One/Adam one-shot that I had in my head. I decided to write it down. It ended up better than I thought!

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The first time I saw him in my memories, of course I was a little freaked.

I mean, I'd just been killed by his people and he was eavesdropping on my memories for information.

I knew everything about him because he was sharing my head. That meant I could see into his mind as well.

His name was Adamus Sutekh, son of Andrakkus Sutekh, the Mogadorian general.

His dad had hooked him up to my body – ugh, these Mogadorians disgust me, that's sick – to try to get some information on the Loric.

So, of course I was freaked. I was mad too. Anyone who's trying to hurt a Loric is not someone that wants to be around me.

And then, he went on a journey with me through my memories. I awakened his doubts about the Mogadorian way. They were already there, deep inside of him. I just made him realise them.

I pushed him to go help Two before she was killed. He tried his best to get her to run, but he was too late. Before she could escape, his adopted brother, Ivan, came. Adam didn't want to be killed and so did not make a move to stop Ivan when he let her bleed out on the floor.

I was convinced that he didn't try hard enough. Two could have taken them down. She was a Loric. But Adam didn't want to be exposed as a traitor just yet.

Then, news came about Kenya. Number Three had been found. They didn't know that it was Three at the time, but they knew it was a Garde for sure.

"Adam, you have to help them this time." I'd pleaded.

He was convinced that the Mogadorians had it all wrong by then.

He travelled to Kenya and found the Garde straight away. That night, he went to the Garde's house to try and help him.

Ivan had come as well, to kill the Garde.

Adam, being brave, knocked Ivan out and ran as fast as he could to help.

Three's Cepan was already dead.

Three was running for his life, and came to a cliff. Below it was a ravine. He jumped across and landed on the other side.

Except, the Mogadorian general was on the other side, waiting.

Three was impaled by a sword. He was killed. Just like me.

Adam was pushed off the cliff by Ivan.

When I saw him fall, that was when I realised that I loved him.

I was so scared that he would die. I didn't want to lose him.

"Please, Adam." I said as we sat on the beach in California.

It was in his mind. In reality, he was drowning.

"If you stay here, you'll die."

Adam coughed, as if he was choking. He was half in reality, before he dragged himself back to me.

"Wake up and fight," I pleaded with him. "Please, Adam."

His eyes looked up at me with despair. He couldn't do this.

I could hear him thinking it.

With a deep breath, I looked into his eyes.

If any other Loric saw what I did, they'd think I was crazy.

They'd probably disown me.

I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

A Loric and a Mogadorian.


He kissed me back.

When we broke apart, I smiled.

"Wake up, Adam. You can do it."

As he started to wake, I started to fade.

"But you're leaving me." He said sadly.

"I have to."

"But I don't want you to. I'll never see you again."

"I love you, Adam. Don't forget." I said, as I faded out.

I just caught his reply.

"I love you too."