Hey guys! I just want to you to know that this story starts after the episode ''The Time Traveler's Pig.'' I don't own Gravity Falls. Episode: Pets and More! Part 1

After everybody stopped laughing at Robbie and his shrunk pants they went home happy.(Expect Robbie of course)

''I can't believe you got a pig Mabel it's ridiculous. What happens if he messes up my way of living?'' Stan ask accusing Waddles looking at him suspiciously. Stan was drying himself off with a towel.

''Don't worry Grunkle Stan Waddles wouldn't do such thing. Isn't that Waddles?'' Mabel replied patting Waddle's head he squealed in response,'' That's yes in pig.'' As they went through the door they sat down in front of the t.v. as Stan turned it on. A commercial came up with a picture of a shelter called '' Fall's Shelter For Pets.''

''I didn't know that Gravity Falls had an animal shelter.'' Dipper commented while dusting some dirt off his hat.

''Oh yeah of course you don't know about it, it's brand new just came here a couple of days ago.'' Stan stated pointing at the screen while scratching his chin,'' Tommorow we'll give you free pets! Oh yeah you just heard me! Freeeeee Peeeeeeetttttsss!'' The commercial yelled at them before ending.

''We have to go there Grunkle Stan! Think of all the poor lonely animals!'' Mabel yelled trying to reason with Stan,'' Please.'' She begged looking earnest,'' At least let's go see animals.''

''No, you already have a pet that's a pig. Unless somebody else wants a pet we're not going.'' Stan replied not budging crossing his arms. Dipper seem to think about what Stan said.

''Hey maybe I can get a pet.'' Dipper suggested thinking that this was a good idea. As soon he said that Stan and Mabel started laughing so hard Stan fell off fo his chair,''What's so funny?''

''Oh nothing it's just what you said. Ha! Ha!'' Mabel laughed giving Waddles some left over cotton candy.

''Yeah you wanting to get a pet it's just so funny!'' Stan mocked Dipper slapping his knee.

''What's so wrong about getting a pet?'' Dipper asked defensively standing and frowning.

''No offense Dipper it's just that you not an animal person that's all.'' Mabel said eating some cotton candy,'' Ooo this is good right Wadddles.''

''Oh yeah. Well I'll show you that I am an animal person! So there.'' Dipper huffed stomping off to bed. They got ready for bed after a debate of throwing away all the bacon because of Waddles.

It was next morining when Stan yelled,''Kids! It's time to see if Dipper is an animal person! Bring your camera Soos I want to save Dipper's failure.''

'''Got it!'' Soos yelled back crashing into the door,'' I'm okay!''

''Ugh, that guy.'' Stan complained slapping his head.

''Yay! Time to see cute animals right Waddles?'' Mabel excitingly said twirling around happily.

''Yeah I can't wait either too!'' Dipper said tying his shoes,'' Let's go!'' It took about 10 minutes to finally get to the new animal shelter. As they entered there was several different kinds of animals.

''Wow! Look Waddles there's another pig! Let's meet her.'' Mabel said spotting another pig laying in a muddy pen,'' Hi! My name is Mabel and this handsome pig is Waddles. What's your name?'' Mabel asked looking for a name tag,'' Woah your name is Ellie what a pretty name!''

'' Man being stuck with a bunch of smelly animals stinks.'' Stan said adjusting his jacket next to a cage with a talking parrot,'' Smelly.'' The parrot repeated squawking,'' Did you just insult me parrot?'' Stan challenged getting close to the parrot's face,'' Insult.'' The parrot copied flapping a little,'' Yeah!'' Stan yelled back,'' Yeah!'' The parrot replied preening it's wing.

As Stan and the bird kept insulting eachother Soos wandered off. Next to a ferret pen there was a sign that said.'' You can hold one of these ferrets.'' Soos reread the sign again then saying,'' Cool let's see I'll pick you up.'' Soos put his hand down to pick up one and put it on his shoulder. As he did this the ferret nuzzled his head a little,'' I think he likes me.''

''I wonder what kind of animal I'll get.'' Dipper said to himself as he past several animals. He stopped next to a pen with several dogs in it. There was a Collie there scratching it's head a little,'' Maybe I'll get a Collie they are intelligent.'' Dipper said leaning on the fence looking around in the pen. As he was looking in the pen he saw a small like dog that intrested him. The dog was probably a mixed breed. He had reddish ears and a reddish spot over his right eye other than that the color of his coat was golden brown. The dog also had a hat on hiding a messy tuft of fur,'' Strange seeing a dog with a hat on.'' Dipper said still looking at the dog,'' What's your name?''

''He doesn't have a name.'' A man said walking behind Dipper,'' We got him yesterday and it's stange to see a dog with a hat on willingly too. Not many people wanted him. Probably because he's small.'' The dog seemed to frown at that comment,'' Oh! I forgot to introduce myself my name is Tim I'm the owner of the shelter.'' He said shaking Dipper's hand,'' If you need anything just go to the cashier.''

''I'm not really that small am I?'' A voice ask Dipper from behind him.

''Who said that?'' Dipper ask looking around for the person the only thing he saw was the dog sitting down looking at him.

''Oh by the way name's Douglas.'' The dog said waving his paw at Dipper.

''How can you talk?'' Dipper ask not believing what's happening looking at his book.

Douglas looked around to make sure nobody was watching than said,'' I don't know I was born this way.''

''Hey would you by any chance want to be my dog?'' Dipper asked hopefully looking at the dog.

''Would I!'' Douglas exclaimed standing up and wagging his tail excitedly. As he said that people began looking at them.

''Would I want a dog or not!'' Dipper said quickly covering up the mistake Douglas made,'' Doug you have to be more careful.''


''Come on. Man your heavy!'' Dipper exclaimed picking up Douglas from the pen. Walking over to Stan and the parrot he said,'' I got my pet.''

''What a sec. You actually got a pet wow. Well let's get this over with. I'll be back parrot.'' Stan said to the parrot angrily,'' Come on Soos.''

''Okay, I think I'm going to get a pet too.'' Soos replied scratching the ferret,'' I think I'll call you Steven.'' The newly named ferret seemed happy at the new name.''

''Mabel stop talking to another pig we're going.'' Stan said to Mabel as they past her.

''Don't forget to call!'' Mabel yelled to Ellie the pig,'' She was nice wasn't she Waddles?''

''Excuse me I would like to adopt this dog please.'' Dipper said to Tim at the cashier putting Doug on the counter.

''Strange choice but I won't argue.'' Tim replied getting out a paper,'' I just need an you fill this out sir.'' Handing it over to Stan.

''Oh yeah we also want a ferret.'' Stan added writing down stuff on the paper.

''Then you have to fill out this paper sir as well.'' Tim said giving Stan another paper. It took a couple minutes for Stan to finish the papers,'' Do you want a collar for your new pet?'' Tim asked them taking a box of collars. Soos took out a collar that mini pizzas on it and put it on Steven.

''I would like to get this one dude.'' Soos said pointing at the collar on Steven's neck.

''It's all yours.''