A/N: If you think this is a happy or good relationship between Cat and Jade. You clearly need therapy.

Wi-Fi In the Sky

It's unnerving, Cat behavior. She's done nothing since the trailer at the beach incident and you can't tell if she's planning anything.

You are almost certain she is.

Quite possibly.


It's not normal, she hasn't called for you, she's kept her distance at school, or she hasn't even made a move on Tori beyond her facade. And the worst part is, you can't tell if she's found a new game or if she's grown bored with you.

You could blame her, because you know how much control she has over you.

But that's the problem. This is all your doing.

Staying up late at night, not sure how to feel. You've been obsessing over her. Running scenarios, going through her usual patterns. Nothing makes sense. She doesn't make sense. It just doesn't make sense. You aren't making sense.

And it's driving you insane.

You raged at Beck, it wasn't one of those instant one of knee jerk reaction that you've been unable to break the long learned habit of, this was anger. Actual, real, furious anger.

He forgave you.

But you don't know if you can forgive yourself.

The only conclusion that you can come up with is near impossible because everything she's done to others was about you.

You're hoping that it's true.

But it surprises you just how terrified you are at the thought.

What if she doesn't want you anymore?

And if Cat no longer wants you, how could Beck?

What will happen to you if you lose him?