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It was a quiet Monday morning at the Kouji house. Mia was in cleaning mode for the company that would arrive any minute. And she wasn't getting any help from her boarders.

"KENTO! For the last time don't leave your shirts on the bathroom floor!" Mia yelled from the bathroom as she mopped up the water that had splashed out of the shower onto the floor. Five showers is allot of water. While Mia was cursing at the bathtub scum, Sage and Cye had left to go pick up this long awaited guest.

"The house has to be perfect!" Mia kept telling herself as she ran around. She had not seen her friend in years and the guest had never been in Toyama or Japan for that matter. Mia wanted the first impression to be the best it could. Just then Ryo and Rowen walked in form playing baseball out back.

"Hey Mia!" Ryo called to her as he walked in. Mia just looked in his direction and muttered something about the house and the slobs that lived there.

"Whoa! I've never seen Mia so strung out over something." Ryo whistled as he reached into the freshly stocked refrigerator.

"Yeah no'mally she makes us clean up." Rowen stated as Ryo tossed him a water. Kento came into the kitchen making his seventh trip to the fridge. He took out an apple. "Have you guys seen Cye or Sage?" he asked while shoving the apple into his mouth.

"Not since this morning." Ryo answered then glanced at the clock, 3:22.

"I think they went to pick up Mia's company at the airport." Rowen said throwing his now empty bottle into the recycle bin. Mia came storming in to the kitchen.

"What are you all doing! Stop standing around and get cleaned up, I won't have her come here and see you like this!" She pointed to their clothes. Kento as always was still in his pajamas, and Ryo and Rowen were full of dirt from three hours of baseball. "Go take showers!"then winced at the thought of her 45 minutes of scrubbing to get the shower clean was about to be undone, but it had to be. " And get ready she could be here any minute!" She added as she ran upstairs to make sure the bedrooms were in order.