.

His one eye narrowed at the shaking girl. His other eye was covered with an eye-patch ; thanks to the young lady standing infront of him. His back was hunched due to years of bending over his work table. His stature was short, just like he gave his 'children', well, her preferred to call them grandchildren. Black gloves and shoes adorned his hands and feet. His grey lab coat was button high with shiny black buttons. The fringe was tattered and torn at the bottom of his coat so you could see black saggy pants. His grey hair stuck out wildly under his black do-rag He scowled at the timid girl across from him.

She backed away just alittle more. The old scientists' purple eye darkened. "Come," he said sternly.

"No!" she yelled and hid behind the tree trunk. He placed his hands behind his back while letting out a sigh.

"How do plan on surviving little one," Rebecca froze on the other side of tree. The man smirked. "You know as well as I do that you cannot, not on your own atleast." He slowly makes his way around the tree.

Rebecca shook, "Can survive on my own," she rebuttled stubbornly.

"Oh," he says now standing behind her. "How so? You have no claws. You have no fangs. You are weak and fragile." At this point he right behind her breathing down her neck. Rebecca's body shook some more. "Need I remind you of you place in this world."

"It's not true!" she turned to look him in his eye. "Yugi is the same as me and look at where he is at," she motions to him. "I can be just like that. I can-."

The old man cut of his boll with a loud laugh that just blended into the merriment around them. He grabbed her wrist yanking her forward. "He was lucky," he looked her dead in the eye. "You are a very foolish girl," he continues. He looks over at Yugi, he was just laughing and smiling away. Then his eyes adverted to the man standing next to him, Atemu. He sneered that 'thing' had taken his doll away from him, his old eyes honed in a certain change in his 'king' however making him smirk. "Things are not always as they appear my dear."

"No!" Rebecca whines as he drags her off towards their home. "I wont!" she tugs and pulls at her own arm her feet sliding on the ground. This old man was stronger than he looked. She gulped timidly raising her hand to one of her stitches. She undid it making the old man lunge forward as she stumbled back and then ran.

He looked up just in time to see her look back at him while she ran around the corner. He was shocked as he looked back down at the girls arm. "You little-," he was then bonked on the head turned to the right just to get a finger in his eye. "Ouch!" he covered his eye. "Why yo-," bonk, bonk, bonk. He eventually just sat on the girls arm letting out a huff as he crossed his arms. Kids these days really…

-Happy Halloween-

Yami and Yugi were still standing on the stage when Yugi saw Rebecca disappear down a near ally way. Never turning his head or losing his smile slowly glanced at the old gentlemen that was now sitting on his little sisters arm. He sighed through his nose gaining Yami's attention.

"Little one?" he questioned. Yugi beamed up at him with a smile squeezing his arm alittle.

"It's nothing my Pharaoh," he smile brightened. Unfortunately his sister would have to wait it had just been too long since Yugi had seen his love and he was feeling alittle selfish. Yugi stood on his tippy-toes so he could wiggle his nose against Yami's.

Pharaoh, the word echoed through Yami's head. What did this strange boy mean by that?

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my good ol'friend Temmy," Marik says casting his large shadow over the two. Yami was not getting any good vibes from this guy. Yami didn't know if 'Temmy' was a pet name for something but it just screamed 'you don't like it.' Yami glared at Marik while subconsciously snaking an arm around Yugi's waist. Yugi didn't notice as he puffed up his cheeks his face turning slightly red.

"Bad Marik," Yugi took his pointer and index finger as he jumped up so he was the same height as the Major Werewolf pooping him right between the eyes with said two fingers. Yugi landed gracefully on the ground in the huff his hands on his hips. He would be damned if Marik put Atemu in a bad mood. "You know that he hates that little nickname," Yugi glared at him for a moment before his eyes went large and watery.

Marik hissed in pain while rubbing the spot between his eyes, however he froze when he saw what Yugi was doing. He covered his eyes.

"Why do you want to upset him," Yugi stuck out his bottom lip, "we just got back home." His bottom lip began to tremble. He knew that Marik couldn't see but all it took was- there it was. Marik peeked just a tiny bit from between his fingers.

He growled in frustration throwing his hands up in the air. "Whatever," he stomps off. Yugi beamed again knowing that victory was his, Marik's interrogations were just going to have to wait till morning.

If Yami's mouth could have dropped hitting the cold, hard ground. He couldn't see what the petite boy did, but to have grown ass werewolf turn around and practically flee within seconds had to be some kind of record.

"3 seconds," Yugi's voice chimed calling Yami back to planet Halloween. His breath hitched when his eyes refocused to see Yugi's face mere centimeters from his own. "That's my record," he smiles sweetly at Yami. Yugi leaned in alittle closer-

"AHHHH!" Mana came whaling in like a banshee on steroids. Yami cringed while Yugi just sighed, the moment lost. Mana ducked behind Yugi both of her hands on his shoulders. "Keep that thing away from me!"

"Excuse me, I am not thing you…." Bakura came in strong but didn't know how to finish it.

"My name is Mana," she said sticking her nose in the air.

"That's not what I was going for," Bakura glared at the ghost girl.

"Bakura," Yami hissed. Yugi's eyes enlarged abit.

"You know this incubus my Pharaoh?" Yugi asked.

"Incu-wha," Bakura raised a white-grey eyebrow. Yugi gave him a confused look while Mana was doing abstract hand signals behind Yugi's back. At first she just put her hands up in a big 'x' while shaking her head. Then she used both of her pointer fingers to frantically gesture to her left after that she started to walk in place like she was sneaking around on a tie-toes. Next thing they knew she pointed to herself then made like she tided a noose hanging herself, eyes x'ed out tongue hanging out.

Needless to say both men were confused. Mana gave them a 'really' look while slouching forwarded.

"You have something you want to share with us Mana," Yugi said looking at his ghost friend with slight worry.

Manas face turned beet red realizing Yugi had just seen all of that too. "N-no Yugi, but…" she trailed off looking at Bakura, he narrowed his eyes at her. "He's scary," she said pointing a finger him innocently.

Bakura sputtered in disbelief, he wasn't scary…

Then came the performance; Mana grabbed both of Yugi shoulders shaking him. "You have seen the way he was looking at Yugi!" she started. "His eyes trailed all over my luscious body with impure intent." She let go of Yugi to wrap her arms around herself in a self-conscious manner. She blushed, "it was like he was taking my clothes off with his eyes." Bakura's eyebrow twitched. Before anyone could speak, "I never even saw it coming he just- he just," Mana sniffled alittle. "He just grabbed me," she grabbed a hold of Yugi making him jump alittle. "Then he pulled me in close," she brought Yugi right up against her chest. Bakura's mouth dropped opened.

Him and Yami shared a look. Yami crosser his arms over his chest giving his friend a disapproving look. Bakura just re-exaggerated his mouth dropping flicking his arms out as if to say; 'Dude she is fucking lying do you not see MY shock.'

Mana continued; "And the things…" Mana held Yugi tighter. "The things he said to me…" she trailed off again. After a moment she pulled from Yugi only enough so that their eyes could meet. "You know how incubus are Yugi…. They like to fuck you in your sleep." Mana snapped her head towards Yami and Bakura with that last line a sinister smile on her face all suggestiveness implied.

Both men flinched back, while Yugi just rolled his eyes at Mana's musings. Yugi brushed Mana's hand off of him.

"Why you little-," Yami held Bakura back while Mana stuck her tongue out at him going back to hiding behind Yugi.

"Enough," Yugi's voice had a slight authority to it. "You've had your fun Mana," she gives him a fleeting pleading look but sighs going to stand beside the porcelain doll. Yugi gives Bakura an apologetic look before his gaze softens on Yami.

"Haza… and cheers," a voice rings out over the crowd. Yugi and Mana turn around while Yami and Bakura only have to look up. Marik was now standing on the roof tops a drink in hand. Great a wasted werewolf was a dangerous werewolf Yugi would have to make sure that Jou kept an eye on him tonight. Speaking of Jou… Yugi looked around for his friend.

"To another wonderfully horrific Halloween!" Marik said losing his footing a bit, how many drinks had the werewolf downed in such a short amount of time? The crowd held up their glasses and cheered. Marik smirked down at Yami, now Yami was worried. "A night that would never had happened if not for our king, a hale the mighty Pharaoh Atemu!" Marik howled at the top of his lungs.

Yami took a step back when all the other monsters and mystics turned towards him raising their glasses towards him now. What the hell was going on? He had been called Atemu twice now.


Yami put his hands up.

"Wait, I think-," Mana appeared beside him shaking her head then made a slicing motion over her neck. Yami paled under his bandages.

What had they gotten themselves into?

After Marik finishes off his drink he lets the bottle drop and shatter on the ground. He shows Yami his canines. "A speech," he suggests motioning at Yami. Mana's and Yami's eyes widen.

Oh shit! Damn that asshole and his nose! Mana clenched her fists. Yami felt the small dragon shift around his shoulders and neck. He looked to his side to see Slifer looking at him then forward to see Yugi looking at him. He leaned over to Mana.

"What the hell am I supposed to say," he whispered.

"Just start with my fellow monsters and mystics," she whispered back, it wasn't great but what the hell did you expect she's not a political type of person. "Just make it short and to the point."

Yami thought for a moment then remember the banner at the gate to the town it said 'Halloween town.' Sure lets start with that…

"My fellow monsters and Mystics," he took a step forward. Bakura gave him an 'are you crazy' look. He almost said something till Mana popped up beside him elbowing him in the ribs. "I, your mighty Pharaoh…" What was his name again? "Atemu!" he caught himself, "are very pleased with you on this Hallow's night. You work was impeccable," he smirked towards the swooning mages and witches on his right.

"Oh he's good," Mana whispered to Bakura who only glared at her in return.

"Eat, drink, be wicked…replenish yourselves for I except next year to be even more frightening," Yami's voice boomed and the crowd cheered. Marik snarled jumping off the roof to grab another beer, his nose was never wrong… there was a human in Halloween town.

Yugi came beside him guiding him off the stage. Mana floated on Yamis left, she didn't notice Yugi eyeing her from the other side of Yami.

"You could have done better," Yami glares at her. "You'll have plenty of time to practice though," she giggles and then flies off." Yami eyes widen, what the hell was that supposed to mean?! He was not doing that again.

"That was great Atemu," Yugi's voice called his attention, "it could have been longer, but it was still good." They walked behind the stage to stand beside the hearse, "Would you like to go home now?"

"Home," Yami looked at him confused the looked around the town. Yugi giggled at him.

"Have you been gone so long that you have forgotten Pharaoh?" Yugi asks his eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Yes…" Yami answers slowly him and Bakura shrugging at eachother.

"Very well," Yugi smiled up at him. "We live up there," he points up. Yami and Bakura look up only to see the night sky. Yugi giggled again.

"What," Yami was starting to get frustrated, that Mana girl seemed to know what was going on but she kept hiding behind that little doll…Yugi was his name?

"You really have forgotten haven't you?" a bit of sadness was etched into his voice now. "I was afraid that would happen with how long you've been gone." His light blond bangs cover his eyes for a moment but he pops up with a bright smile. "Mana told me that the longer someone stays away from their home they forget more and more things." Yugi starts as he walks off towards a back ally way. Yami and Bakura share a look before following him.

"I wonder what else Mana has told him," Bakura mutters.

Yugi stops turning to look at Bakura, shit he heard him. "Mana likes you," is all that Yugi said before he starts walking again. Bakura gave an annoyed grunt while Yami winked blowing him an air kiss. Bakura swatted it away, he just knew that smug bastard was smirking under those mummy bandages.

"So where are we going exactly?" Bakura asks and Yugi stops walk again. He looks at Yami this time.

"You wish for this incubus to accompany you the palace," Yugi inquires.

Yami looks between the two, then sends Bakura a sly look.

"You wouldn't dar-"

"Of course," Yami cuts him off. "He is a good friend of mine even if he is alittle troubled."

"I'm troubled!" Bakura pipes up in the back ground.

Yugi sighs, "very well." He turns to continue. "Sense he is a new soul here we have to take the long way home through the living graveyard."

"Living graveyard…" Yami says slowly.

"Of course, the living graveyard, is where the accessory souls live." Yugi said like it was common knowledge.

"Accessory souls?" Bakura says while quirking an eyebrow.

Yugi gave him a brief look. "Yes, they are souls that have not accepted their deaths yet per-say. You see they kind of live in their own little worlds, a fantasy that they are still alive. They have nothing that attaches them to the human world but they refuse to except that they are dead. Each town has something similar to our living graveyard here in Halloween town. If the soul ever accepts their death or is forced by an outside source they become part of our town."

"Hold up!" Bakura holds his hands in time out signal. "You're telling me that you are human."

"I was human," Yugi corrected him. They came to another archway closed off by another iron gate like the one at the opening of the town. He turned around to smile at Bakura. "I've been dead for a very long time now."

The air around Yugi seemed to sadden and all Yami wanted to do was just hold him in his arms. Yugi folded his arms around his stomach letting his hands rest on his hips. "Are you absolutely sure that you want to bring this white spirit with you my Pharaoh?"

"White spirit?" They both questioned and Yugi let out another sigh, this was getting depressing. It's like Atemu didn't remember anything was his time away really that damaging to his memory.

"Yes, a white spirit is a new spirit, they have done nothing in this world yet so their ka hasn't been altered yet. In short terms," Yugi continues when he sees Bakura opening his mouth, "you are a clean slate you have no negative or positive energy."

"Ok…." Bakura lets out.

"You will see in the living graveyard what color your aura can change into depending on who you become in this world. I suggest that you stay away from the blue, pink, and red ones they have the strongest auras and can often entrap undecideds' as yourself Incubus."

"My name is Bakura," he interjects.

Yugi bows his head as acknowledgement. Yugi inhaled closing his eyes. His forehead started to glow, gold lines appeared on his forehand in the shape of another eye. Yugi open his eyes again to reveal that the sclera (the white part of your eye) of his eyes were now amethyst as well his pupils were now slits like a felines.

He turned around crossing his hands over his chest as he whispered a soft chant. His body started to glow purple as a ripe was heard. A bright light cut through the space in front of him then quickly expanded covering the enter archway. Yami and Bakura stood there awed by the sight.

Transparent step lead the way upward to a blue pyramid shaped building. It floated unsuspended contrasting the red sky the same golden eye that had appeared on Yugi's forehead was centered at the front of this huge structure. The middle of the eye glowing red (yes it's from the movie).

"That is the Glass Pyramid Palace of Anubis," Yugi introduces the scene. "The Eye of Ra adorns it however, it keeps the Palaces power in check." Yugi takes a step forward placing one white foot on the first transparent step.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold up pastie," Yugi stopped and turned to Bakura eyebrow raised. "You're telling me that thing has powers or something."

"Of sorts…" Yugi smirks at him. Why did that look just seem so wrong on the dolls face? "Come, the spirits get more restless the longer that we linger."

Yami and Bakura looked up at the giant Pyramid again, then they saw them, the graves there where hundreds of thousands of graves just floating the sky on either side of the transparent steps. As Yugi accended the stairs figures started to poke their heads out of the their grave. Old and young like; male and female, 21st and 17th century dressed, there were so many of them. They were all different colors but each person was dominated by a single color.

The Palace didn't look all too inviting either….


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Bakura: -covers Yami's mouth- Don't you dare drag me down with you Pharaoh.



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