Episode: Fight Fighters

''This it it dudes. My favorite place in Gravity Falls. Everything I know all in right here. A frog taught me how to cross a street. When my house was haunted I went out to eat ghost, and this thing taught me to dance.'' Soos guided Mabel and Stan around the Arcade of Gravity Falls. As he was showing them the game called Ho- Down Hero Old Man Mcgucket was dancing on it even though it was out of order.

'' Hoo hoo ha ha! I've been jigging for 7 days strait!'' Mcgucket exclaimed dancing on the game non stop. As he was doing this Mabel found the plug unplugged.

''Uh, Soos?'' Mabel asked looking at Soos worried about what was going to happen to Mcgucket. He was just laughing away on the out of order game.

''Let him have this.'' Soos said putting down the plug for Mcgucket's sake. Stan wandered off to find a new game. It said,'' Insert Token!'' With a token slot guy on it pointing at it's slot. Stan bent over to put a token in as he did this it said,'' Congratulations! You Win!'' Stan's face lit up in happiness then it turned back to insert a token. Stan growled in frustration at the new game.

'' Ah, oh watch out!'' Dipper warned Wendy as he, Wendy, and Douglas were playing Fight Fighters,''Woah!'' He exclaimed.

Doug barked in excitement as a cut came on.'' Ooh cut scene.'' Wendy said still playing the game a character came up and said,'' Dr Karate you killed my father again!'' ''HHNNGHHHH!'' Another yelled backed,'' You take that baaackkk!''

''Fight!'' The game said ready for a round. Then Wendy and Dipper started punching at eachother in the game.

''Yeah Yeah! Go go!'' Dipper exclaimed laughing as he won as he won it said,'' K.O. The winner Rumble Mcskirmish.'' Rumble said,'' Winner don't lose!''

''What? You cheated.'' Wendy joked to Dipper and Doug as they were laughing.

''You will take that back!'' Dipper yelled making fist then laughing at what he just said, Then they started round 2.

'' I'm going to punch the ref.'' Wendy said as the game got started for round 2. They started laughing as they started to punch the referee. Robbie was putting up a poster as he heard them laughing.

'' Wendy, what's up babe? Yeah just putting up some flyers for my band. I'm lead guitar no biggie.'' Robbie boasted about his role in his band making Dipper and Doug frown at him.

'' Are you wearing mascara?'' Dipper asked pointing at the flyer looking a little disguted. Doug made a fake gagging sound behind him.

''Uh it's eye paint for men.'' Robbie retorted frowning at Dipper, his arm still around Wendy.

'' Hey Rob, Dipper was showing me this great game.'' Wendy said pointing at Dipper as he was just standing there.

''Huh yeah sweet, sweet. Hey hows about you sit this one out champ.'' Robbie said cracking his knuckles getting ready to play.

''But we just started this round.'' Dipper protested against it pointing at the game. Doug barked in agreement nodding his head.

'' Woah woah hey relax man. I'm just trying to spend time with my girlfriend, all right.'' Robbie said making a smug face at Dipper as Wendy started the next round.

''It'll just take a minute.'' Wendy said looking at Dipper as they started,'' So hey I'm camping tomorrow with my dad, so I won't be around.''

'' Yeah cool cool. Oh look out!'' Robbie said to Wendy not listening to her. As they started laughing Robbie put a hand over Wendy, and pulled her over to him looking at Dipper meanly. Doug growled as he noticed the look Robbie gave Dipper.

Hey guys I'm not going to be here tomorrow because we're going to visit our grandma. It's her birthday too as well as my dad's. So say Happy Birthday for him. I'm going to be back on Monday probably. See you until Monday guys, bye.