So it's been a while but I've finally got round to finishing the last chapter of Daddy Issues! I'm not sure if I like it or not but hopefully you'll all enjoy it! :)

2 months later.

"Adam" Danny grinned as he walked into the AV lab "What have you got for me?"

Adam looked down at the piece of paper that sat on his desk next to the computer he was currently working on and then looked up at Danny "Not a lot unfortunately. I tried about 5 different swaps from that bottle you gave me and I tried to pull some prints off but it looks like it was wiped clean"

"Ah... well at least you tried" Danny replied as he sat in the chair next to Adam "Oh I was meant to say, thanks for having Lucy the other night, me and Lindsay really appreciated it"

"Oh, no worries, she was as good as gold, as always" Adam smiled as he turned back to his screen "And don't worry she didn't tell me..."

"Adam, come on, you need to stop with that." Danny said interrupting the lab tech "I understand now why you did what you did and I also know now that if Lucy did come to you with something important then you'd come to me or Lindsay"

"I know and I will. I don't want to be upsetting you or Lindsay again"

"You didn't upset me, Adam. I was just... annoyed, not at you at the situation. She's my daughter, my little baby and to find out someone was hurting her the way she was and then to also find out she didn't feel like she could come and talk to me or her Mum hurt. It hurt a lot and then I think I just got annoyed at the fact that she found it easier to talk to you but after talking to Lindsay I've realised that that's a good thing, that she can come and talk to you, that she trusts you. Lindsay said that after her friends died she never really spoke to her parents about it but a teacher at her school, someone she felt she could be honest and found easier to open up to that her parents which I guess in a way is a bit like you and Lucy."

Adam gave a small nod. "So we're okay?"

Danny gave Adam his famous Messer grin "Of course we are, buddy. Now I need to shoot and finish sorting through some evidence before I can finish"

"Okay" Adam smiled as he turned back to his desk "Oh Danny!"

"Yeah?" Danny replied as he stopped in the door way and turned to face the lab rat.

"Happy birthday!"

"Thanks" Danny smiled before leaving the room.

Adam looked at his watch, he had another 10 minutes before he could take his break, letting out a small sigh he went to turn back to his computer when a picture next to his desk caught his eye. It was taken at the work summer picnic back in July, the whole team was in the picture including Lucy who was sat on Adam's shoulders, grinning at the camera. Adam smiled knowing that this grinning, cheerful Lucy was now back and he was kind of proud of himself for helping her and bringing her back to the Lucy Messer that everyone knew and loved.

He was also pleased that he'd managed to help Madison, the young girl probably hated him for it but he knew he did what was for the best and he still wished that someone had done that for him when he was a child. He could have so many more happy memories from his childhood if they had but then, would he have turned out to be the person he is today if that had? Adam knew that was something he'd never know and there was no point on wondering what if. Adam took on last glance at the photo before getting back to his work.

Lucy sat in the break room at the lab with her Mum while they waited for her Dad to finish work as they were then taking him for a surprise trip to her Grandma's house to celebrate his birthday.

"Remember, your Dad knows nothing, Luce, so not subtle hints, okay?" Lindsay warned her daughter

"I won't, I promise" Lucy replied with a smile.

"That's what you said on his last birthday and he still managed to find out about that signed baseball card before I'd given it to him" Lindsay reminded her.

"I know, I know but I was eight then, Mum, you should never trust an eight year old with secrets"

Lindsay gave her daughter a smile "So now you're nine I can trust you?"

"Yep!" Lucy grinned. "I'm very good at secret keeping now"

"We'll see about that" Lindsay smiled as she wrapped her arms around Lucy's shoulders and pulled her in for a cuddle.

"Mum!" Lucy giggled.

"What? Am I not allowed to give my beautiful daughter a cuddle?"

"Yeah but you could have given me some warning" Lucy replied as she wrapped her arms around her mother tightly.

Lindsay kissed the top of her daughters head and took a minute to take in this precious moment with her daughter. She knew as Lucy started to enter her teenage years that cuddles like this might come few and far between so she planned to cherish each one she got.

"When's Dad gonna be here?" Lucy asked as she shifted out of her mothers arms and sat back on the small couch.

"Soon" Lindsay replied as she checked her watch.

"Have I got time to get a drink before he gets here?"

"I should think so, what do you want to drink?" Lindsay asked.

"Can I get some orange juice please?"

"Of course" Lindsay smiled as she got up and headed over to the small kitchen area.

"Hey Luce" Adam greeted the youngster as he entered the break room.

"Hey Adam!" Lucy grinned as she went over to hug her favourite uncle. "Are you on your break?"

"That I am" Adam replied. "What are you doing here... sorry, that sounded rude... what I meant was your Dad never mentioned that you were coming"

"He doesn't know we're here, It's a surprise!"

"Ah... that makes sense as to why he didn't tell me" Adam replied as he went over to the fridge to grab his pack lunch that he had made that morning. He carried it over to a table where Lucy came to join him. "He should be finishing up soon, he was packing some bits away as I passed the layout room"

"Oh good" Lindsay smiled as she came over and placed to glasses of orange juice on the table "I told his Mum we'd be there at five, so I was hoping he wouldn't be too much longer"

"But you can't tell him we're going to Grandma's!" Lucy quickly added.

"Because it's a surprise?" Adam smiled to which Lucy gave him a grinning nod.

"Ah, there you are, Lucy" Mac said as he popped his head around the break room door. "I thought I saw you come in, is there any chance I can speak to you in my office for a second?"

Lucy frowned and looked up at her Mum "Did I do something wrong?"

Lindsay also frowned and looked at Mac "Is everything okay? Do I need to come?"

"No... no everything is fine I just wanted a little word with Lucy, if that's okay?" Mac replied

"Yes, of course that's fine, just don't let Danny see her" Lindsay smiled.

"I'll try not to" Mac said as he waited for Lucy to join him.

Once she had the two of them walked the back way to Mac's office so that they didn't go past the layout room where Danny was still working. Once in side his Office, Mac let Lucy sit on the couch while he grabbed something from his desk and then came over to join her. "I didn't know if you would want you Mum or anybody in here when I gave you this, so I thought I'd give it to you and then if you decided that you did I could go and get them"

"Give me what?" Lucy asked inquisitively.

"This" he said handing her a letter with her name and the labs address on it. "I hope you don't mind but I had to open it, as you can imagine we don't normally get letters here addressed to you and because of your parents job I had to make sure that the letter wasn't a threat to you. I think you'll be very surprised though when you read it."

Lucy frowned at her uncle as she took the letter, who could possibly be writing to her? Pulling the letter from the envelope she began to read:

To Lucy,

It's me, Madison and I know I'm probably the last person that you want to hear from but my counsellor thinks it'll be good for me to clear the air with you and others that I may have upset and I did think it was a stupid idea at first but now I can sort of see why she wanted me to do it.

I wanted to thank you, if it wasn't for you and your friend I wouldn't be here with my Mum. She never ran away from us like I always thought she did, my Dad actually took me away from her and she was so scared of him that she never reported him to the police but because you and your friend told the police what was happening to me, they managed to find my Mum and reunite us both. I don't know what's happened to my Dad but I do know that you were right and he never loved me. I'm sorry for all the horrible things I did to you, you didn't deserve any of them but after talking to my counsellor she told me that I probably did it because I was secretly jealous of the relationship you had with your Dad, which I guess in a way is probably right.

I don't really know what else to write and I know I probably won't hear back from you, I wouldn't blame you for not replying after the way that I treated you but I've written my new address on the back of this piece of paper just in case you did.

From Madison.

Lucy looked back up at Mac. "She apologised" she said shocked.

Mac nodded with a smile "She did and it's all because of you Lucy. You and Adam managed to get her the help that she needed and because of that she'll hopefully now grow up to be a nice young woman"

"Do you think I should write back?"

"That's entirely up to you."

"I think I'll have to think about it." Lucy replied. Suddenly a tap sounded at the window and Lucy turned around to see the smiling faces of her parents.

Mac got up and opened the door, letting them both in. "Are you ready?" Lindsay asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready" Lucy smiled as she came over and took her Father's hand.

"Come on then" Danny smiled. They said there goodbyes to Mac and then walked over to the elevator.

"What did Mac want?" Lindsay asked her daughter.

"He had something for me, a letter"

"A letter?" Danny frowned.

Lucy nodded "From Madison, she wrote to apologise to me"

"She did?" Lindsay replied stunned.

"Yeah, she explained a lot in the letter and she left her address in case I wanted to reply back to her"

"And are you?" Danny asked.

"I think I might" Lucy smiled

"Well it's up to you what you do, Lucy-girl but I know whatever you choose we'll both be proud of you" Danny told her honestly as they entered the elevator.