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"So, who are we looking for?" Cye asked Sage as they pulled up to the terminal.

"Mia said her friend would stick out to us." Sage told him as he parked the car. They left parking lot 3B and walked to runway 32 where Mia told them to meet there guest. "Well the flight does not arrive for another 10 minutes, you want to grab a bite?" Cye nodded, no sooner had they sat down when a ruckus outside called their attention. A baggage clerk was yelling at a young girl, while trying to pull the bag she had out of her hands. The girl yelled back and refused to let the bag go. She was wearing thigh high cutoff jeans and a green tank top with a yellow star on the back.

Her hair was dark brown and cut short, she pulled the bag and continued to yell at the clerk. Sage and Cye went towards the three so they could hear the conversation better.

" I'm sorry madam but we can't let you take this." The clerk told the girl as he tried to twist it from her death grip.

"It's mine, it's got my number on it!" She protested, pointing to the tag.

"Well that must be her." Sage chuckled, crossing his arms and leaning against a pole.

"What makes you so sure?" Cye asked never taking his eyes off the girl.

"Yep," Sage answered with a nod, "that's got to be her."

"Well shouldn't we help her with that?" Cye asked giving his friend a concerned look.

"Nah, let's see how she can handle herself." Sage replied in a cocky tone. They watched as she continued to insist that the bag was hers.

You could see she was aggravated with the whole thing. 'Well now what? ' she thought to herself 'You have only been in this country for 15 minutes and look at what a fine ass you have made of yourself! ' She glanced to where the guys were standing and looked at them carefully. Well that must be Sage, she looked at Cye, and um... oh well at least I know that's Sage. Mia was right he is cute! She looked back to the trouble at hand. Slyly she beckoned the clerk to come closer. He leaned over cautiously, she whispered something in to his ear. His face contorted.

"Now who's bag is it?" She asked the disgusted clerk. She smiled smugly and looked directly to the guys. "May we leave now?" she asked grinning from ear to ear. All the boys could do was wonder and stare at this strange girl in disbelief.