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My brother Sokka and I discovered the Avatar, an airbender named Aang. Because of the Air Nomad genocide by the Fire Nation, he is the last of his kind. However, rumors are circulating among the people about the possibility of other airbenders being around and that some of the Air Nomads survived the genocide. Little, did we know what is in store for us later on here:


Book 1: Water

Chapter One: The Siblings in the Temple

"You'll see Katara; the Southern Air Temple is one of the most beautiful places in the world."

A dark-haired girl packed some stuff on a saddle and she turned to the young monk.

"Aang, it's been a hundred years since you've been home," she said.

"I know! That's why I'm so excited!"

"It's just that a lot can change at that time."

"I know. But I need to see for myself."

The boy floated down from a giant bison's head and walked over to an older boy, sleeping in a sleeping bag.

"Sokka wake up! Air Temple here we come!"

The older boy groaned.

"Sleep now. Temple later."

The boy continued to snore and the young monk glared. Seconds later, an evil smirk spread across his face. He picked up a stick and began poking at the sleeping bag.

"Sokka wake up! There's a pickle snake on your sleeping bag!"

The older boy cried out, "Ah! Ah! Pickle snake!" He stood up quickly and tripped, landing hard.

Aang beamed, "Great! You're wake. Let's go!"

Now above the skies with clouds surrounding them, the bison hovered, with Aang and the dark-haired girl, Katara were sitting on the bison's head while Sokka's stomach growled loudly.

"Stomach be quiet. I'm trying to find us some food," the Water Tribe boy dug through the bag, only to find crumps.

"Hey, who ate all my blubber seal jerky?!"

Aang frowned and then turned to Sokka, "Oh…That was food? I used it to start the campfire last night. Sorry…"

The older boy's sapphire eyes widened. "You WHAT?" Then he groaned, "No wonder the flames smelled so good."

The bison flew near the mountains and the monk yelled happily, "Tola Mountain Range! We're almost there!"

Katara turned to him, a sad look on her face. "Aang, I wanted to talk to you about the airbenders."

"What about them?"

"Well, I wanted you to be prepared for what you might see. The Fire Nation is ruthless. They killed my mother. They could've done the same to your people."

Aang faltered for a moment before he spoke, "Because no one has seen an airbender doesn't mean the Fire Nation killed them all. They probably escaped."

Katara wrapped her arm around him, "I know it's hard to accept."

"You don't understand Katara. The only way to an Air Temple is on a flying bison and I doubt the Fire Nation has any flying bison, right Appa?" He rubbed the bison's white fur.

The beast growled and ascended.

"Yip! Yip!"

The bison ascended higher heading towards the mountains and the group gripped tightly as the strong wind pushed against them. The bison flapped its huge tail again and then a huge Temple stood before them.

"There it is," Aang sighed.

"Aang it's amazing!" Katara cried in amazement.

"Yeah. We're home, buddy. We're home."

As the group began to walk up the temple with Aang running ahead, Sokka asked, "Now where can I get something to eat?"

"You're lucky enough to be one of the first outsiders to visit an Airbender Temple and all you can think about is food?" Katara asked, slightly annoyed.

"I'm just a simple guy with simple needs."

They meet up with Aang who was pointing at a field with long tall poles with two goal posts.

"That's where I and friends play airball." He then pointed at another area. "And that's where the bison would sleep and…"

"What's wrong?" Katara asked.

"This place used to be filled with monks and lemurs and bison. Now there's just a bunch of weeds." His eyes narrowed sadly, "I can't believe everything's changed."

The Water Tribe siblings stared at each other for a moment and Sokka said, "This airball game," he walked up to Aang. "How do you play?"

Aang smiled.

Then moments later, Sokka was standing in front of a goal post in a defensive stance. Aang was airbending a ball around his shoulders and then the ball ascended. Sokka's eyes widened.

Aang grinned and with a jolt of air kicked the ball towards Sokka. The ball bumped into the poles and slammed into older boy's chest. He fell through the post and landed hard.

Aang cheered, "Aang – seven, Sokka – zero."

Sokka covered in some moss complained, "Making him feel better is putting me in a world of hurt." He sat up and crawled over. An old Fire Nation helmet lay in the snow.

"Katara, check this out," he whispered.

"Fire Nation."

"We should tell him."

Katara called, "Aang, there's something you need to see."

"Ok," Aang ran towards them with the ball floating around him.

Katara glanced at the helmet for a moment and looked at Aang before bending the snow above Sokka, covering him and the helmet.

Aang reached them, "What is it?"

"Um, just a new waterbending move I learned."

"Nice one. But enough practicing, we have a whole Temple to see." He walked away.

Sokka dusted the snow off him, "You know you can't protect him forever."

Katara looked on sadly before following Aang.

Aang was running inside the Temple when Sokka declared, "Katara, firebenders were here. You can't pretend they weren't."

"I can for Aang's sake. If he finds out the Fire Nation invaded his home, he'll be devastated."

"Hey, guys!" Aang called. "I want you to meet somebody." He gestured to a statue of an old man with arrow tattoos.

"Who's that?" Sokka asked.

"Monk Gyasto. The greatestairbender of the world. He taught me everything I know." He smiled and bowed to the statue.

"But the true secret is in the gooey center," the old man proclaimed, airbending pink icing into a large swirl.

Aang sighed, his face bored.

"My ancient cake making technique isn't the only thing on your mind, isn't it Aang?"

"This whole Avatar thing. Maybe the monks made a mistake."

"The only mistake they made was telling you before you turned sixteen. But we can't conserve ourselves with what was but we must act on what is." Gyasto gestured to the whole temple that was filled with monks, nuns, and bison.

"But Gyasto how do I know I'm ready for this?"

"Your questions will be answered when you're old enough to enter the Air Temple Sanctuary. Inside you will meet someone who will guide you on your journey."

Aang floated to his direction, curiously. "Who is it?"

"When you are ready, he will reveal himself to you." Aang groaned. "Now, are you going to help me with these cakes or not?"

Aang smiled. "Alright." He walked to his master.

The two Airbenders got into a stance, "One." Gyasto murmured. They both began to form sphere of air, "Two." They launched the spheres at the cakes. "Three."

The cakes rose into the air and landed on four monks sitting in a garden. Lemurs swarmed around them, grabbing at the squished cakes.

Aang and Gyasto burst out laughing.

"Your aim has improved greatly my young pupil." The older monk laid a hand on his student's head and patted him.

Katara laid a hand on the young monk's shoulder, "You must miss him."

"Yeah…" The boy walked off.

"Where are you going?"

"The Air Temple Sanctuary. There's someone I'm ready to meet." He walked inside.

The group walked over to a huge door with three Air Nomad insignias on it.

"But Aang, no one could've survived in there for a hundred years." Katara said, matter-of-factly.

"It's not impossible. I survived in the iceberg for that long."

"Good point."

"Katara, whoever is in there can help me figure this Avatar thing."

"And whoever's in there might have a medley of delicious cured meats," Sokka rubbed his hands hungrily. He launched himself into the door, only slamming himself into it.

"I don't suppose you have a key do you?"

"The key Sokka is airbending."

Aang took a deep breath, lifted his arms horizontally, thrust arms and stepped his foot out, going into a stance and sending air into the door. Each insignia turned with hisses, unlocking the door. The door opened, into a huge dark room.

"Hello? Anyone?" Aang called, walking into the room. The siblings followed slowly after him.

The threesome walked in to find a line of statues. Aang and others walked through the statues and Sokka stopped, saying in a disappointed tone, "Statues? That's it? Where's the meat?"

"Who are all these people?" Katara asked, curiously.

"I'm not sure, but it feels like I know them somehow." He gasped and pointed at a statue. "Look that one is an airbender!"

"And this one is a waterbender. They're lined up in a pattern, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire."

"That's the Avatar cycle," Aang amended.

"Of course. They're Avatars. All people are your past lives Aang."

"Wow," Aang cooed. "There's so many." He gazed in wonder at the statues of his past lives.

Sokka looked at his sister incredulously. "Past lives? Katara, you really believe in that stuff?"

"It's true," Katara replied. "When the Avatar dies, he's reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle."

Aang walked over to a statue and stared. It was a statue of an old man, obviously from the Fire Nation. Aang stared, not moving.

Katara shook him, "Aang snap out of it!"

He closed his eyes and huffed, "Huh?" And stared at the statue again.

"Who is that?" the Water Tribe girl asked.

"That's Avatar Roku, the Avatar before me," the young monk answered, automatically.

"You were a firebender? No wonder I didn't trust you when we met," Sokka remarked, crossing his arms.

"But there's no writing, how do you know his name?" Katara looked the statue.

"I'm not sure, but I just know him somehow." Aang answered.

Sokka growled, "You just couldn't get any weirder!"

The group stiffened, as they heard a low sound coming from behind them. They all glanced back and saw a figure approaching.

The trio quickly hid behind two statues, Aang and Katara behind one and Sokka behind the next.

"Firebender. Nobody make a sound," Sokka whispered.

"You're making a sound," Katara retorted.

The two boys shushed her.

Sokka grabbed his club and whispered, "That firebender won't know what hit him."

He waited for a moment and turned to attack but stopped. The others peeped from behind the statue.

It was white-winged lemur.

"Lemur!" Aang cried, happily.

"Dinner!" Sokka drawled, hungrily and drooled.

"Don't listen to him. You're going to be my new pet."

"Not if I get him first!"

Both boys lunged at the lemur and with a frightened screech, the lemur ran away and Aang stepped over Sokka with a boost of air and chased the animal.

Both boys left the room in pursuit of the lemur.

Through halls the lemur ran, intimidated, as Aang took the lead, Sokka swept his club at his feet but missed as Aang jumped over it and ran on the walls. Aang launched an airball at the non-bender, making him fall hard.

The lemur glanced at the airbender and it flew off the ledge of a balcony. Aang glanced back before leaping off the ledge with a laugh, aided by his airbending. He jumped on the rocks, gaining closer to the winged animal.

"Hey! No fair!" Sokka called in distress.

Aang smiled big, tears in his eyes from the breeze.

After a few minutes, the lemur stopped at the foot of the Temple. Aang jumped at it but missed. The lemur ran into a deserted house.

"Hey! Come back!" He ran into the house. "Come on out little lemur, that hungry guy won't bother anymore." He opened the curtain and gasped in shock.

Skeletons of Fire Nation soldiers lay before him.

"Firebenders," he rasped. His eyes went to a skeleton at the corner. He stared at the skeleton for a moment and his eyes widened.

Only one person wore that Air Nomad necklace.

"Gyasto…" he dropped to his knees with tears in his eyes.

Just then, Sokka peered through the dark curtains, "Hey Aang, you found my dinner yet?"

He walked over to the younger boy. "Aang, I wasn't going to really eat the lemur. You okay?" He saw the skeleton. "Oh man…"

"C-Come Aang, everything will be alright," He landed a hand on the monk's shoulder. Aang's head raised his eyes and tattoos glowing. Sokka gasped.

At the Air Temple Sanctuary, Katara was strolling around the statues and she looked up at Avatar Roku. The statue's stony eyes glowed and soon all the statues' eyes glowed along with it.

"Aang!" she cried and ran out of the room.

All around the world, the paintings and temples of past Avatars glowed, signaling that the Avatar was indeed, back.

"Send word immediately to the Fire Lord," a Fire Sage said to another. "The Avatar has returned." The other Sage looked at him in shock.

A huge sphere formed around the young Avatar and the place shook violently.

"Aang snap out of it!" Sokka cried in fright. The force of air pushed the older boy back and he flew away with a cry.

The weak roof of the building broke off and Sokka fell behind some rocks.

Sokka stood up, peered at Aang surrounded by the huge sphere, Katara appeared behind him and yelled, "What happened?"

"He found out Firebenders killed Gyasto!"

"Oh no, it's his Avatar Spirit, he must have triggered it, I'm going to try and calm him down."

She began to walk towards the distressed and angered Avatar.

"Well, do it! Before he blows us off the mountain!"

The Water Tribe girl staggered from the force of air and dragged herself toward him. She was almost blown off the ground as Aang ascended into the air.

The girl ran back to her brother seeing getting close was a bad idea.

"Aang I know you're upset! And I know how hard it is to lose someone you love. I went through the same thing when I lost my Mom! Monk Gyasto and the other airbenders may be gone but you still have a family. Sokka and I. We're your family now."

In response, Aang descended and the sphere disappeared. His face touched the ground, but his eyes and tattoos still glowed.

"Katara and I won't let anything happen to you, I promise," Sokka vowed.

Katara grasped his hand and Aang stopped glowing and fell into her arms.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. He was angry. Angry, sad and heartbroken. To find out that his master was killed. If Gyasto was dead then everyone was dead. His nation was gone. Wiped out. How could he have missed it? How was he so oblivious? No. He knew - deep down, he knew. He just didn't want to face it.

This was real. It wasn't a dream.

He was the last of his people now.

"It's ok, it wasn't your fault."

Aang choked back a sob, "But you were right. If firebenders found this Temple, they must have found the others too. I'm really am the last airbender." Tears welled up in his eyes.

The girl hugged him tightly and Sokka laid a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Back at the Air Temple Sanctuary, Aang stood there gazing at Avatar Roku's statue when Katara came behind him.

"Everything's packed. You ready to go?"

"How he's supposed to help me if I can't talk to him?" Aang asked his grey eyes glued to the statue. He sniffed.

"Maybe you'll find a way."

They heard a sound and saw the lemur there. The animal chattered to them, laid some food at Sokka's feet. The Water Tribe boy began to gobble the food down.

The lemur flew at Aang's shoulder and tugged it.

"Hey little lemur," Aang smiled. The lemur chattered, happily and tugged at his shoulder again.

"Looks like you made a friend Sokka," Katara remarked.

"Can't talk, must eat." The older boy stuffed his face.

The lemur gave a loud cry that caught their attention; it chattered once to Aang and flew off his shoulder.

"It wants us to follow it," Aang realized. "Come on!"

The trio ran after the lemur. It flew towards the back of the Temple and the trio sped after it. The lemur stopped and stared at them for a moment before flying into a room.

The trio stopped and slowed to a walk. They heard something.

They heard laughing.

Aang ran to the room and gasped.

The place was in a garden and filled with fruit trees and flowers that covered the grass. The lemur flew back to Aang's shoulder and pointed at the scene for Katara and Sokka.

A boy and a girl were laughing. The girl ran after the boy and grabbed at him. The boy thrust his arm out sending a gust of air to the girl. The girl floated back and sent a powerful gust at him. She waved her arms and thrust them forward. The force of air almost blew the boy back but he swung his foot at the powerful breeze and kicked, sending air at her.

"They're Airbenders!" Katara cried in shock.

"No way!" Sokka gaped.

The strange kids stopped laughing and glanced at them. The girl had curious look on her face but the boy stared at them in horror.

Aang walked quickly towards them. "Hey don't be scared I-"

"Run!" The boy's yell cut him off and grabbed his sister's shoulder. The girl cried in pain but obeyed. The strange siblings leapt over the wall, aided by their airbending.

"Hey! Wait!" Aang cried and speeding after them, the Water Tribe siblings tried to follow him but he leapt over the wall as the other siblings did.

The siblings ran through moss and dead grass and Aang pursued them, "Hey! Please! Wait!"

"No!" the boy answered back and they continued to run.

They ran through the many gardens and halls of the Temple, the boy tried sending gusts of air to stop Aang but he merely dodged.

They were running to a deserted building when Aang shouted, "Please stop! I want to talk!"

The girl released herself from her brother's grasp and turned to Aang with a determined look on her face.

"Hey stop!" The boy cried but girl ignored him, walking three steps towards the monk.

Aang sighed in relief, "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm an Airbender too." He pointed at his blue arrows.

The girl got closer to him and gazed at him curiously. She was shorter than Katara but she was still inches tall than him.

"Are you…The Avatar?" the girl asked, softly. The boy's jaw dropped in shock.

"Yes, I am." He sent an airball at her and she caught it.

The girl smiled and the boy slowly walked up to them.

"S-Sorry about earlier," he whispered, rubbing his neck in embarrassment. "I thought you were Fire Nation or someone who was going to hurt us."

"It's fine," Aang answered with a smile.

The Water Tribe siblings finally caught up panting.

"Never chase after three airbenders after you eat," Sokka gasped, feeling on his knees.

Katara panted and stared at the other siblings. The lemur flew from her shoulder to the other girl.

"Hey little lemur," she cooed and scratched his head.

"Hi I'm Katara," the Water Tribe girl held her hand out, attempting to socialize with the girl.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Naya," the girl took her hand. Her brother grumbled. "The grumpy boy is my brother Rinzen."

"Really Naya, do you have to socialize with the weirdoes?" the boy grumbled.

Naya released the other girl's hand and punched her brother's shoulder. He winced and rubbed his shoulder.

"Things just got weirder," Sokka sighed and Katara punched his shoulder and he cried out.

"The paranoid one is my brother Sokka."

"And I'm Aang," the young monk bowed to siblings and they bowed back.

Aang studied the siblings closely. They resembled each other very much, their skin was tan, but they weren't as dark as the Water Tribe siblings and they weren't as pale as Zuko – their skin tone was a light tan. Their hair was brown but again their hair weren't as dark as the Water Tribe siblings' hair but more of a chocolate brown shade. The girl's hair was tied into a braid like Katara's and some hair almost covered her right eye. The boy's hair was spiked; it looked like it was floating. All they wore was a simple long-sleeved tight dark brown tunic with light brown trim and long dark brown pants with that they wore dusty brown boots. Their eyes were brown, a chocolate brown.

The boy looked around Sokka's age, lean and tall. The girl was petite, slim and looked around Aang's age but little older.

"Hours ago, I thought I was the last airbender, but when this lemur lead us to you, that changed. I would be honoured to teach you everything I know," Aang bowed to them again.

"And we would be honoured to learn from you," Naya smiled.

"Well-" Rinzen began but his sister fixed him with a steely look. The older boy dropped to his knees and yelled, "Oh Master Aang! Teach us your humble ways!" He bowed, continuously to him.

"Oh come on!" Sokka cried in jealousy.

Katara giggled, "Come on guys. You two can come with us. And join our family."

The siblings glanced at each other for a moment and nodded.

"Great! Welcome to the Gaang!" Aang cheered. "We're going to the North Pole so Katara and I could learn waterbending."

"Cool! We've never been to the North Pole before!" Naya clapped her hands in joy.

"I guess traveling with you guys would be awesome," Rinzen agreed, smiling for the first time.

"Let's go then!" And the five kids, along with the lemur ran out.

"Appa, you, me, this lemur, Rinzen, and Naya – we're left of this place," Aang went on, as him, the animals and siblings gazed at the Temple. "We have to stick together. By the way, how did you guys get to the Temple and why?" he asked the siblings.

Naya glanced at Rinzen before answering, "Long story short, our village was captured by the Fire Nation. We had to flee. It's a long story. But we'll tell you later on."

"The Fire Nation…" Sokka growled and Rinzen huffed in agreement.

Katara sighed and in sympathy, laid a hand on the younger girl's shoulder. Then the Water Tribe girl changed the subject, "What are you going to name him Aang?" She pointed the lemur on his shoulder.

"Rinzen just calls him Pedro," Naya giggled and the lemur angrily chattered.

"Hey! No need for the insults!" Rinzen yelled, offended.

"How about Momo?" Aang suggested. The lemur chattered happily and grabbed a fruit from Sokka's grasp.

"He likes it and I like it." Naya laughed with Katara, Aang and Rinzen as Sokka gaped at the lemur in wide eyes.

Moments later, the five had boarded on the bison and left the temple. Aang glanced longingly at the Temple before smiling to himself.

Who knew that one little lemur could make such a huge change?



Oh yeah, it was long but awesome. We decided that Naya and Rinzen would appear near the end so things wouldn't be rushed. Momo leading the Gaang to them was a last minute idea and that paid off. The 'Pedro' part was courtesy of the abridged version of ATLA.

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As for Naya and Rinzen, they're far from being master airbenders and they won't be, not for a long while.

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