Review Responses

The Keeper of Worlds) Yes. Yes it is.

In a chair in his bedroom, Thomas sat leaned back, pondering the events of the past month, unsure of what exactly to put into his report to commander Sampson. In front of him was a laptop on a table, with a text-editing program open, entirely blank, save a dateline entry as the document heading, denoting the date as May 2006.

Having at last a inkling of how to phrase his current state of mind, he approached the computer, rapidly typing away.

"Report entry for the month of May, 2006," Thomas scanned off the screen, deeming it satisfactory, even if not perfect. "For the first time in a very long time, I am at a loss as to explain what has transpired, both to myself, to Gaomon, and those I call my friends and associates."

He continued to type away, while Gaomon walked in, carrying a cup of tea. He thanked his partner briefly, his eyes darting over what he'd written, revising the occasional word.

"I knew from the very beginning that working for DATS would make peace and sanity almost-unattainable ideals, though I never imagined that it would become this," He studied his writing, deeming it adequate to convey his thoughts. "I feel as though the day that Suzie, a girl ten years of age, first showed also marked my first step into a different sort of universe, mine and Gaomon's both. I certainly never dreamed what was to follow, when she returned within a few hours, having inexplicably aged two years..."

He allowed his mind to drift off, reminiscing about the first week or so, god-like Digimon, Marcus displaying remarkable insight and intuition in deducing something that had eluded him and everybody, namely the existence of a multi-season Digimon TV-series in Suzie's universe.

"Suzie was, and still is, the first cause of great confusion to me," Thomas typed, with rapid and precise movements. "Simply put, the abilities that Suzie's displayed eschews logic as I know it, operating instead by its own principles. It shouldn't be possible to utilize trading cards to strengthen and equip a Digimon the way she does, yet it just does, without regards for the impossibility."

His thoughts wandered, to the grueling ordeals at Spiral Mountain, and Suzie slashing cards through her Digivice, Digivolving Lopmon, and strengthening Turuiemon and Antylamon, as well as the days before that.

"What followed, stills boggles me," He entered into the document. "Demon Lords and Sovereigns, Tamers and Digidestined, parallel universes and alternate timelines, it's all very confusing, but somehow, it's reassuring as well, to know that I'm not alone, and that I never will be."

"Yet, I cannot help but feel as though I have entered a Cosmic Horror story of some strange variety," He apprehensively entered, unable to think of a more fitting description. "From what Norn, ENIAC and Homeostasis explained to me, that dimension that those three occupy doesn't follow normal physical laws."

"From Norn , I was able to determine several characteristics about what Gumdramon termed the 'Check-In Station', which she refers to as the 'Kernel'.

"Firstly, unlike in normal-spacetime, time does not flow at a linear rate within what I've tentatively termed 'Kernel-space'. That is not to suggest that time within 'Kernel-space' moves at constant rates, either faster or slower. At least, not exactly. According to Norn, the flow of time is entirely variable, decided purely by the three residents."

"Additionally, she refers to her dimension as 'the second dimension of time', while Homeostasis described it as 'super-dimensional spacetime'. The exact meanings of both terms still escape me."

"Whether Norn refers to the hypothesis of multiple temporal dimensions, I'm not yet certain, though it seems likely. However, Norn did actually explain the basic principles of that second dimension."

"Ostensibly, the second dimension is non-linear time, or travel-time, which she clarified to myself and Gaomon by means of an analogy, when Kristy's and Gumdramon's Bio-Merged form brought us there.

"If she is to be believed, and I've seen nothing to the contrary, the first dimension of time would be linear-time, events unfolding one after the other, cause preceding effect, a simple, one-dimensional line."

"The second dimension, she defined as another line diverging off any arbitrary point of the first line, intersecting back into the line at a different point, essentially the transit time of time-travel, decades and centuries traversed in brief moments."

"When questioned about the dangers of time-travel, temporal paradoxes and the like, she explained to us that time was inherently mutable in this section of the multiverse, lesser changes causing alternate timelines, and actual revisions of history far too power-consuming to perform."

"As for Norn, ENIAC and Homeostasis, they claim to be separate aspects of a God-like entity that governs our horribly damaged multiverse, tasked to safe-guard it from the forces of darkness.

As for King Drasil, it seems that due to an abuse of power on his part in an alternate timeline, he has elected to terminate his conscious mental functions, as Norn phrased it. Apparently, he is no longer alive, but nor is he dead, nor in a position or location to act."

"Or, in more morose terms, 'In his house at R'lyeh, dead Yggdrasil waits dreaming,'..." Thomas continued to type, feeling distinctly unnerved by it all. "Pardon the reference, of course, but it merely seemed appropriate, given the context."

"Yet, despite the cataclysmic events that have recently occurred, and the ones that might soon occur, I don't feel greatly worried," Thomas typed. "I take some small solace in the knowledge that if these events come to pass, the Digital Accident Tactics Squad, now with Tai Yagami, Agumon, Sora Takenouchi, Biyomon, TK Takaishi and Patamon among us, and formidable allies a universe away, will be prepared for anything."